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San Martin


There is no doubt that the invasion to San Juan, by the guerrillas of Facundo, occurred in 1827 left a deep mark in Sarmiento, who after a brief stint in the unitary army of General Paz, I exile in Chile for the first time in 1831. Return to San Juan in 1936, but his stay was brief. In 1840 Sarmiento prisoner was in his province, when a group of federal officials crawled it out of the Dungeon, to hit it and shave it to the knife. The timely intervention of the Governor avoid outside decapitated. After that episode, I exile again in Chile in order to guard your skin, putting at the service of that country his pen, even against their homeland. He toured several European countries such as the Chilean Ambassador, and found in France visited San Martin at his home in Grand Bourg. They are famous annotations of expenses pair the task that was developing for Chile.

But the most regrettable episode, which tarnishes his paternity of classrooms, like all his work, both as Governor of San Juan, President and legislature, undoubtedly is the task performed so Chileans get Patagonia and the Strait of Magellan, themes that turn in extenso at the end of this work. The classic story has been reticent with this topic, particularly I met quite some time after finished primary school. I remember having heard from elders, but I never gave him too much importance. In school we had the classic trilogy heroes, consisting of San Martin, Belgrano and Sarmiento, which was the least pleasant of the portraits. In fact never convinced me too, the books showed San Martin crossing the Andes, Belgrano, lawyer turned into military by the effect of the circumstances, fighting in the North. But the texts showed it to Sarmiento frowns, with an overcoat and crossing the mountains on foot, while on the road leaving graffiti, as that which we repeated so much, that I was never able forget Barbaros ideas are not killed, I understand that allusion to the restorer.

Definitions Of Types Of Funds


There are different types of investment funds, we will then review the exact definitions according to the dictionary ibercaja in funds and their attributes. We will begin by establishing that there are around 20 different types of investment funds. Below we will see the most important. FIAMM or investment in assets of the monetary market fund is the Fund that are invested money market assets, which refers to assets of debt with a term of maturity of 18 months or less. FII or investment fund real estate that is the Fund which invest exclusively in real estate already are dwellings, business premises, offices, etc. FIM or investment fund which is a fund that invests in securities either in the short or long term. Cumulative fund or capitalization is the kind of Fund in which all interests and dividends are reinvested.

Fund of funds is the Fund where heritage is normally invests in shares of other investment funds. Pension funds is the Fund where there is a heritage that implements a plan pension with a policy of investment in particular. Fixed income fund is the Fund that invests in income public and/or private fixed at level either national or international in instalments, generally greater than one year. Found in Treasury letter, bonds, obligations of the State, etc. Equity Fund is the Fund where it invests in stocks of companies either at national or international level.

Supporting fund is the Fund where applicable to the sharing among participants of the interest and dividends generated by the same investment of this Fund. Dynamic Fund is the Fund which is based on a metodologiaa that is based on the profitability in absolute terms, where assumes some risk through strategies of arbitration to try something more about a reference to short term profitability. Guaranteed fund is the Fund that consists of ensuring all of the invested capital and its performance according to the stock index or basket of shares. Geographic Fund is the Fund that focuses its investments in a particular geographic area. Either a country or continent. Global Fund is the Fund that diversifies its investments in various economic sectors and geographical areas. Listed Fund is the Fund where the composition of the portfolio responds to the composition of a particular stock market index values. Mixed fund is in which is reversed at the same time in fixed income and equities. Depends on the proportion invested in each can be mixed fixed income funds (when more than 70% of the portfolio in fixed-income assets) or mixed equity funds (which is when you have more than 30% and up to 75% in equities or shares. Sectoral Fund is the kind of Fund that invests in companies belonging to the same economic sector. Hedge Fund is the Fund where it invested in highly speculative values using techniques of arbitration. The most important thing is the flexibility in the management of their assets. Now that you know the types of most well-known and attractive investment funds, have the tools to decide what kind of background you should invest your money depending on what you are looking for win, you prefer risking and you have to invest. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.

Retrieve Man Learns


Learn how to regain a man is not an easy task, the first thing that you have to know is if you really want to get back with him and why. Already that if you want it because reconquering because you do not support these alone, perhaps should rethink it. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to a couple is finished, especially if the relationship is abusive. Well, now if anyway you want to return with him, you got that take into account that call him all the time, send messages, talk to relatives, etc. are all things that you play against. The only thing you are going to achieve doing this is scare him increasingly more. Instead, what you have to do is ignore it. In this way (which is going to be waiting for your call) won’t be able to believe.

And probably this generates himself calls you and wants to go with you, because you will feel rejected and will want to do anything so as not to feel this way. Another of the things that you got to do is after 2 weeks of not to talk with him, hacete noted. Encontratelo down the street in some bowling or disc, or simply call it and invitalo to take a coffee at a bar but as friends. Avoids talking about the relationship, have fun as much as you can, pass well with the general. This probably generates the you start to play, to say nice things, to address you in some way to return. And here is when you got that play a little hysterical (but not too). Do wait a little bit, total already what you got on your feet in conclusion, first agree that not these more with him, retrieves your emotions, then call it, Hermosa a drink but I know thing more casual as you can. You are doing this and soon you’ll be recapturing your ex. Now, if you want a guide step-by-step of how to carry this out, I recommend that clickees the following link on how to regain a man. At Gamestop you will find additional information. And quiet stay if he loves you, safe returns.

Latin America Infrastructure


Editor pozzoh@Nota: Latin America is growing, even against the rest of the world, and has not been damnificada by the financial problems that rocked the northern hemisphere. But in the measure that seeks to development in order to maintain this growth, something primordial need. Otherwise, the region might be in trouble. They can send me your comments to: what is still missing in Latin America: infrastructure Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 28 when the conflict between the Argentine countryside and the Government broke official voices that were heard were complaints about which people in the field protesting, but have moved 4 4 trucks (as a way of showing that in reality the situation by which cross is not as bad as they say). But the response from some members of the agro Argentine really seemed overwhelming: we have 4 4 trucks because it is the only way to be able to travel on these roads that are destroyed.

If the Government invested in them, not We would have so much need for this kind of vehicles. True is what he said the people of the Argentine countryside about infrastructure problems that are suffering, but it is not a problem exclusive to Argentina. One of the difficulties affecting the progress of Latin American countries is the lack of investment in infrastructure. There’s no denying the very good performance that had the economies of the region, but despite this and looking to future, infrastructure appears as one of the main bottlenecks that must face to continue with sustained growth they have achieved. Energy problems spanning several countries, is an example of this. It is true that the lack of an adequate infrastructure did not occur from one day to the other, but is the result of years and years of periods where years of growth with others of crisis in Latin America, happened many times caused by problems in the public accounts.



If a few years ago I had him saying to my grandmother who entertain with games of kitchen in a typewriter us had looked as if we were crazy and would have laughed. But the fact is that today there is a video game ad on TV in which the player is Amparo Baro. Which demonstrates the truth which is that saying that my own grandmother is so friend: never say this water no drink. Cooking games, dress up games and is that video games can be very useful also for older persons, since they stimulate memory and reflexes. The non-competitive games, easy handling are interesting for them and favouring use the senses.

My grandmother for example passes it very well with the Dressup games dolls, in which you can choose colors, hairstyles and accessories. It also entertains with the kitchen games much, it is curious that you like because she is an excellent cook. I guess the advantage is that on the computer hand can never go with the amount of salt. Overcome the most difficult prejudice for one older person It is overcoming that prejudice initial that the machines are modern games for those who already they are not trained. Once that computer games are a great help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and allow a simple and effective entertainment. They fill out solitary leisure and at the same time allow them to feel valid, integrated into the modern world. Just there to look for games that may interest them and entertain them, do you want them to play. In other words, the same as at any age.

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