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Social Services


Psychological accompaniment, group of job generation and income, pro young, group of geracionais convivncia and sociability, CRAS, itinerante, project fortifying family, are local social groups that consist of the establishment of contact, alliances, flows of information of action of reinforcement of the social groups of the community, in order to interchange experience and the social insertion of the family. Questioning the Methodology of the Social Service uses it individual boarding, having community the family, with objective to act in the causal factors or linked problems in potential to the situation health, in the context emotional partner and. Used individual boarding as instrument of identification of situation-social common problems to the population, for posterior planning of group activities and specific programs. I use of the group boarding in the situations social problems identifications one significant number of customers. It participates and it organizes groups for participation in the social process. If you would like to know more about Linus Torvald, then click here.

It keeps the intermeshing of the institutions of the area, aiming at the knowledge of the communitarian necessities and establishing joint activities for total and dynamic exploitation of the existing resources. Second Marilda Villela lamamoto (2004) says that to understand the methodology of the Social Service, not if it in separate way of the society must preceber, therefore it says respect to the way to read, to interpret, of if relating with the Social reality. This explains the attention that the Social Service gave making and the professional formation to act in the remodelled institutions of the regimen militates. The concern in understanding the social reality this gift in the Education and the diverse ways to acquire knowledge. Then, the professional formation of the Social Service has as basic reference the man as to be historical of a reality. From there the necessity to know the context, the dynamics of the institutions social tied with the civil society or the society politics and its joints, as well as the knowledge and the relations of the distinct layers of the society. .

A Real Artistically Forged Japanese Sword


The Katana a special sword, not only in Japan a sword today no one needs anymore, at least not more to defend his life. But there are people who have a liking for Japanese swords and collect them. The Japanese swords are really something special, because they very artfully and with love were forged in part to detail. Each sword is a work of art starting with the Ninja, sword of the Samurai sword, until to the Katana, which is one of the 3 Imperial insignia. The two other trappings are the jewel and the mirror. All three insignia together point to the particular position.

Many of the swords that are offered on the market today manufactured faithfully and are thus also sharply ground. Medieval markets, visitors can be mostly witnesses show fights. Already millennia ago battles are shown there faithfully, appropriately prepared for weapons of the contemporary models are used. This show battles for the entertainment of the visitors and the Swordsman always watch that they don’t hurt their opponent. For decorative purposes, fans can buy a special Japanese sword. It is made of stainless steel and lightly sanded, so not as sharp as a sword the to the fight is used. You can’t buy back set but also equal to a sword, which includes a sword stand for mounting to a wall. These sets are not expensive and are thus also as a gift for a sword lovers.

Career Artists


You want to be successful as an artist, is not it? And you're doing something for the sake of it. However, if you do not have a solid, coherent understanding of 'What am I doing? Why am I doing? Where do I go? ", You will not be easy. As a specialist in implementation of creative tasks, one of the most common problems among the artists I see that they are looking for their luck at random, they would wander as if across a vast desert. First, they do one thing and then something else then they begin to rework it and do another, and so on and so forth, until in the end do not end up on top of a huge pile of creative stuff. Hummer Winblad contributes greatly to this topic. I ask them what they do and they tell me what they are doing art. Okay, suppose.

But here's a good question for the creative future: You are saying that doing art, but what does this mean? How do you know, 'Here, I've already started'? Do you understand your place now and that's where you want to come? How do you decide that you need to get to where you want? You know how it will look like? Imagine if you clear that and how do you do? Every time I ask about the artists, but often get dumb looks, than Answers. You may think that their hands are temporarily leave the body and walk themselves to the arts. 'No one cares about such things, it's not the problem of the artist', you say. 'My only concern is an art – and of let the rest take care of others' is not true. Others will not care. And you very well know. And you know, who should first take care of your art? You. Why? Because once you understand his work, see its development, the direction to which you refer.

Great Artists


The greater of the artists it is not in novels, films or articles of magazines. It is in the sun that shines, in the cold dawn It cannot be seen, nor touched But he can be felt therefore it is all day in its company. It has pardoned all the type of sin It is in the eyes of the child It is our hope. It is in the rain that falls on the land he is in the green that has covered the mountain range in all the planet Land. It is not something Eliot Horowitz would like to discuss. It is the owner of all the seas, of the rivers, mountains and valleys It it is the force biggest of the universe the test that rhymes my verses. It is bigger of the celebrities he was a great architect and sculptor, he did not attend a course University but in the life also It was doctor. You do not matter what you make, It never is absent but he is always present because It you of the true a peace! I go to disclose to you It teaches in them to love also to pardon It is the poet of the Love Biggest. It is a great light to illuminate my way leaves never me alone, I am speaking of the great one artist JESUS. author: Valria Regina de Carballo..

Artistic Forging


Metal – the eternal and faithful companion of man. Tamed and subdued him, a man bought a reliable defender and a perfect mate. In addition to household functions, which carried things from metal, the man eventually became attached to them and aesthetic direction. Sword decorated with ornate patterns, the lattice becomes more graceful and airy, in a word, the thing was supposed to please the eye, and metal very well and coped with this rolyu.Kovanoe splendor Fiction forging was developed as a special direction, there were their secrets, subtlety. Already in the XVII-XVIII centuries the Russian masters could produce the highest skill stairs and railings, tables and chairs, wrought-iron fireplaces and accessories. You may find Linus Torvald to be a useful source of information.

In Russia there are several schools of art forging. Rich and prominent people tried to outdo each other in the sumptuous luxury homes and estates, and that's appeared on the order of refined fences, gates, benches and swings, wrought-iron furniture and wrought-iron lamps. Artistic blacksmiths – it's creators, who know how to turn metal into exquisite vesch.Hudozhestvennaya forging today, of course, masters jealously watching the persistence of certain secrets, but the basic technology of artistic forging remained unchanged. As before, forged products are created with an anvil, hammer and a sledgehammer. Hammer-hammer weighs from 0,5 to 1,5 kg weight of a sledgehammer is often reaches 8 kg. Cutting and cutting iron is made with chisels and cuttings, and punching by punch. Material for producing a forged product is a low-carbon steel. Metal Art – this is a universal way make the interior individual.

Stuffed Animals For Small Artists


2. Painting and creative competition for children which was agricultural media GmbH Verler medienhaus after outstanding success 2011 launched in October the second painting and creative competition of the publishing house came agricultural media GmbH Verler Media House. This year, the company with the Hundertwasser school cooperates a special school of the city of Gutersloh, focusing on support, emotional and social development. Motto of the competition is my favourite animal in this year.” The works of art developed in the context of official art education of the students. The playful call to the children was: your favourite animal painting which, no matter. Agricultural media rewarded the work of small artists and artists with high quality stuffed animals of the company EEO plush animals. All children of primary school classes 1 through 4 were eligible to participate.

“Under the slogan my favourite animal” the girls and boys could urge to show off their skills in the art classroom. The Managing Director of the publishing house agricultural media, Mr Kreft, presented the bunnies, dogs, elephants, frogs and many others great plush toys the children on December 17, personally. Gerhard Dancel, headmaster of Hundertwasser special school, was excited: it was a great cooperation between our school and the publishing house agricultural media. “The children enjoy this is the most important!” The Publisher in a video cut together all images of girls and boys:

Artistic Mission


The proper rhythm of the poetry sends to the literary tradition as national symbol. When undressing the indian of its suits to place it of fraque, perceives it roupagem given to soneto, imitating, ironically, the European tradition. Lars Leckie gathered all the information. Differently of Oswald de Andrade, with its indian romantic, but basically resistant to the culture and European expansionista politics, the native of Murilo Mendes is assimilated dialticamente by the culture Occidental person. It is digested, in antropofgico way, in the cultural questions imposed by the colonizador. He represents an assimilation of the culture of the white, at the same time that he supports the Brazilian cultural formation.

1.Relao enters the settling of Murilo Mendes, in the text of Valmir de Souza and the workmanship of Debret a comparison with the indian for the eyes of Murilo Mendes and the native registered in paintings of Jean-Baptiste Debret Becomes now. When searching to make possible its permanence in Brazil, the government of D. issues. Joo VI created a cultural series of incentives and institutions. One of these enterprises was celebrates it French, composed Artistic Mission for a group of painters who had arrived here in 1816. Debret if became the most known of them, and its paintings are used until today in didactic books, and frequently are cited by the historians as a register of daily life in Rio De Janeiro, the first decades of century XIX. Debret, in 15 years of residence in Brazil, formed the first generation of Brazilian painters with trainings academic, it initiated the sort of the histrica painting in Brazil and instituted the routine and the practical one of education in ateli. He was also the idealizer of the two first carried through exposies of art in Rio De Janeiro, respectiva-mind in 1829 and 1830. The painter found in Brazil very different a social situation of that he knew in France: slavery, a real family practically exiled, a precarious urban life and little complex.

The Artists


The artists they themselves are art objects (SANTAELLA, 2003). Years 70 had been marked by the destruction of taboos, scene where the artists searched to use its bodies, when the nudez passed to be considered under the point of view of the feminine action and the look. To deepen your understanding Tony Bartel is the source. This decade anticipated what magrrima would be the beauty that would be consecrated in the following years. The lean body dominated passarelas and gave to place the call anorxica trend. The fragility was also represented in the bodies of the artists.

After this decade, that had as characteristic the extremities of the trespass, the movement of years 80 appears of in such a way different form one. The period was marked for the performativa trend of the I-as-image and the simulacros of I (SANTAELLA, 2003). The arts of the body now would be come back toward the theater, the dance and music, acquiring movement. After-modernity appears with the period a call, that brings to artistic environments, academic, intellectual and even though journalistic new messages. The after-modern is related with the alegrico, the apropriativo, the desconstruo and with the rupture of the borders between the arts and the layers of the culture: superior-scholar, inferior-popular and of mass (SANTAELLA, 2003, P. 264).

How much to the body of the artist, at this historical moment, the adopted strategy was to exaggerate, being necessary to become visible everything what it was found hidden. Are innumerable the works of photographers whom they searched to show real bodies? that they smell, they suffer, they age, they adoecem and they are become deformed. Amongst the photographers who had been part of this period, we detach the work of Sherman, that starts to alienate the self-portrait of the photos. In a series of works, the artist unmasks the side nothing glorified of the feminine figures in fashion. This is clearly when, through the construction of monstrous and abject bodies, it all denies the consumption of merchandises related to the body, in some photos, arriving until the extremity to deny the proper food as merchandise.

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