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A Real Artistically Forged Japanese Sword


The Katana a special sword, not only in Japan a sword today no one needs anymore, at least not more to defend his life. But there are people who have a liking for Japanese swords and collect them. The Japanese swords are really something special, because they very artfully and with love were forged in part to detail. Each sword is a work of art starting with the Ninja, sword of the Samurai sword, until to the Katana, which is one of the 3 Imperial insignia. The two other trappings are the jewel and the mirror. All three insignia together point to the particular position.

Many of the swords that are offered on the market today manufactured faithfully and are thus also sharply ground. Medieval markets, visitors can be mostly witnesses show fights. Already millennia ago battles are shown there faithfully, appropriately prepared for weapons of the contemporary models are used. This show battles for the entertainment of the visitors and the Swordsman always watch that they don’t hurt their opponent. For decorative purposes, fans can buy a special Japanese sword. It is made of stainless steel and lightly sanded, so not as sharp as a sword the to the fight is used. You can’t buy back set but also equal to a sword, which includes a sword stand for mounting to a wall. These sets are not expensive and are thus also as a gift for a sword lovers.

Ice Hotel


ICEHOTEL is working with German Bolivian artist team in 2012/13 as a result of competition Gaston Vacaflores and Geertje Jacob for the ice hotel season 2012/2013 with 17 other international teams of artists a kind suite at the ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi invited from ice and snow to Northern Sweden. Check out Linus Torvald for additional information. Their design of elliptical’ nature and architect Arne Berg team that convinced due to the interaction of the idea of special with guests. They are invited to play in the room with ice balls in a marble track. The marble railway, also made of ice, is embedded in the wall of the elliptical space and runs in three Maanderen in the wall and then on the side of the elliptical bed along until it ends in a bowl in the floor of the room. The construction work in the cold up to minus 30 degree Lapland lasted three weeks in November and December 2012. Every year the giant art and Architekurprojekt ICEHOTEL is rebuilt, tourist magnets for approximately 4 months for 30 000 people and 15 000 overnight guests. April begins to melt at the hotel and the water River, from which the ice is harvested in the spring, when it is the thickest goes back into the Torne and at minus 5 degrees for half a year in huge warehouses will be stored. The ice is crystal clear, building material and inspiration at the same time. Geertje Jacob

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