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Insists on pointing out, keep in mind that a dissatisfied customer your unfortunate experience count to between nine and ten people, or even more so if the problem is serious. And on the other hand the same customer only tell three people if he has satisfied it the product or service. This implies that a high level of failures and errors are an easy path to the loss of customers and prospects. Six Sigma efforts are directed to three main areas: improving the satisfaction of the client reduce the cycle time reduce defects six sigma involves a statistical measure of the performance of a process or product level. A goal of achieving almost perfectly through the improvement of the performance.

A steering system to achieve a long-lasting leadership in business and a performance of first level in a global scope. In addition, says that the measure at sigma was developed to help us: focus on the measures on customers who pay for goods and services. Many measures only focus on costs, labor hours and volumes of sales, being these measures which are not directly related to the needs of customers. Provide a consistent measure and compare mode different processes. Six Sigma is a system that combines a strong leadership with the commitment and energy of the base, applying to do so seven fundamental principles.Principle 1: Genuine customer focus (internal and external how).Principle 2: Address based on facts and data (statistics).Principle 3: Processes are where the action is.Principle 4: Address preventive, and proactive as opposed to reactive management.Principle 5: Collaboration without barriers, both vertical and horizontal.Principle 6: Pursuit of perfection.Principle 7: Application of Taguchi ideas in terms of the loss function, and robust design.

Definitely indicates Antonio Perez, Six Sigma is a methodology focused on data you seek perfection throughout the Organization, examines variation and special causes of current performance. With Six Sigma across the Organization exposed under the magnifying glass. The methodology and statistical tools provide structure and a logical progression to reach the breaking of paradigms in the improvements.In short be considered what gives Wikipedia, that six Sigma is a methodology for process improvement, focusing on the reduction of variability of them, managing to reduce or eliminate the defects or failures in the delivery of a product or service to the customer. The goal of Six Sigma is reaching a maximum of 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) or events, meaning defect any event in that a product or service cannot meet the requirements of the customer. Six sigma uses statistical tools for the characterization and the study of the processes, hence the name of the tool, since sigma traditionally represents the variability in a process and the objective methodology six sigma is to reduce this so that my process is always within the limits set by the customer’s requirements. Original author and source of the article.

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Instant Messaging


Increasingly there are fewer excuses to talk to our acquaintances abroad. Call colombia now is not a problem due to the large amount of systems that we offer both Internet how telephone companies. Despite all Skype remains the King of free or very cheap calls over the Internet, but increasingly there are many more applications and programs that allow it. Fring: is a free application that allows you to make voice and video calls to other users of Fring and Skype anywhere in the world, and also integrates Instant Messaging. Yahoo Messenger: with this program, moving down the page, the calls are free PC to PC between Yahoo contacts. It also works for mobile phones with Android.

If it’s between computers, the only thing you need to do is add the contacts you want and click the call button. Nimbuzz: allows you to call for free, chat and send photos, messages and music to contacts that are connected to social networks as a Messenger, Yahoo, Gtalk and Skype. It works for PC and Mac and download of the page mentioned above. Google Voice: serves to make international low-cost (and free) calls only within United States. It works for computers, also for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones by downloading a free application. Skype: allows you to make free calls to other Skype contacts around the world and already works not only for computers: also for mobile phones.

Affiliate Elite


Can you make money with affiliate Elite? Anyone who is familiar with Online businesses, knows that there are two ways to earn money online: 1st – promoting and selling your own product. 2Nd – affiliating and promoting a third party product, that is going to get through your referrals sales commissions. Affiliate program does by affiliate Elite, and not other systems?. Well, perhaps this thinking already, I want to sell another system that resolves you life doing almost nothing, and in record time!, and it is logical to think it, everybody says that theirs is the best, but let me tell you something: this system is not going to make you rich over night, nor so little left him indifferent, believe me this system will help, in a bestial way to create profitable businesses on the Internet. And for that I say this! Quite simply, the creators of this system: the brothers Loson, carry several years exclusively dedicated to Affiliate Marketing, earning enough money, and what is more important, they have an extensive knowledge, with experience that gives the test and error, focusing on mastering techniques and more forceful methods, to make your system work. The video showing us Fabian and Paul, is a comprehensive success, both in its sober design and no surcharges or superfluous elements, as in its content, structured in modules that make it very easy understanding of the video, with short videos that don’t get bored, and above all explained in a simple and efficient way, taking him hand in hand throughout the process that is required to make money in affiliate programs. Since then, the formula that presents us with affiliate Elite, is the way more simple and effective to earn money on the Internet. Roberto Garcia original Autor and source of the article.



Mariachi music, is the most popular and traditional artistic expression of the South of Mexico, is probably the most recognized form of Mexican music, this type of music gets its characteristic and vitality of the pace of three or more violins, one or several trumpets and three different types of guitars: a classical, acoustic guitar, a guitarron (big acoustic bass) and a vihuela (small guitar(, high tone). Each one of the different guitars used in mariachi has his own sound that helps to produce different sounds of Mariachi. All different mariachi guitars are typically made of cedar, mahogany or rosewood or a combination thereof. Some luthiers who make guitars, use FIR, walnut, maple, Cypress and other exotic woods in the boats of the guitars of mariachi musicians. Best mariachi guitars are made with inlays of shell of abalone, mother of Pearl and exotic species of hardwood. The classical guitar, Acoustics used in the majority of sets of mariachi is a Requinto, although some groups use a guitarra de golpe in place to give the Serenade with mariachi. The requinto is a small acoustic guitar, usually about a 15 to 20% smaller than a standard acoustic guitar. Although the requinto is small, the requinto guitars made in Mexico have a deeper than a normal acoustic body.

A typical requinto has six nylon strings tuned. The guitarron is a great acoustic, almost the size of a cello bass. His huge body of wood creates a deep sound, produced by their large size. While the guitarron has a flat front as most of the guitars, this instrument is designed with a dome. The back of the guitar is formed by two pieces of wood fastened together with an angle similar to a V.

The curve, convex back of the guitarron increases the depth of your body. The vihuela (also known as Mexican vihuela) It is a small five-string guitar that produces a high pitched sound. The vihuela is typically smaller than the requinto, as the guitarron guitars, vihuela also has an arched back. This deep, curvo-convexo body of the vihuela helps to amplify its sound. The vihuela has nylon strings. However, three of the strings are tuned in an octave in order to produce a high frequency sound. Today, many of the guitars used by Mariachi groups are carried out in the remote village of Paracho, Mexico, there are thousands of guitars produced a year for the Mexican market and for export.



Actually, maybe you were and you’re even in love with me but your way of wanting to make me suffer. I need peace because I believe that I can find in the couple the same stability that on my way to the heartbreak I discovered in friendship. All my life I dreamed of receiving an unexpected love letter. However, I never imagined that the feeling would come to me to receive it would be sadness. Perhaps cowardice but today wished that this message be lost halfway in the middle of the ocean not to feel shame that I da know that you had the courage to do this for me just now that you don’t want anymore. Two hearts desacompasados; neglecting the seasons of love. Never answered any of my emails, never gave me a dedicated book nor a postcard of your country.

Perhaps though it is late, you descubriste that I do not care if you write better or worse than me because they appreciate your letter is not form or the more or less perfect wording but content. Today you have made me the best gift I’ve had in a long time; a bit of you is in this folio. Thank you for loving me now that perhaps I needed to hear that I am important to someone. I am important to you. A direct PostScript to my conscience: Sunday at 9 I’ll wait in the place where we had our first appointment.

Do you still remember it? A part of me would like to love you as you love me unwittingly, however, does not force love. Anyone dreams of an unrequited love but I I do not sell at any price; I think that falling in love really is much more than company. I see so many couples to my around to continue by pure inertia that I refuse to be part of that kind of statistics.

Mlmnetwork Marketing


Did you ever wonder what would happen if you could put your members injection of success? An injection that push your group members to work committed, willing and motivated. Rather than these you always have: – the handset weighs 500 grams – is very unpleasant to receive NO – people are simply not interested how much would be willing to pay for that injection that become stars and machines to your partners sponsoring? A Euro? 10 Euros? 100 Euros? Anyway, if that kind of injection existed si ese tipo de inyeccion existiera you could become a millionaire. And the reality is that this injection exists. Atmos Energy pursues this goal as well. The strangest thing is that this injection does not cost millions but that is available to it and in addition to free. I’ll tell you more than that below. Professor of Economics is a great source of information. ** Not want to deepen much with what comes now, but if you’re interested or once you’ve interested in holistic health, you will surely sound the name Dr. Rudiger Dahlke.

Some time ago I became interested in his most current work Aggression als Chance (my translation = aggression as opportunity) speaking of the vaccines. I will not go into details, I will only speak of what is essential. This is (in my words): you are trying to save efforts and/or difficulties, generally will be crowned with more effort and greater difficulties. And the process of vaccination is mentioned as a concrete example. (Stimulate the human body to develop a stronger immune system) the idea is actually very good.

However, in practice it turns out to be a disaster and responsible for many allergies. They are true or not these statements, it may or not scientifically one can see well, I don’t know what I am not medical. I am a business woman.

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