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Rio Community


RESULTS Arriving at Buritis we find sufficiently receptive and interested people in collaborating with the research, and immediately already we can prove that she was about a devoid community with very humble people. After the analysis of the data we arrive at the following results: O individual with lesser degree of escolaridade has more children and is the ones that more use and believe the effectiveness of ‘ ‘ garrafadas’ ‘ simpatias. Grandes parts of the illiterates still look healers, quacks or the somebody oldest thing when they are sick. Indivduos with bigger degree of escolaridade tend look the hospital to it when they are sick. it Observou two unamimity; of that the procedures technician carried through by doctors and nurses help very in the treatment of the illnesses, and that the medical attendance to the inhabitants of the community are insufficient. In the Buritis we also notice one strong trend the self-medication, a great one I number of interviewed disclosed that it looks pharmacies in the headquarters of the city of Barriers when they are sick. In this community the culture does not exist to look for health rank, only makes it when it has a consultation marked previously for the Communitarian Agent of Health.

CONCLUSION In the distance enters the community of the Buritis and the headquarters of the city of Barriers, take the inhabitants of this community to search other ways/alternative methods for the treatment of the illness. However, the low level of escolaridade is the factor that more influences in the search for crendices and superstitions. The intervention culture is something marcante in the life them citizens it Buritis, does not exist search just in case, the concern alone appears when the illness already was installed. Being thus, the hypothesis she was proven, it was that the lack of knowledge and the transmitted culture of a generation to other really contribute so that well-taken care of empiricists are adopted.

Valencian Community


The temperatures undergo a remarkable reduction. In some zones of the North plateau it will be an extraordinary bassoon. As of Thursday the temperatures will return to raise. This Wednesday that the temperatures undergo a remarkable reduction, locally extraordinary, in points of the North plateau, high Ebro and Aragon, according to the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet). This truce of the heat will not last much, because the forecast as of Thursday, indicates that the temperatures will return to present/display ascents. Cloud intervals of diurnal evolution in zones of mountain of peninsular Eastern half with weak or locally moderate showers or storms during afternoon in the Pyrenees and the mountain ranges of the interior of the Valencian Community. It is possible that they also affect to dispersed points of La Mancha and the systems Iberian, Central and mountain ranges of the interior of Murcia and Eastern Andalusia. In the peninsular North end, the skies will be cloudy to very cloudy, with weak precipitations in the Cantabrian communities that will send in the evening.

Little cloudy in the rest of Peninsula and in the Balearics. In the cloudy Canary Islands in the north of the islands. Principles in remarkable, locally extraordinary reduction, in points of the North plateau, high Ebro and Aragon and in slight reduction to moderate in the rest of peninsular North half, zone center and the Balearics. Few changes in the rest. Wind of North, moderate or strong component in the coast of Galicia and the Canary Islands and of the northwest in Gerona and valley of the Ebro; moderate in Cantabrian and North of the Balearics and the loose one in the rest. Source of the news: The heat gives a momentary truce before returning

European Community


But I think we have reached the bottom of a deep well that strangles us too, to keep trying to get out of a l every day of our lives, “Slowly, the children went to NDOS echo the advice of their parents. Several of the parents of his friends had to file bankruptcy habaan and others habaan out of work, so that habaan found it necessary to return to the home of his parents for not keeping his own. His own friends advised him to leave, to see how his parents were suffering without attempting to form a new start abroad. Some of his friends, whose parents tenaan dual nationality, and if a sta pertenecaa the European Community, habaan gone to Europe, usually Espaa a, without work and without the help they receive in Israel.

All of these examples, helped enough to understand the need to migrate and made less painful departure. When your children habaan accepted the idea, Ruth and Isaac put everything on sale. Many things, consisting of household furniture, equipment of music, the furniture of both clinics and all instruments ma dico, with much effort, habaan accumulated such aa os, the sell off, but with it, managed to pay passages of the four things of great value had to leave in the hands of lawyer friends, who gave him the power to sell when they found the buyer, such as home and car. His in-laws did the same and well it was like they all left in the same plane, be obliged to start a new life..

Valencian Community


To have tried and to have obtained at this point that the Corts approves, with emergency character, a proposal ” on the symbols and the identity of the Valenciana” Community; it seems a return the past to when not an obvious attempt of distraction on other more fixed subjects. The certain thing is that this was what the past did Wednesday, nonfree of solemnity and forcefulness, the vice-secretary of the PP, David Serra. It offered it to the opportunity, once again, the stupidity of some politicians of the Principality with his appellant and tedious reference to the Pasos Catalans. Its immediate consequence: a wink of the Popular Party to the valencianistas sectors like saying to them that here the unique one defend that them is he and that, however, the Pad of Enric Morera only represents a folkloric leftism antan and. All this happens at the moment at which Mariano Rajoy is pleading for the thinning of the three Administrations of the State for example, and due to expensive previous expenses, ten independent communities need now urgently 30,000 million with which to do in front of its creditors. In this serious context, the one that the people of Francisco Camps dig up identitarias questions does not have to be, indeed, which makes the national leader happier of the PP.

Another case of the same tenor, and that diminishes with effectiveness the spokeswoman of the Consell, Paula Sanchez of Leon, is the one of a possible statutory modification by means of the famous Camps clause. With that subject she promises to be herself sometimes although their protagonists know well that she does not go in serious. Nevertheless, some consellers, like Castilian Serafn defend, it through thick and thin: ” We must armor the financing in proportion to our number of habitantes”. But has not resorted the PP that type of dispositions in other for being indeed unconstitutional statutes? ” Yes, but although they are it, if Catalonia and Andalusia have similar articles, we we cannot be menos”. Since well. In that race towards no part everybody participates. Another example: the one of the Expo of Shanghai just closed.

Well he is the one that the Spanish Government has been spent grazes and who ninot of Isabel Coixet has constituted an excellent reclamation of our country, our technology and our companies. But, why they have traveled until there of cap, at the expense of our taxes, almost all the presidents autonomic, hundreds of positions public, advisers, councilmen, journalists and paniaguados several? One assumes that many of them have been going to sell the image of their respective community, thus helping to a mess of symbols that, instead of to reinforce the trade name of Spain, contributes to guirigay created by autonomic embassies and regional exporting beings that finish contradicting an a others. For that reason, discussing at this point on identitarias signs seems plus a loss of time that an enlightening advance. Something of that happened to him to Jorge Alarte in the congress in which it left chosen and where, to its grief, its party continued boasting of itself of being of the Valenci Country. Instead of to make of it a casus belli, the secretary of PSPV-PSOE is limited since then to mention the term of Valencian Community whenever it can. Thus, died the dog, the rage finished.

Communitarian Action


Thus, for a few seconds, the author it is left to surprise in scene. It is in this point that propagates its opinion being able on them public defining them as ‘ ‘ latecomers, trpegos and incapable to restore justice in the land, for satisfaction of cu.’ ‘ The implicit optics in the text conota prophecy not in the mstico direction, but because it is adjusted perfectly to any time when observes the dialectic between dominant/dominated. The impression that we have is that Axe wants to portray the climate politician of Brazil of the time of the abolition. However, according to Domcio Proena Son, literary critic, the ficcional workmanship of Axe of Assis is not configured as an explicit mirror of Brazil, but as ‘ ‘ fruit of what it thinks on the reality and not of what it observes of this realidade.’ ‘ 9. Of any form, the possibility of the implicit optics of the author is not discarded to guarantee permanence and the present time of the multissignificativos contents and to evidence certain characteristics of our psiquismo stops approaching in them to other human beings to perceive the equivalence of acts and facts to the long one or in any time. .

San Sebastian Film Festival


It is often possible to submit different types of events worldwide recognition, in which there is an influx of people not only important in their own localities but around the world, as with the international film festival of San Sebastian, held annually on Spanish territory in late September, which seeks primarily to present different Spanish films and speaking countries, in addition to make room for new characters who seek to stand out in the seventh art, encouraging the discovery of new talents in the world of cinema. This international film festival, gutter with the characteristic of being the largest category, ie grade A, in which competition takes place unskilled, the festival also is accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. The completion of the San Sebastian festival takes place since 1953 in the city of San Sebastian Basque territory belonging to well over time, this meeting film has become one of the fastest time in the history of Europe, to which is added as one of the most prestigious, which is complemented by the fact that it is one of the events and major cultural impact on Spain. Some of the most important events that have passed through the festival of San Sebastian, it is worth noting the world premiere of Alfred Hitchcock film "North by Northwest" and "Melinda and Melinda Woody Allen, plus a good number of European-level releases of films like Star Wars saga, Batman, The Legend of Zorro. The completion of the event in San Sebastian festival takes place at different locations that have served as the venue for meetings and offices for the organization are located in Vitoria Eugenia Theatre, where they perform all the steps and preparations for the completion of the event next time, and as regards the cinema screens, are distributed in different parts of the city, among which are: Conference and Kursaal auditorium in which the films are shown in the official section, in addition to various galas as is the opening, closing and delivery of prizes.

Victoria Eugenia Theatre and the Teatro Principal accommodate different types of projections and the passage of international film stars. Prince Cinemas project in which various documentaries, press passes and other films open to the general public. Among the many official awards given at the stage of the tournament award at San Sebastian festival include: The gold shell is given to the best film in the official section. Avocado Shell for Best Director (a). The Silver Shell for best actress and actor Jury Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay.

The Underworld


Ps. Alexis Fernando Jimenez The idea was born to Hector Fabio an evening in which, sitting in a chair in the Plaza de Caicedo, enjoying the cool breeze from the cliffs of Cali. “What do children and youth to get involved in the underworld of the streets?” He asked again and again until that moment in which – as in the cartoons – he felt it caught the light bulb he did think: “Sure … the solution has always been there!” to – then – conceived the dream of creating a school of circus acts to encourage them to occupy their time on other things. Starting was not easy. On the one hand, few believed that through art could save a youth involved in drugs and theft. In addition, the project was unlikely that all those who asked for support, he closed the doors with the vague promise of “Another time …” Today his dream is a reality. A dozen boys and girls are the first graduates.

Now they are jugglers, mimes, clowns, magicians and acrobats. Received his training in colorful carp that rises north of the city in an area as big as their aspirations. If you ask how you did, answer, with that smile that always accompanies and characterizes the optimistic: “God helped me always.” And you are absolutely right. His faith allowed him to see the emergence and strengthening of what is now known as Circus School “El Saman.” Who reach the goal? Only reach their goals, those who dream. And reach new rungs on the ladder to success, those who, holding hands of God, do not leave, despite the difficulties overcome. Without the Scriptures specify much about its origins, significance or when he had a personal encounter with God, we find a record about Jabez, a full-time dreamer. The Bible says “And Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, his mother named Jabez, saying, Because I bore him in pain. Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying: Oh, you would bless me and enlarge my territory, and if your hand be with me, and me from evil, not to harm me.

And God granted him what he requested “(1 Chronicles 4:9, 10). He thought and acted differently. Like those who have goals. They become stumbling blocks for those around them, the target of their jokes and critical or perhaps, the object of general indifference to the fact of going in the opposite direction. But God prospered his wishes. The same can be done today with your life … Do not stop dreaming big dreams … Do not miss this day Do not miss this day without having to live a new life. How? Receiving Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior. Say, “Lord Jesus, thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I receive your forgiveness. I invite you to come into my heart and make me the person You want me to be. Amen “If you took this decision, congratulations. Do not forget, today: 1 .- Make prayer a principle of life. Prayer is talking with God. 2 .- Read the Bible, a book learn wonderful wonderful principles that take you to the personal and spiritual growth.

Health And Turtles


Have you ever heard of a Testudo hermanni hermanni? No! Then you are right to be informed about it. A Testudo hermanni hermanni is a Greek land tortoise. . Turtle species on my website, you need to know what you need to know about tortoises. From general information on purchase, up to the position of a turtle.

Of course you can also read about our turtle babies and there are also many different images in our gallery to admire. An overview of diseases, I offer you also ongoing. Since I have not studied but veterinary medicine, it is always also a reptile veterinarian consulted. Do you live in an enclosure or in a terrarium in the house? Do they need much space? Everything on this issue, you can also check with us. Since turtles are protected, have exact rules are complied with, I present this as well. Legally you are looking for a turtle vet scheme or a Turtle breeder? Then take a look a look at us.

There you will find a list sorted by province – perhaps even one at you in the neighborhood? To see all cute, beautiful pictures of our turtles? Then you look at our website to find out where we have set up a gallery. A relatively new project is our animal web catalog. There, all Web sites about the deal with animals and thus make better advertising. A further animal animal Links directory, I can present you yet: the animal Webkatalog Thunder. A click is worth it. So, what are you waiting for?

Los Presidents


We comment on the building from where they commanded in Cuba for nearly 40 years before occurrence of the social revolution of 1959 and that as a very striking point within the urban spectrum habanero, it is impossible to go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone coming to the island for the first time. The magnificence of the building of the Museum of the Revolution today, with the glaring riquezaa of decorative elements in its facade is largely due to the evening competenciaa that ever existed in the first half of last century between the government and the national executive terms of functionality and aesthetic enhancement of its facilities. We talked in the previous work that the building began to be built to house the seat of city government and fuea by the whim of a First Lady of the Republic who became Government House in the nation. Asbert Ernesto was the name of the governor of the capital in the second decade of last century, to learn what it had been preparing as the executive mansion in the areas now occupied the National Capitol moved his chips to the building of the municipality of Havana looked at least not in the future. The architects should strive Asbert commissioned as the seat of national power it seemed to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Latin America. To give you an idea of what designers are facing, I show one of the projects proposed to erect the building to house the chief executive of the country and as I said had been settled on land now occupied by the Capitol, near Saratoga Hotel and the famous Partagas cigar factory.

Correa Celebrates Victory


With 51% of the votes in his favor, the current president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, secured a four-year second term. Exultant, in the midst of the celebration this follower of Hugo Chavez said he would not hold talks with the opposition because, he said, “that would betray the voters.” This is the first time since 1979, when democracy was established in Ecuador, it is not necessary to define a runoff election. With the elections and the victory of Correa also breaks a string of unfinished presidential term since the nineties. Until the arrival of the current president, Ecuador saw through Corondelet Palace (seat of the executive branch) to a dozen presidents in more than ten years. But not all joy for Correa, despite the political stability that this election could give the country. The desire of the President by the deepening of the “XXI century socialism,” to Chavez, will be a major obstacle at least until the end of this year.

It is the strong impact that the global crisis is having on the accounts of Ecuador. In February, the South American country recorded a trade balance deficit of $ s 217.7 million, becoming the sixth consecutive month showing a negative balance amid the global economic crisis. In that month, exports accounted for about 774.9 million dollars, while imports totaled U.S. $ 992.7 million. In the first two months of the year, the trade balance registered a deficit of $ 681 million against a surplus of $ 880 million in February 2008. In February 2008, these accounted for 1.055 million dollars. The Central Bank projected a trade deficit of U.S. $ 2,500 million for 2009.

In addition, the number of the holding and sale of oil, first and almost exclusive export product, are the not less difficult than the present. Oil exports in February showed a reduction in recording an income 292.9 billion compared to U.S. $ 337.6 million reported in January. Export revenues from oil and Petroecuador fell 28.9% in February to $ 199 million, compared with 256.6 million dollars in January, mainly by movements in oil prices in the international market . In volume, exports of Petroecuador also suffered a fall in the second month of the year, to settle at 212 750 barrels per day (bpd), up 11.4 percent from the previous month. The other major foreign exchange income, the remittances from their citizens emigrated to the United States and Europe also fell strongly. In 2008, remittances reached about 2.821 million dollars, 8.6% less than U.S. $ 3.088 million received in 2007. This is the first year of falling remittances. In previous periods these increased by 18.6 percent in 2006 and 5.5% in 2007. Furthermore, data from social reality does not leave much room for holding Correa. In the first quarter of 2009, the unemployment rate rose to 8.6% from 6.9% in same period in 2008. Last year unemployment was 7.3%. Similarly, underemployment stood at 51.9% versus 52.3% in the first quarter of 2008. The numbers are clear and warned that the party should re-election last long.

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