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Despite the wide variety of bladed paddle that exist, the most difficult thing in this game is the choice of the ideal couple. When faced with the choice of a pair of paddle ideally permeate from the beginning, but this is usually very difficult and more difficult still to maintain with the passage of time. The level of play of both members of the couple it is convenient that is similar. They when they play teams of two people, apparently these work better if they have similar level skills. The more matches are their respective skills, most likely to get the maximum out of the combination of these. Some keys to succeed in our choice are: be realistic options tend to be limited, since are reduced usually the immediate surroundings, and on occasions with the influence not only sports but also personal factors. The phases of the couple these phases are: Constitution, conflict, standardization, consolidation.

It will be in the overcoming of conflicts where the couple go strengthening or weakening. This will be what, a posteriori, certifies us the good or not so good choice of partner. A challenge that requires time, dedication, work and emotional involvement. To achieve this, each player can do the following: > know your partner well. > Help each other wherever possible.

> Provide positive reinforcements. > Be liable to the maximum. > Communicate with frankness, sincerity and assertiveness. > Resolve conflicts immediately. > Work at 100% at all times. Then, the progress of the competition will do else, since the consolidation of a couple needs that some things come out well from the outset or that at least there is a horizon of success. If it is not, the shadow of a new change of partners can be projected on the track as a ballast which weakens performance.

What You Need To Become A Photographer


After searching for information about photo once it becomes clear – to become a professional photographer, you need a lot of desire, patience and knowledge. In a word needs a lot of work to achieve this goal. In addition, professional photographer – a man with a certain flair. If you tell yourself that to you like that is clearly not true, then do not even try to be a photographer, will lose money, but is not that bad spend time. If you are not afraid of difficulties, but you do not see the talent, we should not lose heart. Profession photographer is the same as other creative professions. You can learn, but again like to emphasize, you have to work. Quickly learn everything in the pictures is impossible.

Few aware that the period of development of a professional photographer takes a minimum of five or six years. In particular, much depends on the specifics of the chosen direction. So photographer for the wedding must understand the staging and directing shooting simultaneously, while some other industries require different knowledge and skills. It concerns the practical work and professional education. Recently Nigeria sought to clarify these questions. Paradoxically, today the photographers "turnkey" is not prepared in any educational institution. Complete professional education refers to the viability of the job market, a good level of training photographer – both technical and artistic.

Higher education in photography from many institutes of higher education, including msu. But now, according to professional photographers, this education does not meet modern requirements. The problem is not only a paltry salary of teachers, but also that a separate department, cooking photographers who may or may not exist in principle and did not have sufficient basis. In addition, the high overall requirements for entrance examinations can become a serious obstacle for the novice photographer. Those who have already graduated, trying to find good courses, and it is not easy. Rates slightly, while most of them, as usual, does not inspire confidence. Most private schools, although compares favorably to the public good technical equipment, have a serious drawback: as a rule, and cromatics, and chemistry photoprocesses and photocomposition, and lessons on photographic lighting and is a teacher. Usually it is a wedding photographer with extensive experience in shooting, not always practicing. Secretaries of these schools say that their Graduates are employed – may well be, though hardly the education received may be called good. Remember that most currently known Russian photographers of vocational education had been received. In the best case studied in the laboratory or purchased some adjacent specialties. Anyone who wants to become a professional photographer, does so at their own risk. He must believe that his ambitions will be able to withstand first strikes the circumstances, that his opinion is important to others and has the right to life. It is always difficult, especially when just starting out. But I always need to be confident, try to find something amazing and just get done frame you want.

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