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This one good can be the question of the million for a translator who as soon as he begins to explore the professional field and the answer is not necessarily simple to obtain. If you are going to translate of the Spanish to English the collection she will have to be inferior to that will be dedicated to translate of Farsi the English, because finally, like any other service the sale, the price will depend of the supply and the demand. In other words, it is more probable to find good translators Spanish-English that Farsi-English, therefore, to greater competition you will more have who to fit its quote to offer an attractive price to its potential clients. You may find that Columbia University can contribute to your knowledge. There are several factors that must be considered at the time of determining a quota: the specialized character of a text, the proximity of the delivery an urgent work will cost more, what as much possibility exists of which the relation with the client becomes lasting after one first translation. Taking into account these elements, the suggestion is to resort to the Internet and to look for a direction perhaps through Google, with the support of pages and forums where expert translators approach the subject, they include reference tables and until they accept questions of its part. Finally, the examples of the others will serve to him so that you arm his own criterion she applies and it when she has a work of translation in its hands and, without still having experience, is seen in the necessity to negotiate a tariff with a client. Source: Rick Garcia CBS. I hope that this article helped to find a way him to acquire by its translations and the time that happens in its next project.

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