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Reservoir Capacity


How to set, according to colour coded, ranges of hills on a surface we met already in our Tutorial’s analysis of surfaces. In this Tutorial we will again apply the analysis of surfaces, with a view to CIVIL 3D, from the fields in a table of legend, to present the values of the areas between specified elevations. See the steps to follow, using this file, in which we will find modified topography that includes the corresponding to an earth dam with dimension of relief 700 m. 1. To conduct the analysis and results only in the portion of the surface affected by the construction of the dam, we will define a contour to the surface from the curve of level corresponding to the maximum level of water, i.e.

the 700 m asl. Do to do this, select the TopografiModificada surface and from the Contextual tab?Panel surface tools, select the Extract tool objects. This option allows you to convert components of surface entities AUTOCAD graphics. Since the dialogue presented on screen only the master level curve box keep active, and from the value column, select the select option of drawing. Clicking on the icon the dialog closes temporarily so that we select the curve that we want to extract as a polyline from the surface. We select the contour at elevation 700 m asl, you press enter and close the dialog by pressing OK. A polyline that represents the maximum reservoir flood dimension is removed.

2 We now use the polyline extracted to define an outline for the surface. We select again to the surface and from the Contextual tab?Modify pane?Add data, select the tool add contours. The dialog add contours is presented on screen, we maintain the options presented by default and you press OK to select from drawing the polyline referred. Our drawing shall be similar to the one presented in this figure: 3 Perform elevations of surface analysis by selecting once more, and from its properties, select the Analysis tab.

International Poetry Festival


This scenario brings also a chance of voices, accents and tones that I believe are representative of the poetic map of the country and whose journey has already begun to achieve national and international recognition. For the international awards Jaime Sabines poetry in Mexico and Casa de America in Spain, given to two of the most significant poets among those born in the 1960s, Juan Felipe Robledo and Ramon Cote Baraibar, respectively, are joined by John J. surveys Junieles (International Poetry Prize, City Alajuela, Costa Rica), Alejandro Burgos Bernal (International Poetry Prize Gabriel Celaya, Spain), Felipe Garcia Quintero (International Poetry Prize Pablo Neruda) and Andrea Cote Botero (World Youth Poetry Award " Bridges of Struga ", awarded by UNESCO and the International Poetry Festival of Macedonia), among others. Hence, these poets configure the map for a new century in Colombian poetry, interweaving different tendencies of the literary tradition of our country. They are the history of aesthetics and ethics proposal before the world, a testimonial realism, a lyrical decanted, present in these poets born between 1970 and 1981, who have successfully assimilated wisely lights and shadows of their predecessors and each school, group and movement present in the lyrical landscape of Colombia. This is just a promotion of authors who do not pose a "parricide", but on the contrary, assimilate and make a critical reading of his works, and from a variety of voices able to outline a new poetic sketches of the geography of the country , a kind of innovation linked to tradition.

Vilafranca Del Penedes


The La Mafia Italian restaurant chain sits at the table, signing a new franchise in the locality Barcelonesa de Vilafranca del Penedes, initiating the entry of the new year in the best possible way. The Italian restoration franchise continues to fulfil its aim of establishing by all points of the Peninsula. The Mafia is sitting at the table continues to grow at an optimal pace despite the times running and betting strong on innovation in your letter as well as its image. To read more click here: Michael Steinhardt. All backed by strong support from the central, excellent quality of your product and more than 15 years of industry experience and 10 years of experience in franchising. The Mafia is sitting at the table is distinguished by an extensive experience of more than 10 years of dedication to the hospitality of its founding partners. We offer a quick capacity of response to the demands of the market. Gastronomy is a science, vivid, dynamic and in constant evolution. The Mafia is sitting at the table created in the 2,000 years is specialized in Italian quality restoration.

The origins of this company can be found in the passion is its founders by La Mafia Italian roots is sitting at the table is the day of the last dictates of the kitchen. Our range of dishes is not rigid, but always open and flexible. We regularly incorporate new dishes, new ideas, new creations, in order to offer our customers a product always renewed offer.

Bicycle Reduces Costs


Increasingly more people are walking to bicycles as a means of transport. The question is what bike is best for you? Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are many types of ready to use bicycles. The first type of bicycle is dirt. This is great, obviously for cyclists who walk in the dirt, but also for young children who are just learning about cycling. They usually don’t have gears, and some require pedaling backward to stop. They are very basic bike that you can use for from one place to another easily.

Once children grow or any adult, there are basically two main types of bicycles. They are the large tire mountain bikes, or a bike with thin tires. If you want to move fast through the city, the road bike is recommended. These things fly, and are made for pavement. However, if you want to ride a bike out of the pavement, or prefer a more robust bicycle, bicycles from Mountain are the best option. Any bike you choose will make you healthier, it will also be cheaper since bicycles do not require any type of fuel. During the hard times of the economy that we are having at this time, you must find ways to reduce costs. What better way of not only save money, but also being a healthier person? Find the type of bicycle that is right for you and then buy one depending on the budget.

Internet Earnings


You also need an electronic purse, where you will transfer money from your affiliate account, what would they cash out. I note that this is the easiest money on the Internet. Thus, remote work on the Internet, giving real earnings for partners “BIT”, based on the following principle. Using the technology of IP-telephony “BIT”, namely, by registering on the site, having software and installing the necessary equipment, you can receive income, which consists of the total cost of each minute of the active use of the equipment. If your equipment is switched off or for some reason is not used, then of course the money will not be. Such income is to receive 85 cents of every minute of the active use of the equipment.

In my experience I would say that even “allegedly” the best partner program in the “intern” is much inferior to the proposals LLC “BIT” and give money to the Internet only after a certain period of time, and time – money. Legal earnings in the Internet provides even during the testing equipment. Answering the question “how to make money on affiliate programs,” I want to note that the “golden stream” will flow to you, if you set the price on completion of the call will be optimal, in terms of cost of the consumer. Cost per minute of connection you are set, and the total earnings in the Internet – a certain percentage of this amount. That is, the earnings of money over the Internet will begin when the network automatically selects your as the main gateway, the cheapest data. Important Note – earning money on the Internet, namely, real earnings in the Internet, includes a number of certain obligations and your side. For example, payment for Internet connections, access to telephone network operators, the local communication necessary to complete the call, made by you. Therefore, in order to have a stable income through the Internet, I recommend choose from unlimited tariffs submitted.

Become a partner may, after a short registration process. Everything is clear, plain and simple, without the vague promises, excuses and all sorts of rubbish whom today is full the entire Internet. It all depends on you, I only suggested the possibility. Attracted by the idea? Then what are you waiting for?

Press Releases


Interview Task copywriter – to take a certain person interview. Typically, interviews are paid a fixed sum. Depending on the complexity of the cost varies considerably. Name any specific figures difficult. Press Releases While service demand is rare, but with the development of free services on placement of press releases, its relevance is increased. The task that puts the site owner before copywriter – writing a press release, which will attract journalists’ attention to his project and make them write about the site in the media. To do this, the author of the press release to find the “flavor” of the site, which will draw on good newsworthy.

To create a press release from the author’s need to know the characteristics of the work of journalists, the knowledge of subject of the project, the ability to find and describe the advantages and features interesting site. The cost of works – from $ 5 per 1000 characters, but often the stakes are higher. If you have friends in the media, communications with the owners of online resources, finally, their own projects, where you can place your press release – this is a big plus. Descriptions for At present, the directory – it is a very high demand in the market. As a rule, any launch site is accompanied by its registration in catalogs. This process is automated, but the descriptions have to do manually.

Here are some of their and book copywriters, and in large numbers. For example, 5 definitions for 500 characters, 20 – to 300 characters, 20 – to 250 characters, 20 – to 200 characters and 10 – to 150 characters. Wow! In the text of the description must integrate harmoniously with 10-20 key words and phrases. Of course, to write descriptions of 75 of the same site difficult. But there is a technology that greatly simplify the process. First, select the site have a competitive advantage. For example, a construction site in front of you company. Their strengths: quality, wide range of services (from construction to finishing, for example), warranty, free budgeting, low prices, the possibility of approximate calculation of the cost of construction or repairs on site. The benefits, choose from a list of keywords, those which are in any way related to each individual asset. Then make it a rule of thumb is a short description (150-300 characters) must reflect a single, maximum two advantages, the long (350-500 characters) – two or three or more advantages. And write. In our example, the company has six advantages. Thus, the 20 descriptions of 300 characters 3-4 of the text should describe each edge. Value work usually depends on the total number of characters of all descriptions. For example, $ 5 per 1000 characters. A complete set for the site costs about $ 20-50. Sample text for a site Job Hunting on the Internet. Jobs, useful articles about the work directory of resources. Forum for all those looking for second jobs on the Internet.

Rio De Janeiro


Everything happened in the eve of the day of deceased, when a group of integralistas of the locality of Is Vicente if it directed for Cachoeiro on of a truck. In the height of km 11, in the known region as Great Mount, all they had been surprised by some shots that would have been gone off for individuals hidden in the existing mass of weeds to the edges of the road. Linus Torvalds has much to offer in this field. The circumstances of the death of the young farmer had served to increase the apprehension climate and fear that all took account of the city During the day of deceased the integralistas had guarded the body of its militant one in its headquarters. Between inflamed speeches and ceremonies of homage, the scene marcante was the fact of to place an immense flag of the AIB on the body of the shirt-green. Exactly with the death of the militant integralista the works of the Provincial Congress had continued according to programming. The national controller of the AIB, Gustavo Barroso, presided over the sessions of opening and closing of the meeting. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Steinhardt, New York City.

Although its announced presence, in the last hour Salty Pliny divulged in the pages of the integralista periodical the Offensiva an official notice justifying its absence. The fiance’ presence of the national head of the shirt-greens leaves of promptitude the local aliancistas. As much that the rumor of the arrival of a train bringing integralistas of Rio De Janeiro ran for the city and took for the station militant hundreds of of both the organizations. Each one of the groups, its way, ready for ' ' to give good vindas' ' to the visitors. ' ' Then we had a shot inside of the platform we were in the front, of front for the square, when we hear the shots we enter inside of the machine, but the machinist botou people for fora' '.



Spiders can only a Oever basic HTML code. They do not recognize complex JavScript applications, animations in flash (only superficially) and other complex codes. Algorithms Once the electronic form has the information on your site within the database, applies a mathematical formula on the content to determine the position (known as an algorithm). These algorithms vary in each search engine and are adjusted periodically to improve the quality of their results. However, we know that all the Search engines look for keywords within the site to assign a value in terms of relevance and focus of the site. To make more effective the spider to visit our site, we recommend that you take into account perhaps the most important: content.

At aranasa a like the content is recommended that each page contains at least 200 to 400 words in content. The machines leena a no code, so a site based on images or programmed applications will not help much to give 100% visibility. Each page within your site should be unique in content and optimization. Remember to use a title, description and keywords (keywords) unique to help customize each section in your site. Consider the title of your site as another aspect of importance to optimize, it will be the first that looks like when you get listed in Search engines. Also remember to place the particular content of each page in an accessible location for the search spider. They traverse the site from left to right and from top to bottom.

The Links For incoming and outgoing links, you must focus on three types of links: the internal (within sites that want to list your site), external (those sites that wish to list your friends on your web site) and within the same site (referred to Navigation own site.) Once you understand this, you have the knowledge necessary to be ready to begin the hard work concerning the positioning Web. Never forget that search engines update their databases data and can be left out of search results pages without notice, so it is advisable that you monitor the movements of the Web site as they pass the days, months or even years. Conclusion Never believe that the development of an online strategy stems from a the night to mananaa , instead of this, think in terms of medium to long term (6-12 months). For that you need tools to track site statistics. Choose the one you think appropriate and welcome to the world of SEO positioning.

BTL Agency


What is BTL service"? Do you think this is another attempt to sell the customer something long ago known and understood in the guise of something entirely new? No way! BTL stands for Below the line. This is a complex marketing events that hold special agency. It includes many useful activities, such as sales promotion, distribution of leaflets, advertising campaigns. It’s believed that Linus Torvalds sees a great future in this idea. BTL marketing is especially good because you can tell advertising message or a call for purchase directly to the individual consumer. BTL agency will organize this process so that the message is the most personal, the place most impact approaching the point of sale or to the place where the decision to purchase. Each person got into the campaign, feels that the proposal was drawn to him, but not to a faceless abstraction "consumer." BTL Activities include promotions for consumers, activities, enabling wholesale buyers, shares of loyalty to business partners. Each of our BTL manager – a true professional of his craft. BTL technology is not standing place in our changing world, and we constantly introduce the latest techniques in this field, always managing to keep up to date. BTL projects also involve searching for information, compiling databases and analysis of information collected. Proper conduct of BTL – a guarantee that success is about to knock on your door. Source: Production Centre Sergei Knyazev

Consoles Nintendo


The Japanese firm Toshiba invented the first TV set that can display video in 3D to see which does not need special glasses, reports the BBC. d-innovation-300470991.html’>Financial technology shines more light on the discussion. TV is divided into two parts, each of which transmits a different picture. Merging, they form a 3D image. Note that so far all the designers of 3D-TV, including TV Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, provided the stereo in stereo only. 3D image was made possible through the use of new technology that was used in earlier Consoles Nintendo 3DS – researchers placed in front of a special matrix, which forms an image for each eye. Of course, watching TV without special devices are much more pleasant, but there is another negative – look at the screen to a certain point, at a certain angle, while remaining in the session almost motionless – in any motion picture will be the volume distorted. However, the Japanese scientists promise to solve this problem quickly by creating nine zones of the same image. Official site: Columbia University.

The new model goes on sale in December of this year, and most likely, the novelty has a big success – in fact before the main constraint factor buyers were just 3D glasses. Last week, Google conjunction with the company Intel has decided to create a functional Google TV, and the first such device to the video will appear this year. First of all, it As for consoles Logitech, such as functional televisions will be equipped with Sony Internet TV. The main differences of the new TVs – they are free to fully use the browser, look for video services like YouTube, upload video subscription. In the United States is already running a record budget advertising campaign "What's the difference?", Which explains the difference between the potential buyers a complete Internet TV on Google TV, and simply connected to the Internet TV.

Although both types of technology can download and play videos and images of known services such as Facebook with the help of extensions, but the built-in browser enable itself fully search for videos, not only to download on a subscription. All existing devices are based on the multimedia schema using the Intel Atom CE4100 chip developed or Atom CE4200, which will be released any day now. These little chips have an enormous functional. They already can play videos in Full HD format, Blu-ray 3D, start at the same time up to five applications to open dozens of images to analyze the image coming from the webcam and much more. In short, the use of Intel Atom CE in television should make a breakthrough in this market, equating to a multimedia television, online and other opportunities for well-established home PC.

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