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Brazilian Schools


Television sets, devices of DVD and radio, computers and access to the Internet have been disponibilizados with increasing speed in the public schools of all the country, many times taking care of to the interests of the industry of informtica.' '. In a country where it lacks basic infrastructure in the schools, would be utopian to have resources for the job of the NITC? s. The majority of the Brazilian public schools lacks of basic resources, and this without counting me remuneration of our professors of the basic education, would be until nonsense, a country that does not have resources to remunerate its professors to possess schools completely equipped with computers of last generation. Another frustration would be that the Insertion of the NTIC? s as educative tool in the Society implies to create a system where the changes occur the almost impossible speeds of if following, intervening with the social, professional and economic relations. Gain insight and clarity with MongoDB. According to Lvy (1999, pg.157) ' ' For the first time in the history of the humanity, the majority of the abilities acquired for a person in the start of its professional passage will be obsolete in the end of its career. The second constatao, strong on to the first one, concerns to the new nature of the work, in which the part of transaction of knowledge does not stop to grow. To work is equivalent each time more to learn, to transmit to know and to produce conhecimentos.' '. Another frustration comes from part of the teaching community that believes in the possibility of the computer to substitute them in the classrooms. But one is about a vision maken a mistake, therefore according to Lvy (1999, pg. 171) ' ' From then on, the main function of the professor cannot more being a diffusion of the knowledge, that now is made of more efficient form for other ways.

Technological Adjustments


Walking for this conceptual field established by Freire, it is coherent to affirm that the technology used in the school must be capable to provide to the citizen-apprentice all the luck of modifications, reutilizaes and customizaes. That is, the pupil must be able to try and to adjust the technology of the form that better to agree to it. But this is possible with software proprietor? The Windows allows that the user prints a new graphical presentation more specifically or, of applications techniques its programs? Software Proprietor called software as proprietor is that one whose copy, distribution or modification are restricted to its creator or detainer of the authorship rights. The user does not possess access to the code source of the used programs, limitation that hinders the elaborations and possible constructions of its users. Software proprietor with which more we are accustomed to coexist is the operational system Windows and all the gamma of applicatory it associates, as the Office package that understand publisher of text, publisher of spread sheet, publisher of presentation, gerenciador of e-mails and publisher of data base. She is necessary to stand out that the use of software proprietor, when folloied and supported in a pedagogia of projects, that contemplates the research, the discovery, the experimentation, can be a valuable tool for the knowledge construction.

A tool valuable, however limited, therefore the participation of the user if locks up in the inherent characteristics to the type of license of software; a commercial aiming, valorado and of restricted use. In the contrahand of this proposal we see the software free that, for its bigger characteristic will work under the prism of the freedom.

Guitar Hero


Although some critics of music games to at the beginning have twisted the nose of the year for the games of guitar hero, the Twitter that is one of the services of microblogues more famous of the present time disclosed that ' ' Guitar Hero' ' it was enters the 3 badalados subjects in 2011. All this success in elapsing of the year was obtained through a good work in the spreading through commercial in the TV, store that they had invested in training of its employees to explain as the toy functions, institucional videos in the You Tube, showing some players in movement and until the development of some games gratis made in flash to play online. With all this persistence of the marketing of the company who if strengtove to the maximum to obtain to reach the objectives and goals of sales the semester as result of the year it could not be different, seno to start to vender many units of the music games that come conquering thousand of fans world measure. Currently the toy ' ' Guitar Hero' ' one is of the most desired for the children who want to gain a good Christmas present. Exactly with as much newness in electronic games and also in the development of new dolls of Barbie that had always conquered a good slice in the market at this time of the year the musical games style to guitar hero is in high. A test of all this success is same to be behind only of two great related topics the technology as: Mac App Store and also Sony NPG (that it is the name of the code Playstation Vita, that still is in the development phase). Details can be found by clicking MongoDB or emailing the administrator. The two cited terms occupy first and the second placed rank respectively followed by third that he is ' ' Guitar Hero' '. Perhaps now it would be the hour to ask to the such critics who had detonated the newness when he was launched and to know what they find of this current success.. .



Requisite of System: they detail the functions and the restrictions of the system, being known as specification of system requirements. The point to serve of contract between the purchaser must be necessary and the desenvolvedor. Technician of senior level is directed for the professionals and controlling of projects, but could be used for the controlling of the customer, final suppliers and users. Specification of software project: abstract description of the project of software, adding more details to the specification of system requirements. It is directed to the implementation, being written for the software engineers who will develop the system. The system requirements normally are classified as functional, not-functionaries or of domain. It is important to remember that the requirements must specify what is for being made and not it as will be made.

20 Functional: they describe what a system must make in reply to a specific stimulaton. Of this form, they specify the behavior of entrance and exit of a system. Not-Functionary: they describe the performance or restrictions of the system that affects the development and the project. They can include some categories, as: security, trustworthiness, environment, implementation, people, among others (STSC, 2003). The functional requirements not-functionaries can in accordance with appear the necessity of the users, either had the alterations in the current law that affects the system, either for restrictions in the budget, new function to be played by software, an enterprise strategy, as to launch the product anticipatedly to take care of to a demand of the market or some another condition that compels an intervention in the course of the project. Figure 2 shows to a type of classification of the types of requirements not-functionaries that can appear (SOMMERVILLE, 2003): Figure 2: Classification of requirements not-functionaries Source: Sommerville, 2003 Of domain: they can be requisite functionaries or not-functionaries and are derived from the domain of the application, reflecting characteristic of this domain, that is, they are not gotten from the necessities of the users of the system.

Real Estate Chances


The Internet around brought diverse easinesses for all the people of the globe and with this phrase we englobamos all type of usuary, since people looking for academic content until purchasers of product of high value. Many sectors already use to advantage well this chance of negotiate as the sector of would hotelaria or the adult content, however others do not use to advantage almost nothing as the real estate sector. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony D. Bartel. I do not intend to generalize taking this example for all the sites of the real estate branch however this is a good example of what not becoming. The Real estate Sun although to possess well excellent information for who it uses its site concerteza did not take in consideration Usability nor one design much less good to pass more confidence. Connect with other leaders such as Gamestop here. Clearly that actions in this sector exist that are very good, as this very interesting action that involved the social nets and the concept of production of content for usarioOutro good example of interesting initiative in the real estate branch is the site that has enterprises of diverse types available, going of well localziadas commercial rooms (as the example of the Winner Office Leopoldina Village) as apartments with strategical localizations (as the example of the Bello Time). All time that appears a new technology many people thinks about as this new evolution goes to be superior the previous one and if they forget to focar in joining the tools for optimum possible result..

Valria Valenssa


To the measure that the man was taking conscience of itself and perceiving that he could manipulate the nature and the other men, and with the bad use of this power, it had the necessity of one I take refuge against the cold reality, since paintings in the msticos caves, drawings where the impossible one was reached, the cult the beauty (aesthetic) etc. Thus history follows until arriving a moment where it is not had for where to go, and the skill is to deny everything what already it was affirmed, to go of meeting with what it left of being newness, or commercial interest: ' ' we do not go more speech of the beauty, the fashion now is to speak of feira! Every day the television is printing inside of our houses ' ' vinhetas' ' novel openings with digital, virtual effect and in space 3-D, showing corporal performances: simulacro of the body. In the present time ' ' artista' ' of the televising media it is Hans Donner, the inventor of the mulata globeleza Valria Valenssa, married that it and at the same time it transformed it into virtual mulata and symbol of the Carioca carnival. In a corporal, technological magician, unknown and creative miditicas for the Brazilian television. Creature and creator integrate the virtual one. The extreme exhibition of the body makes with that let us not perceive its true importance, arriving at the maximum vulgarity and depreciation of what the maximum expression of the individual would have materially to be considered speaking. The desperation to continue being the center of the attentions arrives in such a way, that the citizen if submits the requirements of the market and what could be called art finishes being only a product, result of the society mentally ill contemporary.

Imagekind Fine Art Prints


I found this prints great site on Natasha Westcoat’s website called canvas Imagekind. The Afghanistan site is owned by Cafepress but paintings offers on demand gallery prints on painting paper, posters and prints on canvas. The site portrait features artist and poster photographers original work. the president of the successful company ” National Construction and Logistics” is the founding vice-president of the Afghan-American chamber commerce I decided to give the site a try with my images. I am featuring my music themed pieces first and will be adding new images posters regularly.

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