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Buy Dryer Parlux


If this thinking of buying a parlux dryers, we assure you that is making the right choice. Parlux has become a benchmark in the world of professional dryers. Their quality, durability, and design have made this signing a cult brand for the professional hairdresser. Parlux has a multitude of models, no doubt top sellers today are: Parlux 3800 ECO-FRIENDLY. Available in 6 colors. As fundamental characteristics: this designed to preserve the environment, has an output of 2100 Watts, a flow of 75 cubic meters time and weighing less than 600 grams. PARLUX 3200 DIAMOND SWAROSKY.

Swarovski crystals give an air of distinction to this new model of Parlux. where elegance and design come together with the already recognised quality of its 3200 model. It has a power of 1900 Watts and an airflow of 69 cubic metres time. PARLUX 3500 IONIC FLOWERS. Ionic Dryer with a spectacular design of flowers, 2000 watts power and a flow rate of 73 cubic meters time.

This new family of dryers works with this type of energy, which means that to generate negative ions (atoms that have gained an electron and that, therefore, contain a high level of energy) are able to immediately convert the damp hair water molecules in micro-particles so tiny that they manage to pass through the outer layer of the one reaching the cuticle, restoring its moisture and making you gain weight; minus ions i.e., moisturize the hair fiber at the time that dried it. Thus, the hair is soft, shiny and naturally hydrated to restore lost negative ions. In addition, the negative ionization eliminates the electrostatic effect (ions with a positive charge) and the stress suffered by the hair, reducing drying times. You can acquire all these models and many more in the link I put below. The delivery time of the dryer I guarantee within 72 hours, in addition to the best price in the market. You can pay cash on delivery, credit card, paypal and bank transfer. buy parlux dryer other items of interest: original author and source of the article

Material Opacity


High opacity of materials is a guarantee of immutability of the printed image colors when it is placed on color bearing surface. Thus, the main function of coating is to create a surface that would have kept the black and give a liveliness and brightness of colors and natural colors. Natural colors, no “poisonous flowers”, you see, plays an important role in creating an attractive image. There are three types of coatings paper used for large format printing: Universal – suitable for most inkjet printers. They have the distinction of opportunities to take and hold the pigment; special – these covers are designed for specific models of plotters. The main difference between them is not so much the features of the chemical composition, but in the thickness of the coating; moisture resistant coating – apply for papers, designed specifically for outdoor advertising, therefore, created to store properties in direct contact with the water and be resistant to mechanical stress. Their distinctive quality – moisture resistant coating is not washed from the surface of the carrier.

In addition to differentiation by type paper coating can be divided into two groups according to their purpose: paper for color printing – from 90 g / m to 210 g / m ; paper to print photo-quality images – from 90 g / m to 280 g / m . Let us consider the second group, because in commenting on the first major is not necessary. Photo-quality printing is achieved by using paper with a multilayer structure and a special layer for printing, which enables fast the ink is dry and at the same time eliminates their spreading over the surface and penetrate into the paper, even with heavy fill.

Handy Backup Russian


Worse things in small and medium-sized businesses: if you believe the report Gartner, only one case out of a hundred businessmen to save their files on a daily basis. As a result – according to Dynamic Markets, 16% of small and medium-sized companies on a quarterly lose critical information. And in most cases, this involves the use of outdated software. Today the market is represented countless products that are designed to create backups. At the same time, not all applications of this kind can provide automatic backup, when once set up the software automatically copies your data on a predetermined schedule.

In some cases, programs store information on a very limited number of carriers. In addition, not all of them are able to meet the specific needs of users and provide the ability to copy certain types of data. For example, data automation systems management and accounting of 1C, which is used today by an overwhelming majority of Russian companies. Data stored in the system are vital for normal functioning businesses, because it includes consideration of financial and economic activities and production costs, accounting for taxes and wages, as well as much other useful information. Given the value of the data, "1C" requires software vendors certify their products at a special procedure that ensures complete safety of use of a program to backup databases and system configurations. Today, products with such certificates, not so much. Among the most famous and popular, it may be noted Handy Backup Russian company Novosoft.

Sierra Nevada National Park


In 1986, UNESCO awarded the designation of biosphere reserve to the massif of Sierra Nevada, and in 1999 much of its territory was declared a National Park; and it is not for less. Its natural, cultural and scenic wealth made him one of the natural spaces of greatest interest in Spain. The Natural Park of Sierra Nevada is located between the provinces of Almeria and Granada. Despite being the last to join the network of Spanish national parks, it is the largest of these; providing more than 86,000 hectares. It also has summits highest in the Iberian Peninsula, Mulhacen has 3.489 meters of altitude and weather vane 3.398; a challenge for mountaineering enthusiasts staying in a rental apartments Sierra Nevada. In terms of fauna, the most characteristic animal is, without a doubt, the Spanish ibex. Although we can also find birds such as finches, Blackbirds or Eagles.

Reptiles as Ocellated lizards, ladder snakes or lizards colilargas, among others. And as no foxes, wild boars, genets or Wildcats; they are very easy to see walking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The flora is also one of the attractions of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Its variety of vegetable formations, geomorphologic interest and spectacular nature constitute a natural heritage of incalculable value. With more than 2,000 different plant species; It represents a quarter of the species that make up the flora of Spain. Sure that the tourist who stay in Sierra Nevada apartments can enjoy the beauty of one of the endemic species most famous in the area, as it is the star of the snows. With regard to the cultural heritage, the Sierra del Sol as he was called in the middle ages, houses remains tartesos, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs. A multicultural range. They are many representations that can be found through these lands, although without doubt the most representative are sophisticated irrigation ditches and regatos collected the snowmelt from the mountains. Culture, flora, fauna ultimately; the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada is one of those landscapes to be visited at least once in life. You sign up?

PC World Successfully Relaunched With InterRed


The IDG Publishing builds the content management system optimally supports on the content management system InterRed as Foundation for the site of the eponymous magazine PC World Editor’s work permanently to offer current information for technology-savvy computer professionals, product and purchasing decision makers and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, the largest IT online portals in Germany invariably put on the content management system InterRed. “The IDG Publishing builds on InterRed: as the basis for the site of the eponymous magazine PC-WELT” the content management system optimally supports the editorial work permanently to offer current information for technology-savvy computer professionals, product and purchasing decision makers and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, the largest IT online portals in Germany invariably put on the content management system InterRed. “” Product-centric orientation the portal offers, with the three platforms of computer & technology”digital lifestyle” and business IT “extensive Information across the IT industry. By the clear structure of users can find thus quickly and easily the content from areas such as computers, audio video and photo, gaming, Internet, software, or security. With the change, at the same time a relaunch of the website was on the content management system InterRed.

The optimized design, the contents are presented now clearer and more. The product database integrated into InterRed allows an efficient search, the (price) comparison and find current test reports to tens of thousands of products. In the community that is bound directly to InterRed interact interested to share their expertise with each other. About InterRed InterRed GmbH we make IT work. The InterRed GmbH headquartered in Haiger (Hesse) and headquarters in Siegen (NRW) develops and markets software solutions based on modern information technology. InterRed is one of the leading technology providers in the areas of content management, personalization sites, and knowledge retrieval Catalog productions, live reporting for analyzing use of websites and process-optimizing print. The InterRed family with the content management system InterRed, which offers KM solution ContentAgents, the live reporting software RhoLive and the Printsystem InterRed print for each application and for each sector is a significant added value. Strong strategic partnerships in the areas of community and media asset management make a round thing”the InterRed family. More information: contact for further inquiries and interviews: InterRed GmbH Andreas Nabil marketing ice fields road 316 57080 Siegen FON: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 77 E-Mail: In the press area press / pressemitteilungen.html you will find all press releases including image material for downloading.

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