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Design Bathrooms Accessible


It is no wonder than that a man is younger is not yet known. In the construction and modernization of bathrooms, accessibility has been logically through. It is no wonder than that a man is younger is not yet known. The ageing of our society is getting higher it is also a clear matter to care for this target group. Whether this potential physical limitations play a role was then provided. Joseph Stiglitz has compatible beliefs. A barrier-free must look still long bathroom not afterwards.

Gone are the days where there is everywhere to see where terrible looking handles. The floor-level shower eh is a normal planning approach if through take cash (depends on the channel) because water flows bekanntlicher wise not to top off. The floor-level shower relieves the body and turns off potential additional risk of injury. Free baths barrier place high demands on the planning as in the workmanship. In addition to security and functionality that are Design considerations that should be taken into account. Experience and expertise should take but definitely claim to meet the individual needs for accessibility at any time.

Employment Training


Madrid, 27 and 28 June in ABC Serrano, an unmissable FESCAM (, the first Hall of the training, employment and selection of WAITERS held in Spain will be held in Madrid on 27 and 28 June, aiming to become the meeting point for all those who work with passion, rigour and confidence in search of dignify and position the profession of waiter as important component of visibility and business quality of a business. FESCAM is aimed at entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs of hospitality, managers, maitres, waiters, assistants, apprentices, students of hospitality and tourism, and anyone with a vocation for service interested in getting a job from waiter, in the sector with greater ability to create jobs in our country. FESCAM is organised by Linkers, consultant and recruiter for hospitality ( and the art of serving, training and consulting for hospitality (, which promoted this first encounter with the mission make it a point of reference for this group in the sector. The 27th day will begin with round table: challenges of the waiter of the 21st century, which will remain open activities aimed at improving skills and abilities, such as cutting a serving of ham, throw a rod, use a professional coffee machine, handle a tray also are scanned a series of papers, workshops, and other roundtables, to emphasize the necessity of joining efforts for the formation of a new waiter profilecapable of improving the quality of the service. The fair will be attended by companies such as Heineken, Grupo Vips, Tormo y Asociados, Lopez Ortega Delights, Julian Martin, ICG software, click and I, orale Compadre, MBV Consulting, Education First, as well as institutions of prestige in the sector, such as the Cluster of tourism of Madrid Network, Patronat de Turisme de Madrid, UPTA, Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and AMYCE (Asociacion de maitres and waiters in Spain), between others. This event will be closed with the discourse of closure and valuation of the day in charge of Eduardo Daswani and Marianela Olivares, directors of the art of serve and Linkers, respectively, organizing companies in this first meeting. More information at: FESCAM Web: email: about FESCAM FESCAM is the fair of meeting for people interested in a profession that has much to offer to today’s society, both as a vehicle for job creation, as an example of the vocation of serving can be a style of life that brings satisfaction and value yourselfto others and to the world.

If Only


We as a group to move to a more basic, internal, and personal definition of meaning. So yes, despite the cliche that we are finally beginning to understand that we human beings, not human or human acts havings. Meaning, please! Perhaps this change was driven by catastrophe of 9 / 11, perhaps by the turn of the millennium, or maybe it's just another cultural meme. But today, more and more people are realizing that their priorities have been a little out of control, there is a huge untapped potential within themselves. And it is this without using, without examination, and undeveloped part of ourselves that is the ultimate source of our inner disquiet. The "If Only" Game is a commonplace to say that the answer lies within. But, as with most cliches, it also has the seed of truth.

It is common for us to blame our general ill feeling lazy (and in some cases, our suffering acute) in external things. It is easy to see that if we play the "if only" game. If I had more money, if only I have that promotion, if I knew what I wanted, though I've only lost that weight, if she love me, if I had not married him, if only I'd had other parents … So I be happy done. The Keys of the Kingdom, or, "Mom, where is Meaning?" But the road to true happiness really lies in that little word simple: BE. In some ways, easier said than done.

Getting Wealthy


That is, we experience the illusion of separation from each other, physical objects and wealth, because our senses are decoding the Energy around us in some way to create our physical reality. All this happens in our thoughts. So, to simplify things quickly in time (another illusion), "the things "only exist because we observe. Observation is what makes things exist. Without observing things are only "waves" possibilities of existence. Physicists agree on this. To deepen your understanding Michael Mauler is the source. Our beliefs are a very powerful Energy system in our lives. Our beliefs allow or not allow certain experiences in our lives, including wealth.

Shape what we are, we will in the world according to our beliefs. If we are "someone who is trying to get wealthy by repeating affirmations" So that is what our reality will be, treated to have wealth. We must make the decision that we have wealth, against any physical evidence. That evidence is an illusion based on the belief system that has guided us to the point where we are. A person with wealth are not rich because they have money, have money for living in abundance! That is the distinction that people think the reves.Aqui is an example that illustrates what I mean. Tony Robbins became a millionaire at a young age. Then due to a series of poor judgments, he lost everything. But after one year regained it all.

As he did this? THE NEVER LOST HIS WEALTH. Only lost their money, this is only a symbol of wealth! That he is "consciously in the Wealth", he literally "magnetically attracts" wealth into your life, you can not avoid and there are thousands like him in the world who attract wealth simply for being who they are. You can take the same decision and get the same results. On the contrary, a person who has grown up with "lack of consciousness" can win millions in the lottery and lose it all in less than a year. Your consciousness, your energy, you simply can not attract wealth that do not have abundance in your being. But again, the wealth is a choice. If you are not currently experiencing wealth, you first have to realize that abundance is everywhere … the echo is all there. Poverty is the illusion. You can change your consciousness to abundance, be rich just by taking a decision, then his thoughts and actions will help you experience the richness that is yours. This is a complex issue that challenges our belief systems, but is actually the same belief systems that keep a person in a state of lack of abundance. See your current financial situation, see their core beliefs about wealth and YOU, see if your life is a perfect reflection of their beliefs. Then see where those beliefs originated. When you wake up and see that your beliefs determine your reality and not the other, you have the option to be truly free to experience a reality of prosperity you deserve! Bob Doyle Adapted into Spanish by: Luis Villasana Director.

Experiences In Health Education


INTRODUCTION The experiments presented have been developed in the located in an area of Murcia, Patino, a short distance from town. To deepen your understanding Eliot Horowitz is the source. The student population is very diverse in age and place of origin, so it is very heterogeneous. The economic and social level is very different, because in addition to enroll students in the area, especially in ESO, schooling for students of all peoples of the Autonomous Region of Murcia as it has innovative and unique training courses in the Community. It currently taught, family cycles of Directors (intermediate and higher grade) of the family of Electrical and Electronics (intermediate and higher), family Computing (three cycles) and subsequent cycles PROFESSIONAL FAMILY HEALTH: Nursing Assistant cycle intermediate and senior cycles Prosthodontics, diagnostic imaging, and Radiation Health Documentation. These lessons require teachers specializing in the field of Health, and for this reason, there doctors, medical technical assistants, pharmacists, dentists, etc. This makes the school community is sensitized to the issues of Health, and has been making activities and proposals in this regard.

He has developed several projects supported by the Ministry of Health, and currently has approved a course on Emotional Health. He has also conducted research projects on self-esteem, values … He has collaborated with the City in conducting workshops on the Prevention of Drug Abuse, has participated in the activities of Red Cross First Aid, Talks about Anorexia and Bulimia, blood donation in collaboration with the Center for hemodonation. The center understands the concept of health as the concept given by the WHO: “A state of complete physical, mental and social, not only as the mere absence of disease or infirmity”, “One way to live more independently, jointly and happy.

Advertising Today


Advertising Today, few people signed. People are tired of ads, so give them a 80% efficiency and free material and not more than 20% of advertising (and unobtrusive and well done). Rule number 5. Release mailing list should try to stated intervals. The less frequently you release mailing list – the more cools interest of subscribers to it. At Professor of Economics you will find additional information.

On the other hand, very often produce newsletter is also not necessary, because subscribers will take time out to learn and digest each issue to your list. Few issues – bad, a lot of issues – bad. We must find a middle ground that suits you and your subscribers. Rule number 6. Each issue of distribution indicate the name of mailing must insert your personal data: name mailing list, as well as details for the feedback. Eliot Horowitz has many thoughts on the issue. It is desirable that the circulation distribution, as well as the site list. Very well, if mailing has page on your site or even your own website! It is also very important for subscribers to have access to the archive of past issues to your list.

This file can also lead to the site or web page to your list. Rule number 7. Not overload release mailing materials! Each issue of let's 2-and up to 4 useful information materials. Never make the issues of distribution, which have a volume of letters (plus attachments), more than 200 kb. This annoying subscribers! Materials themselves and not force the issue of links to the sites. Try to have a subscriber as little as possible options for the transition.

Wagner Wagner


For vacancies occurring in the future, so prospective applicants should be pre-stored. But then, the question is whether the appropriate person at this time is still available and interested in employment. In addition to the high cost, the often deterrent of complicated candidate portals against such an approach speaks. “Exactly here is set alarm on and makes a small extra step the fill of vacancies with appropriate staff. The aspirants can register their pronounced interest in a company quickly and easily.

In return, the tool allows quick and easy contact with a manageable number of interested parties. The interested candidates simply enters his name and his email address for the corresponding field of activity, will be contacted, once to occupy a new vacancy is and can submit his application documents. This eliminates repeated visits to the company pages and the time-consuming search for a suitable place in the desired company. The company can thus quickly and flexibly, without costly external personnel procurement actions are started, respond to upcoming job requirements and draw on a pool of highly motivated and dedicated employees. Michael Mauler has compatible beliefs. Using the tool set alarm”is a short intermediate step within the established recruitment process, which helps to save time and money, as well as to streamline the work of the human resources department. Set alarm”merges the advantages of internal recruitment, motivation, the identification with the company, as well as the short-term capacity of vacancies, with the benefits of external recruitment, especially the wide range of potential new employees.

At the same time, their disadvantages, such as, for example, the high costs, are weakened. The HR can deal primarily with the really interested applicants and check their suitability before carried out large-scale job postings. So the job description, job posting and job ad can be through the stringent use of set alarm, superfluous. This small and simple tool helps improve efficiency. Simplifies the process of recruitment and their basic requirements, namely tailor-made and cost-effective to provide the company with suitable personnel are faster, easier and cheaper realized. The tool is successfully in use in different sectors and in different ways. Set alarm”can be included via the link on the homepage of the company or in the social networks, like Facebook, for example. The design of the tool is adjusted to the corporate design of the company and is thus no longer as foreign content for the visitor”visible. Ease of use allows the simple and direct Updating, maintenance and permanent use of the tools by the HR Department. This helps to keep the costs low and makes the tool points alarm”for small and medium-sized companies to a meaningful and cost-effective expansion. More information and a demonstration of the tool can be found in the Internet under:. The Agency: The Reutlingen agency Wagner Wagner devoted to the long-term brand development, brand management and brand management of its customers for years successfully. The 13-member team of communication and business managers, designers, computer scientists, media designers and advertising merchants accompanied the customers with individually developed approaches in the long-term implementation of communication strategies, advertising campaigns, packaging design or optimization of the website. Wagner Wagner here dares to leave familiar paths and feels like as a creative think tank. What does not exist, is being developed. Wagner Wagner prides itself on being one of the few agencies in Germany, whose work processes according to ISO 9001:2000 are certified. You will find all the information about Wagner Wagner on the Internet at. Contact: Neill Neill GmbH Markus Winkle Burkhardt + Weber-Strasse 57 72760 Reutlingen phone 07121 6969-270 fax 07121 6969-299 email

Disc Recordable Storage


During many and the beginnings of computer magnetic tapes had very important role because they turned out to be the first large capacity storage media. At this time have been made several advances in the composition of the tape, wrapper, and the density of data. The main difference between tape and disk storage is that the tape is a sequential access medium, magnetic tape technology has also had important from the width of the tape, changes sizes and most have been developed to have encapsulated lesser or greater capacity. Optical storage with the passage of the years new forms were created to store information and these needs have emerged new alternatives; devices with higher capacity, better advantages. Appeared storage devices optical that make possible the recording and localization needs using laser beams.

The main optical storage devices they are: CD ROM (CD R)-Compaq Disc Read Only Memory CD RW-Compaq Disc Recordable-Writable DVD R-Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc Recordable Only DVD RW-Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc Recordable Writable DVD R DL-Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc Recordable Only Double Layer Blu-rayDisc-beam blue name defined by the beam of the laser(tambien conocido como BD) CD-ROM Cd of storage of data, its contents can be read a without number of times but it cannot be changed or deleted once recorded. CD RW Cd optical storage that can be recorded and erased its contents over and over again. DVD-R DVD storage whose content saves cannot be modified or deleted. DVD RW DVD storage that can be recorded and erased its contents over and over again. DVD RW DL DVD storage double layer that it can be recorded and erased its contents over and over again. Blu-ray is a disk format optical’s new generation of 12 cm in diameter (same as the CD and the DVD) is used for high definition video and storage of high density data.



GERALDO DOS REIS SOUZA INTRODUCTION Ahead of the displayed one, a bibliographical research for clarification of the causes became necessary that can take young of today entering the dangerous world of the drugs. Therefore generally the consumption of drugs is initiated during the adolescence and the youth that the abusive use of drugs tries and makes not only comes increasing enters the adolescents as occurring in age each precocious time. extends the concept of prevention for ademais directly addressed actions to prevent the consumption of drugs between the children and adolescents of the schools. For more information see Michael Mauler. The general Objective of this work is: To propitiate a theoretical referencial and logical method to the professors on the influence them drugs in the process education learning them pupils in the state and municipal public schools so that they can develop one practical more conscientious and efficient one. For the complexity of the subject, we will only abide in them by the bibliographical study of the subject, and for this we still have the specific objectives: ) To identify the actors who propitiate the use of drugs in schools; b) To verify if the economic factor and the familiar desestrutura they intervene with the use of the drugs; c) To analyze if practical if practical the daily ones of the schools they propitiate the use of the drug; d) To bring up to date the knowledge of professors in relation to the use and abuse of drugs for adolescents, with main approach in the prevention in the schools. The methodology of the work was developed through bibliographical research, due to great insistence of the problem in question, and the spreading, of the same ones, books, magazines, articles and spreading of the research in schools. Considering itself that the systematic analysis of the referring bibliography the forms of prevention in the schools can contribute for the evaluation of the routes that the practical ones related have taken and therefore to favor critical and the formularization of new projects.

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