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BE FIT – The Gesundheintscoaching


Vital and fit with the 2 + 2 and 4-program – not just for the business the new book by best-selling author Dr. Dr. Michael Desphegel. Be fit”is more than just a nutrition counselor and fitness guide. With specific instructions and nutrition tips, this book shows how a healthy lifestyle is a daily companion. Further details can be found at Linus Torvald, an internet resource.

No matter whether night workers, frequent flyer, self-employed, or can be a balanced diet and a healthy amount of sports employee salespeople are in every business life integrate.”so, best-selling author Dr. Dr. Michael Desphegel. The fattening foods, mark stress, fast food and lack of exercise – the highly visible in the course of time. However, the stomach must go! It remains most at this realization. The resolutions to exercise more and healthier to eat, soft familiar everyday life quickly. A healthy lifestyle is easy to learn and works always and everywhere. With unique, scientifically, the 2 + 2 and 4 “formula the writers like to show healthy diet and” Fitness in another busy work lives can be integrated without any diet or fitness craze.

With this health coaching, you will improve your lifestyle with stunning effect and feel slimmer, healthier, younger and all-round better. Michael Despeghel, Uwe nickel BE FIT! The health coaching BusinessVillage Verlag 2009 ISBN: 9783938358917 9.90 eb-732_BE-FIT! – the – Gesundheitscoaching.html the authors Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel is a sports scientist and currently his Habilitation at the University of Giessen. The fitness and lifestyle coach is a Board member of the German society for man medicine. The best-selling author conveys realistic concepts which motivate and can be successfully implemented. As speaker, he inspires through lectures, which appeals to heart and mind. Dr. Uwe nickel studied sport, psychology and philosophy in Heidelberg and Erlangen. After his doctoral work at BASF AG he was Health Secretary for five years in the BKK Landesverband Hessen. From 1998 to 2004, he was Managing Director of BKK team Gesundheit GmbH, coordinating health managers in the field of HSE in the E.ON Energie AG in Munich since 2006 he is. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications to the topic range success & career find Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts, employees and Manager. Might you be interested in articles or interviews with our authors? We like to make a contact. Also meeting copies, product images and text excerpts are to be provided on request. Press contact BusinessVillage GmbH publishing house for the economic clean houses country road 22 37083 Gottingen Tel: + 49 (551) 20 99 104 fax: + 49 (551) 20 99 105 eMail: press at Internet:

Schonfelder DogCoaching


If you must transport for example, wet dogs, this is a great advantage. Security’s going on! Dog owners should know this: according to paragraph 23 of the current highway code animals in Germany must be secured in the car during transport. Breach car accident insurance may refuse compensation and risk a fine. In the other European countries, mainly in Italy and Spain, is now verified checks whether the dog has been saved, and a violation punishable. The dog should be safe housed not only for technical reasons. Separation nets, mesh or the best course stable dog boxes protect the dog that is otherwise hurled sharp braking or an accident through the Interior.

The animal with a special harness securely in the car or in a transport box should sit on the back seat. Ask simply at your retailer or your car dealer accessories are there for your vehicle. In particular, if one has to transport more than a dog, a correspondingly large vehicle is necessary. Caution! In puppies and young dogs should enter and exit as low up to twelve months as be possible. There are also special ramps in specialist shops. Off-road vehicles due to the high bumper growth difficult or run disabled dogs (small dogs, dachshunds, Basset Hounds, heavy and huftdysplasiegefahrdete races) aren’t going to recommend.

Such dogs must wear or use a ramp but it is! Don’t forget: bring your dog from the outset in that he can not just jump out of the car. He should sit only as long as, until you have to leash him. Then, the dog must leave the car. (The coach of the top dog school explain link like as see it goes. – contact us below on this page) Give to eat your dog only slightly on the day prior to departure. The last meal to prevent at least four hours before driving, nausea and vomiting. The dog should not be fed on the drive itself. Insert enough stops to treat the dog’s movement and to drink to give him something. Drive breaks every two hours are ideal. Make sure that the dog not at an open window in the airstream sitting, because he is otherwise easily can catch a conjunctivitis. If the dog is on mountain roads much yawns or pants, you give him a chew bone. By chewing the ear pressure dissolves. Leave your dog unattended in a parked car. In the summer, temperatures well over 30 degrees Celsius occur very quickly inside the car. After 15 minutes, this heat for dogs already becomes a deadly danger. Always take your dog during the breaks on the leash and attach an Adressmarke to his collar. If not already done so, you should have a pet register – for example the German pet register of the German animal welfare association e. V. or TASSO E.v. – register your dog prior to departure. This increases the chance that you find your pet in case of a fall faster. -Heed the above in your dog’s – interest, nothing more in the way is a relaxing holiday. You can set questions on the subject to the professionals of the top dog school. The coach of the top dog school wish you and your dog continues to much Fun! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.

Via Onlinecoaching


You always wise and right – also decides if it’s tricky problems success or failure – the difference very often make decisions. It is all the more important according to Christoph Trinkl, to build the own decision-making competence. But the country nowhere, either in school or at the University, this competence is. The decision coach therefore an online coaching program ( has developed from Kirchseeon/Munich, enabling participants to decide in the future always wisely and properly. A test test to get started at the beginning of the online coaching determines what type of decision is a participant. The Coachee in five sequential modules gets depends on the outcome of whether someone decides more intuitive or rational or a Maximizer or Satificer tends to be, individually specific tips and tricks, to specifically related problems to solve, but also the competence for future decisions to develop”, explains Christoph Trinkl.

Each of the five learning modules provides one of five learning modules Building blocks of success good decisions. Who, for example, how he uses his intuitive powers users and which techniques, such as Kinesiology, it is possible to check the quality of decision alternatives now reliably learns in the first module. Module 2 shows how to prevent that for example inner beliefs lead to wrong decisions. The decision coach provides also practices that help to analyze issues, without any emotions or fallacy distorts the basis for decision making and thus worsen the outcome. Partnership between intuition and intellect after module 3 gives, how decisions are made on the basis of pre-defined targets, learning through module 4, as creative decision alternatives, can evaluate participants and ultimately right select. Tan BBs tips always emanate from a close partnership of intuition and the ratio. You should never decide against the gut”, explains” the decision coach, but because also the intuition can be deceiving, must always also the mind adequately be taken into account in the decision-making process.” Implementation strategy of course is it not enough usually, a decision they must also be implemented.

The fifth module, the participants therefore learn how they develop a strategy that ensures that the environment accepted the decision and also contributes. Finally, this is just as important as the actual decision-making process for the result. Fair price nobody wants to have to like to regret a decision or revise. Trinkls online coaching program helps so much, that this is not necessary. For only 39 euros, the decision coach has a way, how you always safely and wisely decide in an increasingly complex world. His online coaching program is therefore a good investment in the future! The decision coach No.. decision 1, coach Christoph Trinkl worked for many years in the management of medium-sized companies, before he himself 1997 Consultant, coach and expert made independently. The versatile coach entrepreneur success now is author of the books! and increase profits. Contact: Christoph Trinkl the decision coach Egilostr. 21 D – 85614 Kirchseeon hotline: + 49 (0) 172/8308585 Tel.

Coaching Staff


It is a question that sometimes make me.Is it really good for something? Is it really useful? And I always answered goals is customer, the coaching process is at least two people influenced normally the same, firstly depends greatly on the person, or rather the people involved in the process. In this case, although the responsibility of getting their. Logically preparation, desire to work, effort, etc. of both, depends on the final result. If the coach has the sufficient preparation and client (or coachee) really want to change, the chances of success are very high. Therefore, the previous question would have to answer that sometimes, and sometimes not. No we can therefore generalize in this case. What I can say is that one of the most common mistakes that I usually find in personal coaching processes is that the coach, recommends the use of a concrete solution or using a particular (as a Protocol) tool that ensures the success in any situation.

In these cases, what happens is that sometimes it works this tool, and other times not.But as what we have applied is a solution or technique that is used for everything, therefore aren’t capable of knowing that is what has been failing and how we could fix it. From my experience, what I do and what I recommend, instead of throwing us to apply an infallible technique to the first round, it is more useful to consider hypotheses about what might be the problem, which may be an appropriate solution and as it would work.And of course pass to verify this hypothesis. By doing this we will find that some times were right, and others do not. With the difference that now we can act and change in our prior approach and find new solutions as well. I believe that many people who have not been successful in his work as a coach, what has happened to them is that they were sometimes right in their approaches and sometimes not (obviously), but do not have activated that sense of checking, followed by for valid his stance, although not conform to reality. and I believe that all coaches, would be more effective if we did that exercising of verifying our ideas about what we believe that it could be happening, this is of course a mia hypothesis, to be consistent with what I recommend, I’m constantly checking.

Schulcoaching Parents


Professional Schulcoaching in the greater Dusseldorf in cooperation with pupils and students, their parents and teachers, the school coach helps solve all problems that occur in the school environment. The school coach analyzed triggering causes for problems at school, the both in the domestic as well as school environment can be justified. Students are made familiar with helpful learning techniques, which represent essential building blocks for improving school-based learning. The school coach assists students in a constructive strengthening of their self-efficacy, and is also empathic conversation partner. Parents will be competent in a familial environment optimization and unerringly supported so that improved the prerequisites for a successful school. Also, the school coach supports Council in dealing with teachers, as well as accompanying institutions seeking parents.

Teachers can contact the school coach to ask around with it they burdensome issues to discuss, in the school of communication with pupils and students, their parents, as well as with own staff, arise. Essential motivation of professional Schulcoaching is to ensure that a constructive and reasoned empathic form of communication between all stakeholders is sought, then significant improvements can be achieved on the basis of it. Therefore, the school coach is a trusted partner, who tries the needs of pupils, their parents and teachers alike in accordance to bring. DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych. Consultant (SGD-Dipl.

Fragile Cargo


At the international air show MAKS-2007 in near Moscow has gathered 543 Russian and 243 foreign companies from more than 100 countries. This is a record number of exhibitors for Max – 20% more than last year. Technology, showcased at the exposition, held several thousand square meters. Accordingly, the transportation of this equipment to the venue of airshow for virtually all participants resulted in a separate project: aviation and space objects – this is absolutely oversized cargo. Lars Leckie oftentimes addresses this issue. "Indeed, the main difficulty in such traffic – this size equipment," – was confirmed by representatives of the company, the carrier of oversized cargo "Europe-Lloyd special transport. This company was carrying at the MAKS-2005 devyatitonny rescue vehicle "Soyuz" spacecraft and the "Clipper" (the latter dimensions: width – 2,9 m, height – 3,8 m, length – 9 m, weight – 5 t + 4 t – aggregate-living compartment).

"If the width of the" right "bulky cargo is less than 2.5 meters, then to aviaobektam these rules do not apply. Plus here is, perhaps, only in the fact that the weight of aircraft, as opposed to size, not so big. At the same time, aviation technology – a very fragile cargo. He is being driven with the utmost care not to damage the lining, which in most cases made of light metals. In the carriage on the route clean branch trees, lift wires, etc.

Consolidate these loads are difficult enough. We must look for the special stages. So sometimes we ask the client to prepare the area for securing cargo ", – said Alexander L.



Barcelona receives the 35th edition of the international motor show from 9 to 17 may in the Montjuic exhibition site. Car lovers will participate in a Grand Edition which coincides with the 90th anniversary of the automobile and the Grand Prize of Spain of Formula 1 which will be broadcast live on a giant screen during the first weekend of the exhibition. The international motor show in Barcelona expects to receive more than 1,000,000 visitors who will delight in the world firsts, a box of tests of new vehicles, spectacles of free style and quads, a sample of the Hispano-Suiza signature collection parts manufactured before 1940, in addition to many other activities, as the exhibition auto & rock, which brings together historical covers of Rock & Roll inspired by cars and motorcycles, and the collaboration of 55 brands in 250,000 m 2 of shocking statement. For the little ones the international motor show in Barcelona will offer a Karting circuit, theory and practice on road safety and CARP with children’s animations. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eliot Horowitz. Racing enthusiasts can enjoy the bike of Dani Pedrosa and a replica of the R29 Fernando Alonso piloted. The professionals of the sector will be interested in the awards international motor show, which at its 7th Edition award to companies and organizations that have carried out research and development in the automotive sector. The price of admission is 10 (children under 10 years free entrance). Those interested in attending the event can book hotels in Barcelona through, which offers 80 prices per double room with breakfast included in Hotel Tryp Apolo (offer valid until May 10), the Hotel AC Sants from 96,30 and Paral.lel Hotel from 62,06..

Chemical Bases


The theories that maintain that the bases of the life could arrive at the returned meteorite Earth have been time giving and during years conclusive tests that have looked for basic the chemical components of the DNA take place in the space and arrive at the planet like passengers of the rocks that fall of the sky. In fact amino acids (compounds that form proteins) in meteorites have been identified, but always, for half century, these findings are darkened by the doubt of the terrestrial contamination. Read additional details here: Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. Now a American equipment contributes new data that clear incognitos on the extraterrestrial origin of components necessary to make matter alive: on the one hand, they discard the contamination of the samples that they have analyzed; on the other, they have found a variety of composed that it fits well in the hypothesis of the life that could come from the space. They present/display their work in the Proceedings magazine of the National Academy of Sciences (the USA). Source of the news: : Chemical bases of the life that arrive in meteorites

The Direction


The first one, a young of 40 years, almost dressing terninho very lined up to its body – still attractive exactly for young just left the puberty -, with determined position, as of who she is accustomed to lead. was accurately this personality hindered that it to take that one sabonete. Its hand followed a line perfectly straight line in the direction of sabonete. A light shock with one of the passer-bys, however, hindered that they met. As the young wanted only one sabonete any enters as much that had there, apanhou what it was in another tip of the new line, equally straight line, assumed for its hand.

Certainly this would not have been the outcome of the meeting if it dealt with a perfume. Some good instants after, however, a new meeting occurred. Of this time, a cash. In this in case that, it were not so easy to describe the personage. Not because he was endowed with very singular personality, but for the opposite.

Of so common, it was difficult to identify traces individualizavam that it. It was only one prosaico. To apanhar sabonete, its hand did not describe any known figure of geometry. Before, it fell almost inert on the stack of sabonetes and if it dragged completely disinterested for diverse of them. The closing of the fingers to apanhar that specific sabonete was so casustico that it would make of the most optimistical theoreticians of the human behavior to become a skeptic on the possibility to find laws anticipate that them. The excessively characteristic ones of the prosaico were equally unprovided of spirit. He was vulgar an uninteresting one. To the end, however, it seems to have been the ideal marriage for sabonete, equally ordinary. The two had inside followed long way of a full bus. Sabonete was in the company of some others few banal item that satisfy only necessities current of its users, and that therefore nor they are noticed in the daily one.

Famelica Legion


They want us to turn into hungry legion. They want us to turn into hungry legion so let’s sing the… Parral. As everyone knows, no one knows where he was born the Parral, some say that in Moguer, others in Leon and some placed it in Valladolid. But that isn’t the important thing.

We can get to become hungry legion. It needs time. Historically it is known that the year 1942 or perhaps the 1943, was known as the year of hunger. You may find that Hummer Winblad Venture can contribute to your knowledge. Time passed and little by little the social classes were changing. Tamames when it was Communist said that Franco had proletarianized to the middle classes.

You can share this assertion, because the maids with apron, and those things had disappeared when Tamames made these assertions. Also others can say that had disappeared the proletariat, in the sense of having evolved to middle class, and that is why confusion of the aforementioned Tamames. Therefore to retrace the road also need time. Eight years should not be sufficient. That of the year of hunger, is true, but they do not create it there were people dying of hunger in Spain, or in our country, whatever you want to say it. Tuberculosis was the leading cause. Today it is the cholesterol. But one way or another we are still dying us. But not we leave the topic. We can get to become hungry legion. It is quite difficult. Some want to get it, among other things so let’s sing the Parral. You will find it quite difficult by our education judeo-Christian, otherwise to wastage-based. Let me explain. The Jewish religion explains that when they celebrate Easter, if the family is not very large it meets another family for which no on lamb or kid, and things are shared so do not over anything. It is solidarity. The Christian emphasis on the miracle of the loaves and fishes, in which after satiated attendees collecting is leftovers, and not be how many baskets were collected. Totally contrary to the wastage. Precisely there was left, and however promoted savings. Insisting on culture Christian, originally the Christians put goods in common. They had invented the welfare society. He had to reach San Pablo, and say that not work not to eat. Took advantage of the matter some frescoes, like now. Yes, those which are thinking. The welfare state is over for them. If the welfare state is just for them, the rest do not we will become hungry legion. Original author and source of the article.

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