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2013 October Archive at Artieda 2011

Archive for October, 2013

Technical Specifications


Pre-Production: Adrian Barilari, Gonzalo Ledesma and Daniel Telis.
Recording Production: Jens Johansson, Sami Banska, Emppu Vuori, Jukka Nevalainen
Production recording voices: Adrian Barilari and MIC. Production and mix: MIC
Banska Sami, Emppu Vuori, Jukka Nevalainen Recorded in Studio Caverock, Finland by Tero Kinnunen.
Adrian Barilari and the recorded voices of Mario Altamirano Studio Panda and the Oseberg Ship Study, Argentina.
Sampo Korkeala and recorded by Marc Mico Susitaival Treue MT Musik Studio Technik, Germany
Jens Johansson burn himself somewhere in the world.
Daniel Telis burn Domus Academy, Argentina.
Gonzalo Ledesma taped studio Outsider Records, Argentina.
Mixed by Mico Karmilla at Finnvox Studios.
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. Finland
Executive Producer: Marcelo Cabuli for NEMS Enterprice.
Illustrations: Claudio Guaro
Logo Design: Osvaldo ‘Pichu’ Gonzales
Graphic Design: Claudio lair / Andrea Yeber
Coordination in Argentina: Gabriela Sisti

San Francisco Chronicle
Editor – David Rubien astutely points out the strong similarity between Laurie Anderson and Brad Pitt (This Week, April 26). I wonder if he, or anyone besides my bad self, the uncanny similarity between the Dalai Lama as he seems on the photo page …
The Huffington Post
The construction of the permanent DVD recommendations on my site, a few years I’ve been watching about fifteen films a week old and …
The Huffington Post
Another May 14 has rolled around, for the Frank Sinatra-centric, means two things. It is time for the fans of “The Voice” to say to each …
Garden City News
How do you live for 100 years old” And how did you have a nice head of natural hair “These are two of the most frequent questions Howard Otte of Garden City faces as he continues to go about his daily activities in the village, more than a month after his 100th birthday celebrated on April 11.

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Top Management Forum Insurer


The IP television channel broadcast exclusively Groupama Insurances, and off-Security Week 2009 Your healthcare exit the public coincides with the start of the contest ‘Do you know The Iker‘ ‘, with which you can win a book of Iker Casillas Madrid, May 26, 2009 .- Groupama Insurances has released released in the openness of its IP television channel,, the first television network health plan to an insurance company in Spain. Accessing through user can enjoy a space that presents itself as a social network of audiovisual content related to the insurance industry and many other subjects of general interest and entertainment. Coinciding with its release, Groupama Insurances has used this unique and innovative communication platform to launch the contest ‘Do you know The Iker”thereby linking television to a new action on your advertising campaign. An exclusiveinterview revealing the more curious and unknown anecdotes from the life of goalkeeper and prescribing of the brand. Respondents correctly win a copy of the book ‘Iker Casillas: Sure of myself’ and even may get to know you in person. begin its work in broadcasting also opened, delayed, one of the key events in the sector: Security Week 2009 to be held from 26 to 28 May 2009. Specifically, four acts shall be covered under the program envisaged: the Top Management Forum Insurer, the Day of Mediation, the National Meeting of Corridor / insurance brokerage and Gem Awards. programming available 24 hours a day, with a rebroadcast on the high quality and the ability to view content on demand. Groupama launched the project in late 2008, although to date the emission was restricted to its nearly 2 million customers, 6,000 mediators and health more than 900 employees. About Groupama Insurances Groupama is a multinational insurance group, mutual French origin, which ranks first among the European mutual insurance. With a history of 150 years in the Spanish market, is a reference both for its technological innovation and the quality of their products. Groupama Seguros yourself comunicacion groupama.

How To Create Your Blog


There are many ways to make money online with your own website. One of them is to create blogs with good content. This activity is one of the fastest ways of creating pages on the Internet. That are blogs, weblogs, bloggins? It is our time blogomania fashion everyone has a blog, talks about Iraq, Bush, the latest restaurant, Sunday excursion, your pet, the Martians of Mars, Real Madrid, David Beckham, paella and Grandma’s recipes, political elections, dreams and realities is a simple and free publishing online your journal and all experiences, comments, ideas you want to share, typing on the keyboard and simple instructions you’ll have your website which allows you to update whenever you want it. It is a perfect way to give your opinions on the topic of your choice. A definition general of what is a blog could be summed up in the following: normally submit content in chronological order they usually have informal character and, often, staff are updated periodically and often do not require the intervention of professionals or computer format, style and content of the blogs can be diverse. How often are personal blogs, therefore style and content reflect those of its author in each case. What is the difference between a weblog and a personal page? The big difference is that blogs are updated more quickly, and do not require previous HTML knowledge, since the majority of sites that offer free blogs offer made templates in which is very easy to present information that every one wants to publish.

The world of blogs is very related to news and current events. One of the bloggers (author of a blog) most famous is Salam Pax, alias the Baghdad Blogger, who provided independent information through your blog during the Iraq war. The best way to learn what a blog is to read some and then make one yourself.

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