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The Crisis Of Anxiety In Children


As in adults, the anxiety is in children is a normal and healthy emotion that feels in response to certain stimuli. When it is recurring, irrational and intense, it can be considered a disorder in psychiatric or psychological terms. Episodes of anxiety can limit the child to the realization of their daily obligations both at school and at home. So much that they can affect the way of life of the child. Since children are more fragile, they may be more vulnerable to these attacks, which may condition a more severe effect.

Some of the most common reasons for anxiety attacks are: separation and school phobia. In the case of the phobia to the school, the child seems to grow is buelve fearful of going to school, although the exact cause is not known. Fear manifests itself in behavior as create complaints and symptoms such as dental pain, headache, abdominal pain (stomach pain, belly), which will keep the child away from school. To school phobia are frequently accompanied by separation anxiety, but the latter may be related to different situations to school for example, family reunions or weekend family outings. As with the phobia to school, anxiety of separation does not have a known reason. It manifests by an excessive fear to be away from people with whom the child is comfortable.

Stress the Stress or stress is associated with anxiety attacks. It might result from non-terminated tasks, responsibilities at home or at school, physical or psychological abuse and inappropriate for the child school environment. Changes in lifestyle when the family moves of neighborhood or city, lose the ties that the child has created with its environment, both family and social ties with which the child feels comfortable and accepted. The loss of these social ties, are stressful situations than these affections and these sensations of comfort and the need to begin to build new relationships with their school and neighborhood next and social environment they can trigger anxiety and anxiety attacks if they are not well-managed. Indirect reasons anxiety attacks can occur by sadness, or sn apparent reason. They can occur while the child is relaxed or even it is. You can pass only once. The lack of proper processing of a situation of mourning badly made, badly managed can induce an attack of anxiety which in principle can seem spontaneous and not having a direct reason. Family conflict or divorce of the parents can be traumatic in nature such that lead to panic. There is no one reason for the crisis of anxiety, and these reasons are not always obvious. The important thing is how to handle them in an appropriate manner.

Proper Handling


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General Commissioner


D.FERNNDEZ / S.GOZALO the Organization has achieved the free transfer of 500 public facilities so that booked the pilgrims and not pay water or light running. Also, almost 1,200 civil guards will be mobilized. Benedict XVI will visit Spain between 18 and 21 August on the occasion of the world youth day (WYD). The Ministry of the Interior will mobilize 4.952 agents of the 1,853 national police of them in practices to ensure the safety of the Pope during his pastoral visit to Spain between 18 and 21 August on the occasion of the world youth day (WYD). This device which will cost 1.7 billion euros, according to the data of the General Commissioner of public safety shall be paid a starting having previously budgeted by the Ministry and with which you are gratified to agents at the end of each year based on their productivity. There will come the 450 euros 1,450 officers of units of subsoil, will receive Mobile Brigade, cavalry and intervention police (riot police) forced to modify their vacation. An amount covering for police unions UPF and SUP not disorders caused agents which, today, still do not know if they will be on vacation or not in August, they say. But the national police will not be the only damnificada by Benedicto XVI’s visit.

Around 1,200 civil guards mostly from the grouping of traffic they will be mobilized. In addition, three units of the Madrid Municipal police have received orders not to take vacation between 8 and August 22 and the rest of the workforce, nearly 5,000 agents, only 30% and not 50% can go as in a traditional August month, the CPPM, the majority Union said yesterday. While the City Council declined to make statements to 20 minutes claiming that the papal device, the Ministry of the Interior is not yet closed said Monday that in so far as they concerned are technicians of the Police that measure risk and mark the number of necessary ctive in each case, according to the character and the visit.

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