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Social Assistant: As To Elaborate A Social Project


Social assistant: How to elaborate a social project? It is important to point out that all professional of the social area, he must understand what it is a social project and why it exists. The social assistant works with mazelas of the society, that can be the poverty, infantile exploration, violence against the woman, discrimination, ahead of as many problems it acts in the society as a defender of the social rights, it makes possible rights. has as responsibility to look instruments that can change the reality of the people who are to the edge of the society. The social assistant works in the one against hand of the capitalist process, therefore while the capitalism searchs each time more wealth, exactly that she is harming a great parcel of the society. The social service search equity, social transformation. The State creates assistencialistas programs and projects that do not give account to supply the necessities of the population. But we must understand that it has assistencialistas social projects that help for one determined time, but as resulted it does not have no impact to people and exist the intervention project that she aims at to modify the reality, leading in consideration the capital stock and the abilities found in the social groups. But, what it is a Social Project? According to Organization of United Nations (ONU) ' ' a project is a planned enterprise that consists of a set of interrelacionadas activities and coordinates, with the end to inside reach specific objectives of the limits of a budget and a period of time dados' '. It is understood that a social project must have a planning to happen and well definite objectives. The Social Project, while process, is composed in the following stages: The definition of the Project, the Plan of work, the course of the project and the budget.



The use of the mediunidade for the human being is very old, being its constant register in the most diverse religions and cultures. The practical medinica always was related with something extra-human being, conferring its certain practitioners fear and power. Its linking with the death and the mysteries is inherent to its concept to serve of link between espritos of different frequencies spirituals. She is necessary to consider, beyond the influences pertinent spirituals to each form of contact, the degree of estruturao of the psiquismo of mdium that thus it proceeds. In it has a psychological predisposition that it favors the contact with the spiritual.

On this optics we can also understand the obsessions, where our psychological predisposition can attract bad espritos. ' ' The dependence where the man if finds, some times, in relation to the Espritos inferior, comes from its delivery to the bad thoughts who these suggest to it, and not of any agreements made between them. The pact, in the vulgar direction of the term, is alegoria that malfazejos.&#039 symbolizes a nature me simpatizando with Espritos; ' 1 In Brazil in century XX, as much Psychiatry as the Espiritismo was in legitimation search, of its cultural space, scientific and institucional inside of the Brazilian society. They were on to the intelectualizadas urban classrooms and defended different vises and related therapeutical boardings to the question of the mind and madness. Between diverse research the schizophrenia (psychotic upheaval) has passed it emphasis in the studies. The differentiations between mdiuns and esquizofrnicos had started to be noticed in the decade of 50 when it had a mentality change, and these manifestations had passed to be seen as being not pathological when lived deeply inside of a religion. Although the DSM-4, 2 to have enclosed the category Problems Religious Spirituals and, predominates in the academic speech the interpretation of that mediunidade is fraud, charlatanism, psicopatologia, delirium, hallucination, among others disgnostic, what it makes it difficult one better understanding of the manifest phenomenon when if.

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