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2018 March Archive at Artieda 2011

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Moscow Oil


Permanent components of oil paint are pigments and linseed oil, they can add more substance. Pigments diluted with different types of varnish, and then need to cover some or other surface a certain type of paint. Now, experts developed a special paint on concrete or metal. The service life of products with the paint more than I was before. It is no secret that often the oil crust cracked, flaked or simply lose color brightness.

Especially under such a coating suffered natural materials such as wood. Modern paint on wood does not harm the surface. And after removing the layer is almost completely preserved the original appearance of the product. Previously, even the floor covered with oil paint, because it is often half the houses were wooden. Now, for this purpose have developed a much more practical and durable polymeric material. Tankers Polymer flooring – high structure consisting of chains of monomers. Depending on which monomer was used as a basis, the properties of self-leveling floor change. So there are epoxy, polyurethane, epoxy-urethane, polyester and other types of polymers.

Thanks to the excellent performance characteristics of the application of filling the floor extremely well. Epoxy self-leveling floor is very resistant to chemical Effects. And, besides – to moisture, high and low temperatures, physical exertion. He does not crack, does not collect dust, it does not slip. This set of indicators can not even compare with the banal flooring oil paint. Before you apply the polymer layer on a concrete base, the surface is prepared. Similarly, there were earlier working with oil paint. But in times past a wall or floor was wetted, removed the remains of the old layers then primed. And even that did not provide a perfectly smooth layer. Poured floors also bring to the primer. But such a surface is smooth, no seams. Before you buy any of the construction materials worth considering, in what conditions it will be used. And only then find the right wallpaper, tiles or paint in Moscow is very simple.

Canaanite Historians


He had not seen them in conflict with biblical history. Nevertheless, the failure to detect clear evidence of Albright's expedition of biblical war haunted the historians – especially those that were skeptical about religion and everything connected with it. This gave rise to a new Interpretation of history – many scientists agreed that, although in general the biblical version has some historical authenticity can not be considered the Bible a reliable source with regard to details. End British mandate in Palestine led to the War of Independence and the partition of Palestine into Israel and Transjordan. Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem, including the Old Town and the City of David – the excavation site of Warren – All these territories were in the hands of Jordan and the opportunity to dig for them has been lost. This turn of events gave the atheistic historians free to deny anything, baziruyuyas in the complete absence of any data and possibility that any test.

Pioneer denial of biblical stories became Professor George Mendenhall, known for its brightly-liberal views. Other leaders such as Eliot Horowitz offer similar insights. In 1962 he published his work, where he was declared bankrupt the entire ancient history of the Jews, until the era of kings of Judah. However, contrary to all expectations and forecasts, in 1967, during the Six Day War, Israel captured the whole of Judea and Samaria. This gave the opportunity for new digs, and were quick to start them. New digs include a very large territory and were carried out without interference from the authorities, moreover, they were more advanced level. These excavations have yielded results: it was found to promote east to west, a certain ethnic group in the period described in the Bible as the period of the conquest of the land of Canaan. Nevertheless, these findings were not yet clear evidence of settlement of Canaan was the Jews – these findings with the You might as well be attributed and Canaanite tribes. In 1982, on Mount Ebal, near Nablus (Shechem), was the discovery of structure, identified as a cult.

Found his archaeologist Adam Zertal identified this place Total number of grounds, as the altar of Joshua, as described in the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua. Adam Zertal expect that such a stir a wave of discovery in the world of historians. Nevertheless, historians of the world has remained almost impervious to this discovery. In addition to several high-profile applications, scientists have not reacted to the altar on Gevale. Any criticism of the revisionists has not followed Historians still continue to bend their line and argued that the evidence of Jewish history of that period does not exist.

Markus Walter Rheinstrasse


Oliver Buhr, Managing Director of COPARGO GmbH economy projects outlined the problems, which is usually faces: “we are witnessing in our advice, that despair of employees in projects at a chaotic internal approach: here makes most any project manager what he wants.” As a consequence, the projects in its history are always chaotic, delayed, and cost more money than originally planned. Communication deficits and quality losses are mostly characteristic of work in the project. Therefore, a culture of hero of the project is to observe: individuals sacrifice themselves, in order for the project to the good end. To remedy this, the focus on the critical success factors in projects is necessary. How this is achieved, we will give our participants by COPARGO.” COPARGO trains and consults around the PRINCE2 project management method. The method directs project managers and teams focused and based on best-practices experience through projects. In addition to the methodological expertise, COPARGO lives a holistic approach that ranges from the first analysis of the potentials of a company to the strategy. Taking into account of the corporate culture designed and controls the consulting company together with the customer on a successful project environment change and innovation within the company.

So far, more than 900,000 people will benefit from the PRINCE2 experience. Company description the COPARGO GmbH is an exclusive consultancy for project management with PRINCE2 (projects in controlled environments) and a leading provider of PRINCE2 training. COPARGO supports its customers in the use of project management and provides all necessary services from implementation consulting and training to the tool selection. COPARGO seminars are characterized by a high percentage of practice in the training. All theoretical content are transferred to a practical project examples in everyday life. So the implementation of the project considerably easier and more knowledge is thus permanently propagated and applied. In addition, the seminars are always up-to-date. Since March 2010, COPARGO is accredited training organisation for the best practice method P3O. In May 2010, the program management method was MSP in the Portfolio recorded and since may, 2011, COPARGO is the first German training organization with the approval of management of portfolios – MoP. Company contact: COPARGO GmbH Katrina Scheid on the Trift 65 63303 Dreieich Tel: 06103 2002 110 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Walter Visual PR GmbH Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 238780 E-Mail: Web:

The Article


All vehicles on Spain have to pass a review known as technical inspection of the vehicle (ITV) to ensure their safety. The deadline for passing the ITV varies depending on the age of the vehicle and the cost is about 30 euros. These inspections reviews all the elements of a car, from the engine to the windscreen via the brakes. If your car has not passed the MOT or you city with an expired sticker you could be fined up to 1,500 euros. Before starting any journey by car you must be sure to carry all documents and binding elements. Mandatory roles are driving licence, registration certificate, compulsory insurance and the policy documents, the technical specifications for the vehicle and the ITV (certificate of the last revision and sticker) documents. It is important to make sure that the documents are not expired and that the data are correct.

In addition to the documents will have to carry other accessories like the replacement lamps and tools to change them, a spare wheel and its tools, the emergency triangles and goggles if you use glasses or contact lenses. It is best that you look never involved in an accident, but if this happens you will need to immediately mark the place of the same and communicate it to the relevant authorities. You must also notify the insurance company. In the case of an accident in which only produced material damage, the possibility that drivers fill the amicable Declaration of accident. Now that you know everything you need to circulate in Spain, the next step is to launch you on the road and enjoy driving safely. Original author and source of the article

The Article


Loneliness hurts the soul in the bones, skin, and have to go through that, but I say friend, that you have to sprout like the Phoenix from the ashes and reborn again. Reinvent yourself open your pores, all your anxieties, all your hopes, opening the door and not close it. Perhaps today does not tell you anything new, you know me, pass tears, loneliness, but I always turned of sonrisita any of my children, of any new florcita in my garden, paint up tired, wipe it clean when I was sad to sweep the penalty. But each day went out to front, cheerful music, singing to ward off penalties as the saying goes. Smile at the world when not looked at me, until a few sweet eyes, tender look, I wrapped.

Today I am not, we are two in one. Friend, is that these sad, is that it hurts, but I know very well that you have the strength, the love within you, waiting. Leave the door open, everything revolves, life still has a lot in store for you, maybe more than what now moonlit, let it arrive, then get it to grow. Friend of mine, I would like to tell you that tomorrow everything will already be different, but I can not lie. But if you let me tell you that everything happened. Many books gave me to read when they believed that he needed them, but I not forward left by them, I came out ahead because he lulled me into me, my desire to respect this life that you gave me to be happy and should honor. My friend, in my writings deal give you momentum, so you boot. Soon a new being that you were not expecting enters your life, I’m sure that many paradigms change.

When charging that grandchildren or nietecita in your arms. With such warmth and smell to baby, and the nostril or mouth similar to you. Life lives us giving away good things, as you’ve been saying friend, leave your door open, that your home will soon be filled with roses. Original author and source of the article.

The Article


If you see that your baby not sleeping well at night, increase rather than decrease their NAP time. Many parents assume, incorrectly, that if their children don’t sleep well at night is that you sleep too much during the day. Most often the opposite is true. Too tired babies have many problems to fall asleep and stay asleep, so make sure that your child has a good shut-eye. After eighteen months, many children refuse to go to bed, not because they have no dream but because they try to exert some control over their lives. This is perfectly natural and there are ways to get your child into bed without discussing. Since you can’t give in and let your son that the TV is facing late, offer some control giving you choices about bedtime routines.

Ask siprefiere brushing your teeth before or after you put pajamas. Let him choose the tale of night. Given any opportunity to make some choices for himself and it will be much less likely to want to discuss with you about the fact of going to sleep. For children of all ages, it is important to provide an environment that would lead to a good sleep. Dress your child with lightweight clothing and keep the slightly cool room. The parents often, put too much clothing children which makes not only that children are uncomfortable but it increases the risks of death sudden infant.Premature babies, costs often more asleep than children who were born at term. Let them in one to two months longer than the children of their age group. To see the article in its original context the author’s web page: original gifts original author and source of the article

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