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One remembers to us, that the influence uses flexible methods, between which one stands out the conviction power, for his acceptance and leaves a criterion of the subject that if will decide to accept it or on the contrary to reject it. According to the organizational theory one says that in certain organization influence is pronounced when in the relation of human agents a concrete leader arises who, by charisma or pressed before the mandate of a formal authority, is able to affect driving of one or more individual, that take refuges in the decisions that the leader can take. Very opportune to emphasize, that when use becomes of the influence it must remember very the roll of the power, the authority that cannot be ignored is tie to the influence, the interesting thing is to make use of the influence without being based on the authority and the power, because it can take to nonfavorable results, the ideal is to know how to persuade with the influence being respected the rights of people, within a democracy that guarantees freedom and that the people do not act because they do it based on the power, use of the authority On the matter, contributes to us, that is considered, that it defines the power as a special case of influence that it implies Nevertheless great lost in the case of nonsubmission, this present in the relations between human agents and state Organizations can be said that to the power. (Source: Joseph Stiglitz). The power uses as half of you would dam them to acceptance that they compel an individual to fulfill the established demands a priori. As authority can be defined to the power or influences legitimate considering that a subject this in its right total to demand and another subject has the total obligation to accept what the first subject imposed to him adds to us in addition, that is considered that: 1. .

Protocol Origin


We are entering the final straight of the Feria de Malaga. Like last year (see note Protocol), yesterday, among other distinguished visitors, moved to the headquarters of the Governing Mayor of Malaga (Spain), D. Francisco de la Torre. Accompanied by its Protocol, was a grateful time Vino Malaga Museum installations, chatting with journalists and with the various representatives of the host institution (if you want to access the photo gallery, click here). I was pleased to listen to the most representative of the city of Malaga, say that Malaga wine continues to enjoy immense prestige in the world and a capital of image you have to know how to use well cellars.

According to the Mayor, the consistory is pleased that the fair is an era in which Malaga wine is very present. Also, I liked what he said in relation to the rehabilitation of the buildings in the streets near the Museum, in the sense that you had thought recover the environment, focusing on the specific case of the birthplace of Canovas Del Castillo, turning it into a museum about the figure of this Malaga politician of the 19th century. I leave a photo of Mr. Alcalde, testing ice cream that has among its ingredients came from the designation of origin Malaga, under the watchful eye of Cayetano Garijo, President of the Council regulator of the denominations of origin Malaga, Sierras de Malaga and Malaga raisins. Manuel Velasco Carretero original author and source of the article

Excel AdWords


Facebook has devised a very captivating offer in PPC advertising. The original of this offer is the possibility of introducing images, unlike Adwords campaigns that allow only text ad (in the normal text ad). However, ads on Facebook are usually more expensive and Sue one overall budget greater than that of the AdWords campaigns. The effectiveness of a campaign on Facebook and one in AdWords will be different, depending on each case. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Joseph Stiglitz and gain more knowledge.. Experience shows that ads on Facebook tend to yield better results when the target market is a young adolescent population, since this population group spends a good part of their time connected to the portal. Therefore, you can not expect that all products that are published through Facebook get the same degree of success. Similarly, (especially the playful) viral campaigns focused on the teenage market niche, will normally be much more successful than if you used a similar approach in AdWords. The home page of Facebook to drive campaigns is called Ad Manager.

The provision of the information is very similar to that found in AdWords, information is colonnaded, headed by campaign, State, budget, impressions, percentage of social impressions, clicks, CTR, and cost per click. The definitions are very similar to the of AdWords, with the novelty of that through the percentage of social impressions metric the administrator can view how many friends of the person who clicked on the ad also has clicked on the like button. In this way we can evaluate the real impact in one community more than the specific tastes of each user. She is clear that this information is very valuable, since this measure reflects quite finished so the social impact (i.e. within a particular online community) in an advertising campaign. In terms of campaigns on social networks, what the real hidden treasure. Likewise that AdWords campaigns, Facebook also allows to set a daily budget. The difference is that the cost per click is usually much higher.

The key question is whether once addressed a campaign of advertising on Facebook will be possible to recover the investment made. Again, specific variations are very large. Therefore planning an advertising campaign in Facebook will require a significant amount of preparatory work to determine if the gain from the sale will justify payment of these most important values. In this case the definition of the target will be of extreme importance. Being a social portal, Facebook allows the administrator a thorough knowledge of the profiles of users, given that the website collects a large amount of personal information from the data that users enter. In terms of performance control, it is very similar to the proposal of the AdWords. The information can be exported in format for Excel worksheet, in order to make the relevant adjustments to achieve the maximum impact of this action of web promotion. In short, the ads on Facebook can be an excellent way to bring your product to its market objective (especially if they are adolescents or young) and allow you to turn, know all the details of your target market. It’s worth promptly analyze each campaign and not leave it aside in their box of tools of Marketing Web. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to

Guipuzcoa Departments


Last days 21 and 22 October 2010 were held in Donostia-San Sebastian shopping days Gupost on integral solutions of direct and promotional Marketing. These days which are held annually, meet all commercial departments of franchises that have Gupost spread throughout the Spanish geography (Alava, Albacete, Arrasate, Asturias, Badalona, Barcelona Baix Llobregat, Barcelona Martorelles, Biscay, Donostia, Guadalajara, La Rioja, Leon, Lleida, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Navarra, Tarragona, Valladolid), as well as personnel from other strategic departments of the company, as computer makers and delegationsonline marketing, postal delivery, mailing, scanning, printing online, mailing and contact center, among others. Sessions were held in the facilities of Gupost Gestion in the estate of Belartza (Donostia-San Sebastian) and onsite at the Anoeta Stadium. More information is housed here: MongoDB. In addition to analyzing the evolution of the year 2010, presented commercial experiences of different places, to bring together everything learned during the last few months. Among topics we discussed experience of project Lurraldebus (entity of the Diputacion Foral de Guipuzcoa which manages the single transport ticket), in which Gupost has participated since its inception, developing all the communication campaign, involving all the departments of the company and achieving the full satisfaction of the customer, such as said Pilar Arana, Director of LurraldebusShe was invited to participate in these meetings. Another point that sparked greater interest was the Pack Egunon, new product distributed by the business unit of postal delivery, which is having a very good acceptance among the neighbours of Donostia and position of Gupost as postal operator before the liberalisation of the postal market from 2011..

Diraci Owner


In remaining the no doubt we cannot prove how much the life in the cabaret suffered the consequncias from modernity, and as interviewed ours it said in them: My son, with the invention of this motel, everybody having car, motion, and money in the pocket, nobody more wants to know of prostitute not, everything today is more easy, the girls who before marrying could not go pra bed with its boyfriends, today,> Many women had envy of people, the prostitutes luxavam very, in dressing, paving, jewels (ring, clock, bracelet, everything of brilliant, people used the gifts that the colonels gave), but today he is not walked thus not. GOLDEN MOMENT OF THE CABARET In elapsing in the interview Diraci Owner it cited the moment estupendo of its cabaret more, that was in first the four years of the decade of 1970, then after the death if its friend, where it did not tire to repeat: the night was full here of people Son, I bought I was of carradas of beer, this house that you here today, I only made pra to keep the drink. Being valid to stand out that the house which the interviewed one if it relates if it finds situated in the same street of its brothel and today it constitutes its domicile. Joseph Stiglitz is the source for more interesting facts. In it counted that the movement started the seven and half one of the night and reached the apex between the nine and ten and half one, where the men to them of the city had the free access and this gone to the cabaret was something evidential of that somebody with influence and raised social status was freqentador assduo of a elitizado place of the point of view of the pleasure. Corroborating with the affirmations above Cavalcante it tells in them that: the politicians of the city, the important men, the majority were freqentadores of the cabarets, and many of them until closed the cabarets for its account to make personal parties. .

Internet Money


To earn money on your PC to make money on the PC in the today’s time on an ever greater interest in public and thus easy to work within your own four walls, is increasingly an issue in modern society. It does not matter whether the housewife and mother a bit to improve the family coffers through a nice side income with their limited time, or the independent contractor looking for a further pillar. Earning money on the PC is interesting for all people of any sex, age and level of education. Against the background of this wide interest, it is all the more surprising that a transposition into the reality often is not consummated and only very few people really earn money on the PC. Eliot Horowitz is likely to agree. But what is it? One of the most striking aspects is certainly the missing knowledge of most Internet users, as ever to earn money on the PC and a lucrative source of money builds up. But precisely on this question of the money on the PC responds report free. Good because in this researched and this totally free report, explains for everyone understand how to earn money on the PC and on the Internet. This is not a quick rich system”presented, but discussed the possibility on a nice extra income. Was placed on a simple and step-by-step guide great value, to ensure that even the computer novice can implement this concept into reality and thus benefit.

Argentine Government Banks


Danger money from Argentine banks? May 5, 2009 after the terrible crisis of 2002 Argentines had lost confidence in the banks. Argentine banks have had to work hard to restore ties with Argentine society. Although banks had a particular responsibility in the crisis which decreed the end of convertibility, the Argentine Government appears as the main responsible for the same. At Eliot Horowitz you will find additional information. But the Argentine Government was not only the cause of the crisis, but was also the great responsible for the situation of deterioration in the banking sector, forcing institutions to acquire public debt (of high risk) in the absence of a lender for the State. If the Government has been the leading responsible that the Argentine banking system were close to the abyss (in fact, several banks fell in it), can one think that you between the banks and the Argentine Government also broke the bond of trust. This in fact was not as well since the crisis has generated the emergence of new entities of national capitals who benefited widely from country’s new model. While the economy was marching on wheels and everything was growing, there was no reason to distrust, but in times of need, the situation changed radically.

The new Argentine bankers so far have been almost spectators witnesses of how the Government has been throwing hand to how much resource you could get to balance their accounts. As that friend is in serious financial trouble, the Argentine Government decided to carry out what could be considered a friendly default. In fact, as he unveiled the newspaper La Nacion, what the Government did was refinancing maturities this year which had a value of $8.450 billion, which would pay in 2016 with the Anses (imagine that the Chairman said total, which the next Government fix). Not only, the Government decided not to return the money that future retirees borrowed, but also It will search for these retired poor to return him to provide more funds.

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