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Albert Einstein


Education is part of my daily life because my wife is a teacher of primary education has finished his PhD in education, my sister is studying this same master and has been incorporated to educational projects with this vision and my wife’s sisters are also teachers who are willing to integrate into the big educational project that we have put in place. I have a feeling of gratitude to Dr. Ramon Gallegos and teaching teachers involved in this master’s degree for teaching with their example and knowledge as you can be an integral education. My three sons who are now studying in the University discussed their frustrations and inconveniences by traditional educational systems based on the rote or base to test the reason, they now know the system proposed with this new holistic vision and are convinced that it is what they really want for themselves, as they would have liked to be studying with This new model, did not play them as students, but they surely apply this vision during his lifetime. Therefore, convinced that the holistic education is the best option for the future, decided to put my spiritual strength in action aimed at helping people that surround me, and with the support of my wife, sister, sisters-in-law, friends, etc. We started together a new focused challenge to provide education to young people and adults, for two important institutions which form a so-called holistic educational Institute whose main purpose is the impart workshops, diplomas, courses, etc. of human development, the second is that I acquired a high school whose name causally is one of human beings than most I admire Albert Einstein, we started with this in September 2006, today in July 2008 is already a college secondary and high schools, hoping that next year we will have also the elementary and preschool if possible. These two institutions are taking an unexpected prestige, students than originally He was the high school it was constituted of young problems, corridos from several schools and with great satisfaction we can say that today they are exemplary students, who recognize the change in themselves and where parents arrive to congratulate our teachers for having achieved what they could not from his family.

Xavier Cano Tamayo


Only good education that my parents gave me prevents me from saying with all the words suggesting such a declaration. Argue military utility to make and use bombs bunch that kill civilians? Was not very useful militarily the atomic bomb against Hiroshima? But not why we accept the nuclear holocaust. When there is no reason, the reasons become unreason, insanity. Daryl Kimball, director of the Arms Control Association, has recognized that there are important absences on the Treaty, but the world must know that this step is very valuable. The absence of United States, Russia, Israel, China, India and Pakistan is worrying, but with more than 100 countries committed to its ban, the Government that uses a cluster from now on bomb feel the criticisms of the international community and should give many explanations. Already happened with mine ban anti-personnel landmines, another historic achievement. So Jody Williams, reminds him of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for his tireless work to get the ban on these mines: mine Treaty landmines stigmatized such weapons.

Even countries that have not signed today dare not use mines anti people. United States does not use these mines since 1991 in the first Gulf war, has not been manufactured since 1995 and is destroying their stockpiles of mines. And China has ceased producing mines anti people for export. There are other gaps in the Treaty, such as the exclusion of some cluster bombs, as the intelligent, who are disabled to not explode on contact with the ground, or those containing ten or less submunitions. But it is a very restrictive Treaty and a real achievement.

The road to peace is never straight nor direct. The more we move forward in consolidating humanitarian and solidarity international legislation, such as the ratification of the Treaty which makes illegal the cluster bombs, better this world. A first sample of the goodness of the Treaty is that Spain, makes up little manufacturer of these projectiles, it has begun to destroy its arsenal of more than five thousand cluster bombs (which cost him five million dollars) and in the summer there will be no more cluster bombs that some sample to the Sapper soldiers and engineers Learn how to turn them off.

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