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Employment Training


Madrid, 27 and 28 June in ABC Serrano, an unmissable FESCAM (, the first Hall of the training, employment and selection of WAITERS held in Spain will be held in Madrid on 27 and 28 June, aiming to become the meeting point for all those who work with passion, rigour and confidence in search of dignify and position the profession of waiter as important component of visibility and business quality of a business. FESCAM is aimed at entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs of hospitality, managers, maitres, waiters, assistants, apprentices, students of hospitality and tourism, and anyone with a vocation for service interested in getting a job from waiter, in the sector with greater ability to create jobs in our country. FESCAM is organised by Linkers, consultant and recruiter for hospitality ( and the art of serving, training and consulting for hospitality (, which promoted this first encounter with the mission make it a point of reference for this group in the sector. The 27th day will begin with round table: challenges of the waiter of the 21st century, which will remain open activities aimed at improving skills and abilities, such as cutting a serving of ham, throw a rod, use a professional coffee machine, handle a tray also are scanned a series of papers, workshops, and other roundtables, to emphasize the necessity of joining efforts for the formation of a new waiter profilecapable of improving the quality of the service. The fair will be attended by companies such as Heineken, Grupo Vips, Tormo y Asociados, Lopez Ortega Delights, Julian Martin, ICG software, click and I, orale Compadre, MBV Consulting, Education First, as well as institutions of prestige in the sector, such as the Cluster of tourism of Madrid Network, Patronat de Turisme de Madrid, UPTA, Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and AMYCE (Asociacion de maitres and waiters in Spain), between others. This event will be closed with the discourse of closure and valuation of the day in charge of Eduardo Daswani and Marianela Olivares, directors of the art of serve and Linkers, respectively, organizing companies in this first meeting. More information at: FESCAM Web: email: about FESCAM FESCAM is the fair of meeting for people interested in a profession that has much to offer to today’s society, both as a vehicle for job creation, as an example of the vocation of serving can be a style of life that brings satisfaction and value yourselfto others and to the world.

Disc Recordable Storage


During many and the beginnings of computer magnetic tapes had very important role because they turned out to be the first large capacity storage media. At this time have been made several advances in the composition of the tape, wrapper, and the density of data. The main difference between tape and disk storage is that the tape is a sequential access medium, magnetic tape technology has also had important from the width of the tape, changes sizes and most have been developed to have encapsulated lesser or greater capacity. Optical storage with the passage of the years new forms were created to store information and these needs have emerged new alternatives; devices with higher capacity, better advantages. Appeared storage devices optical that make possible the recording and localization needs using laser beams.

The main optical storage devices they are: CD ROM (CD R)-Compaq Disc Read Only Memory CD RW-Compaq Disc Recordable-Writable DVD R-Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc Recordable Only DVD RW-Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc Recordable Writable DVD R DL-Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc Recordable Only Double Layer Blu-rayDisc-beam blue name defined by the beam of the laser(tambien conocido como BD) CD-ROM Cd of storage of data, its contents can be read a without number of times but it cannot be changed or deleted once recorded. CD RW Cd optical storage that can be recorded and erased its contents over and over again. DVD-R DVD storage whose content saves cannot be modified or deleted. DVD RW DVD storage that can be recorded and erased its contents over and over again. DVD RW DL DVD storage double layer that it can be recorded and erased its contents over and over again. Blu-ray is a disk format optical’s new generation of 12 cm in diameter (same as the CD and the DVD) is used for high definition video and storage of high density data.

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