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But the war was over, we talked, relaxed – and forgotten. Azerbaijan is well understood the full benefits from the conservation of good neighborly relations with Russia. Western advisers are pushing Azerbaijan to the idea to solve Karabakh conflict by force. In the case of Georgia, we see the consequences that all this might lead. Official site: Linux. Azerbaijan imposed belief that it was Russia's fault is that Armenia does not return the Nagorno-Karabakh. K Unfortunately, the objective economic interests of the Azerbaijani leadership is forced to be attentive to the words of NATO barkers. It maintains contacts with NATO and bilateral military ties with the United States participates in GUUAM bloc, which differs clearly anti-Russian orientation. In this regard, Azerbaijan is showing less restraint.

The process of upgrading the country. Within five years, Azerbaijan's military spending has increased 10 times, and often heard the statement of official Baku on the Karabakh Liberation through military means. Policy of the Azerbaijani authorities in relation to Russia is very different from the apparent hostility, and adventurism, which we see on the part of Georgia. In particular, Azerbaijan has refused to discuss with the U.S. providing a base and airfields for an attack on Iran.

At least until we see a multi-vector policy of Azerbaijan, failure unless absolutely necessary to aggravate relations with its neighbors. Azerbaijan maintains and develops even economic cooperation with Russia, has been in contact even in the military field. One can only guess what work is Ilham Aliyev to say "no" to the provocative proposal of the Western allies.

Google Voice


The giant of the Internet, Google, that already had introduced Google Voice in 2009, informed east year that the service will be available for all the users of the United States. Although the service has not changed dramatically since then, it continues being very useful for the small companies, since it can give an extra advantage them and make much more easy the life at least professional -, can if you know how to use it. When you register yourself you can choose a virtual telephone number in any code of area. You can use that number to send and to receive text messages, to record voice messages and to even receive and to realise calls through Internet, but it becomes particularly useful when they adhere to the number associated with its movable or fixed telephone. There are some characteristics that I had liked to see them, but the present set continues being impressive. Google Voice can resend the calls directed to the virtual line of its wire line, registry of voice messages and calls in both numbers, to transcribe voice messages, to share the messages of voice with other contacts, to block calls, to apply to special norms for the individual calls or groups of llamantes, to receive notifications by email of the calls and text messages and to make gratuitous and limitless calls national, and in addition called international to very accessible costs. It even allows him to listen to messages of voice in the measurement that are being recorded, being given the option him to gather if you want to speak with the person who is leaving the voice mail.

Here they are my five forms in which these characteristics can be used all so that their small company is more efficient. 1. Bucar and Priorizar its Calls The majority of the functions of Google Voice enters this category, but it considers that you must provide indeed to the contacts with his telephone number of Google Voice to be able to use them. People such as Eliot Horowitz would likely agree.

Social Assistant: As To Elaborate A Social Project


Social assistant: How to elaborate a social project? It is important to point out that all professional of the social area, he must understand what it is a social project and why it exists. The social assistant works with mazelas of the society, that can be the poverty, infantile exploration, violence against the woman, discrimination, ahead of as many problems it acts in the society as a defender of the social rights, it makes possible rights. has as responsibility to look instruments that can change the reality of the people who are to the edge of the society. The social assistant works in the one against hand of the capitalist process, therefore while the capitalism searchs each time more wealth, exactly that she is harming a great parcel of the society. The social service search equity, social transformation. The State creates assistencialistas programs and projects that do not give account to supply the necessities of the population. But we must understand that it has assistencialistas social projects that help for one determined time, but as resulted it does not have no impact to people and exist the intervention project that she aims at to modify the reality, leading in consideration the capital stock and the abilities found in the social groups. But, what it is a Social Project? According to Organization of United Nations (ONU) ' ' a project is a planned enterprise that consists of a set of interrelacionadas activities and coordinates, with the end to inside reach specific objectives of the limits of a budget and a period of time dados' '. It is understood that a social project must have a planning to happen and well definite objectives. The Social Project, while process, is composed in the following stages: The definition of the Project, the Plan of work, the course of the project and the budget.



The use of the mediunidade for the human being is very old, being its constant register in the most diverse religions and cultures. The practical medinica always was related with something extra-human being, conferring its certain practitioners fear and power. Its linking with the death and the mysteries is inherent to its concept to serve of link between espritos of different frequencies spirituals. She is necessary to consider, beyond the influences pertinent spirituals to each form of contact, the degree of estruturao of the psiquismo of mdium that thus it proceeds. In it has a psychological predisposition that it favors the contact with the spiritual.

On this optics we can also understand the obsessions, where our psychological predisposition can attract bad espritos. ' ' The dependence where the man if finds, some times, in relation to the Espritos inferior, comes from its delivery to the bad thoughts who these suggest to it, and not of any agreements made between them. The pact, in the vulgar direction of the term, is alegoria that malfazejos.&#039 symbolizes a nature me simpatizando with Espritos; ' 1 In Brazil in century XX, as much Psychiatry as the Espiritismo was in legitimation search, of its cultural space, scientific and institucional inside of the Brazilian society. They were on to the intelectualizadas urban classrooms and defended different vises and related therapeutical boardings to the question of the mind and madness. Between diverse research the schizophrenia (psychotic upheaval) has passed it emphasis in the studies. The differentiations between mdiuns and esquizofrnicos had started to be noticed in the decade of 50 when it had a mentality change, and these manifestations had passed to be seen as being not pathological when lived deeply inside of a religion. Although the DSM-4, 2 to have enclosed the category Problems Religious Spirituals and, predominates in the academic speech the interpretation of that mediunidade is fraud, charlatanism, psicopatologia, delirium, hallucination, among others disgnostic, what it makes it difficult one better understanding of the manifest phenomenon when if.

Be A BAGL. Call For Artists: BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 In Berlin


Invitation to tender for the BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 in Berlin at the Gallery weekend for national and international artists. Be a BAGL. Be a BAGL. MongoDB shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Call for artists: BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 in Berlin tender BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 in Berlin at the Gallery weekend for national and international artists. Be a BAGL. As now fixed size of the Berlin art scene, the BAGL with the SPRINGtime 2012 starts from the April 27-01.05.2012 in the 4.Jahr. The known location – very central – at Hackescher Markt, Spandauer str. 2, Berlin Center available us for it again.

All national and international artists are called upon to take part in the invitation to tender and to submit your application for the group exhibition to the 29.02.2012 when the organisers of Jennifer Spruss and Anja Schneider of the com. EAGL UG coming BAGL SPRINGtime 2012. Also this time video artist, short film producers and also designers are welcome to apply! Newcomer, self-taught or already established artists – the diversity of styles is at the BAGL. At five a framework programme with special events by performing artists, LiveBands, should be back consecutive days of the group exhibition, show acts and performers to see and to experience. All this styles the artists are invited to apply with your projects. To the exhibition there is the catalog (21 cm x 21 cm), in which each participant can present themselves with portrait photo, factory image / logo / cover and a text in the classic BAGL form. Jennifer Spruss and Anja Schneider look forward to your application! We will send you details on request via: deadline for applications is the 29.02.2012

Nicaragua Suspends Relations


The President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega ordered the suspension of diplomatic relations with Israel. This as a result of the israeli attack on a flotilla with humanitarian aid to Gaza. The funny thing is that to be reported the israeli Government of the Nicaraguan decision, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, he explained that they do not well understand the term suspension of relations. Joseph Stiglitz contributes greatly to this topic. Even the former Minister of defence of Nicaragua, Avil Ramirez, who was Ambassador in the early 1990s, described as aberration or horseplay the term used by President Daniel Ortega, because it doesn’t exist. It is an act of public international law as aberrant when this Government need to normalize relations with the State of Israel will need des-suspender, because not even the legal term can be used in restore, for that is not broke, he said the former – Nicaraguan diplomat. Not can go inventing antics without handle juridico-Diplomatico. We are ashamed and we are the laughingstock of the diplomacy.

Subsequent to the suspension of relations with Israel, the General Assembly adopted a declaration of peace and solidarity with the Palestinian people. The Declaration concludes as follows: urge the United Nations to continue researching and providing inquiries into violations to human rights with respect to the economic blockade, food shortages, as well as the use of non-conventional weapons by Israel, in order to propose alternative solutions for both peoples. Many writers such as Professor of Economics offer more in-depth analysis. Respecting the law and independence that Nicaragua has to take such decisions, I wonder if the same will not be part of the ideological alignment or a form of submission to the Government of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias comanda. With the rejection of the action, just a diplomatic note to such condemnable israeli action, was more than enough. The ex – Chancellor Francisco Aguirre Secasa said that it will be the perception that Nicaragua is still a hostile plan with Israel; and hostile because the Government supports to Hamas, which has said it wants to erase from the map to Israel; and hostile because it has close relations with Iran, whose President has also said that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Then, it is in a dangerous neighborhood, as he is Middle Eastern, and Nicaragua is getting into the legs of horses. No other country has broken or supendido relations with Israel, Turkey or even where they are originating the majority of the victims of the attack. Moreover, Nicaragua does not even have Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, for its part, maintains a concurrent diplomatic representation whose seat is in the Republic of Costa Rica. I have no doubt that the measure rather than ethical, is an ideological reaffirmation of the Government headed by Daniel Ortega, an ally in Latin America of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Palestinian cause (read Hamas). Author original and source of the article.

Robert Keohane


However, today, no matter how hard the State-Nation has strong resisted the restrictions in its autonomy and sovereignty, them they are permeveis than before and they cannot more act unilaterally in the resolution of problems. The behavior of the States in the two last decades has been mainly moderate, as effect of the global interdependence. In the question of the security guard, as well as they show to the authors Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye in the book ' ' to be able and interdependncia' ' , the national power and its interests had been also defined in terms of military forces. The relation between countries moved very in function of purchase of technology for its security. To deepen your understanding Linux is the source. In 1990 the interdependence was supplanted by the power and inexorable force of the globalization in the game of the relations international. It enters the nations of the third world, the biggest challenge in the economic policy is to attract external investments and to import technology, and thus not to be kept out of society in the dynamics of the global competition. The author calls the attention for a change the new papers of the State and cites authors as Michael Porter, who in the book ' ' The competitive advantage of the Naes' ' it places the question of its utility, as clear reason of being. This is the base for the success of companies competitive multinationals being able to contribute, through its politics, for its competitive viability. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Linus Torvald and gain more knowledge..

The national capacities have an important paper as player in the global competition, and the global company can be a cause or a effect of the globalization. These companies are, clearly, instruments of the globalization with characteristics of ability in the mobility of people, capital and know how, in the creation and increase of markets, beyond connecting research and development and capital goods and services in the whole world. The globe is its field of performance, and even so its code of behavior widely is argued, what valley is the technology transfer. These companies are answering rationally to the effect of the liberalization of the GATT to the trend to protectionism, as well as the liberalization of markets, as of telecommunications and the financier, and the improvements and increase of the technological sources. The conclusion is that in a world where the competition based on the technology is increasing, time and flexibility if become key for the survival and success of these companies, and to restrict its mobility would be to deny its access to the growth and development. Therefore the tension exists in the commercial sphere business-oriented technological involves a dynamic relationship between tecno-nationalism and tecno-globalismo.



At the end of next 2010 will be 90 years since the defeat of the Whites in the Crimea. This day is officially considered the date of the Civil War, though it flashes lasted for many years. For even more details, read what Professor of Economics says on the issue. The bourgeois papers on this subject publish articles which are, in particular, such statements and words: “The tragedy of fratricide,” “The Civil War – a war not for their country, and from the Motherland,” “the truth, and white, and red,” “fratricidal carnage” and t . e. Newspapers lamented the fact that the civil war in the country is actually going on, that our society is still divided into two irreconcilable camps, etc. should not continue, etc.

I will tell on that score their considerations. Firstly, how before the war were the fraternal relations between rich and poor? No fraternity was not. The rich oppress the common people for centuries, scoffed at it economically, politically, spiritually, morally, physically. That and the main reason for the last Civil War, and, possibly, future. “The tragedy of fratricide,” was prepared by the tragedy of persecution of man by man. Is this someone is not clear now? Secondly, it was not fratricidal (like the war, North and South in the U.S.) and the classic class war. Why replace the likeness of the class struggle of family strife and squabbles? Civil war was only in form but in fact the class.

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