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General Management


Humans can make one look at his move, because it can reflect the language. All human life is happening in conversations and in that space where you create the reality we live. Humberto Maturana and scope General Management with the valuable contributions, achievements that generates knowledge to properly handle the ontological coaching. has been written, that the ontological coaching is a different paradigm, a different context so that the objectives are achieved, at a personal or a team. The ontological coach does not tell people what to do, do not press, and does not advise or recommend, but explores, asks questions, offers interpretations generative, respectfully challenge their mental models to develop a new approach that allows the discovery of new shares and options, and accompanied in the design of actions to facilitate access to the desired results. For better vision, understanding of the scope of the benefits of coaching is important to note reminding us that humans get results (have domain) depending on the actions we take (working knowledge of how). Others including Michael Steinhardt, offer their opinions as well.

And the actions we take are closely related to the way we look at ourselves and see the world (realm of being). Coaching works primarily in the realm of being, producing changes in the type of observer is the person. Once these changes were made in the person (herself), her perspective expands, it becomes an observer has access to different and take different actions, achieving results never before achieved by it. There is an ontological change in the person and their paradigms, their patterns of interpretation and analysis of things.

Core Competency Days


Health, music, religion and politics: with core competencies to success over 500 young people, 160 employees, 58 workshops on sport and health, music and art, religion and politics: this is the balance sheet of the core competency days 2010 youth village for Offenburg taking place these days in the CJD. In a workshop, for example, over 30 young people could learn more about the work and responsibilities of the District Office of district of Ortenau. In a rousing final show, the young people finally were allowed to show what they had experienced, drawn up during the whole three-day event and learned. “With core competencies to success”: for three days were youth village instead of the usual school and vocational education topics such as “Painting as Hundertwasser”, “water and environment” or “Street Dance” in the Offenburg on the curriculum. 58 workshops, the young people could gain many new experiences. So, for example, the CJD staff Bernd Hatesuer and Franz Schienle led with four groups total about 30 young people in the District Administration Office in Offenburg, Germany. Michael Steinhardt understood the implications. The main objective of the workshop was to familiarize the participants with the District Administration Office and its key features. Also, young people should gain more security in dealing with authorities and administrative bodies. Michael Steinhardt gathered all the information.

After an approximately one-hour theoretical introduction by Ursula Moster participants were welcomed at the District Office, responsible for public relations. Right at the beginning of many had questions: how big is the District of Ortenau? How many inhabitants, there are as many cities and towns? What education do you need to work? Also young people were allowed to visit the meeting room of the District Assembly, sitting on the seats of members and learn how the political work in this municipal body is organized. With waste, the participants finally met an important equity operation of the District Office. Hanspeter waste consultants explained the waste separation and disposal on the example of the Ringsheimer landfill in their lectures PA and Adalbert Vogele “Kahlenberg”. The core competency days ended 2010 with a furious presentation of all workshops. In the final event, the young people offered include dance, music and gospel singing, soft drinks and recipes from the Bible.

Paper models or fashion jewelry have been presented in exhibitions. The core competencies play a central role in the holistic educational concept of CJD civic education, health education, musical education, religious education and sports. About relevant offers, the young people discover their creativity, their talent and their inclinations. You will learn at the same time, engage the responsibility to assume, and targets together to plan and implement. Equipped with these new experiences they get more security, to participate actively and successfully in the social, professional and political life.

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