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Well Regulated Profession


Madrid, 13/10/09. When the city lies down many workers begin their labor day. A habit del that knows, and much, the sector of the pharmacy. And it is that many of these professionals have had to adapt, after the boom of the pharmacies 24 hours, to initiate his task when the night makes its appearance. Before this recent reality, Asefarma ( one of the Consultant’s offices of Pharmacies leaders of our country – it counts on 350 pharmacies like clients, advises to take care of certain habits so that the health of the druggists and their workers is suffered less possible. the phamacist does not save of the dangers of the work nocturne. In it generates who have turns at night undergo misalignments of their circadian rythm. In addition the insomnia, irritability, the anguish, the depression, the digestive upheavals, the panic attacks, the cardiovascular diseases, is other alterations that can suffer.

, as Eva explains Maria Illera Rodriguez, person in charge of the Labor Department. Since Asefarma has like customer to near 300 pharmacies in Madrid and to that it does not lose of view the medical studies that reveal that every 15 years of work nocturne a premature aging of 5 years takes place or that they advise against to work at night to minors of 20 and majors of 45 years, as well as for people with gastrointestinal ailments, it makes the following recommendations: the work nocturne in pharmacy is different from the one from the day since as much affluence of clients does not exist, and consists essentially of the prescription dispensation and works of management. Therefore he is advisable to distribute as far as possible the volume of work and to avoid in the heat of to do the heaviest work night or very early in the morning .



The possibility of becoming a lawyer in Spain to register as avvocato in Italy is commonly known by the future Italian lawyers as the spagnola. The process is based on the homologation in Spain of a title of Attorney at foreign law for later colegiar and have access to the exercise of the race in Italy. The reason behind this practice is to avoid durisimos requirements required in Italy for access to the profession of lawyer. This possibility is a consequence of the Spanish, Italian and European regulatory interaction that we explain below: in Spain access to the profession of lawyer is regulated by the General Statute of lawyers (Royal Decree n. 658 of 22 June 2001), where it is only required to become a lawyer be in possession of the diploma of Bachelor of law or the recognition of foreign qualifications which are comparable for this and colegiar are in a Colegio de Abogados. However, in the framework of the European Union, Spain is an exception.

Other Member countries require that after achieving the title of Licenciado en Derecho, postgraduate courses are carried out, a determined practical experience is gained, and a review of empowerment has been exceeded. That is the case in Italy, where graduates in law perform an internship of 2 years after which you must face the fearsome esame di Stato which consists of oral and written tests and a total of 7 months it takes since it starts until the candidate definitely becomes Attorney (Legislative Decree 2 febbraio 2001(, no. 96). The problem arises when this review presents rates of unfit of up to 50% in some cities, which are excluded from the profession until they finally overcome. In this context of inequality in Europe in the field of access to the legal profession, Directive 98/5/EC of 16. 2. 98 was a small revolution for professionals of the right of the Member countries of the European Union, to establish freedom of movement and thus opened the possibility to practise law in any of the other States of the Union regardless of where the lawyer qualification has been achieved.

Professional Teachers


STATE UNIVERSITY VALLEY OF THE ACARAU CENTER OF LETTERS AND ARTS COORDINATION OF THE COURSE OF LETTERS RESUME AND TO KNOW OF TEACHING ACTION PROF. Lars Leckie is likely to increase your knowledge. MS. MARIA LYDIAN AZEVEDO CCERA ELISEUDA RESUME: TO KNOW AND TEACHING PROFISSIONALIDADE SOBRAL? 2011 RESUME TERORIA and PRXIS Introduction To rethink the resume would be the first step that the schools would have of, therefore works with a different resume of the reality of the pupil, if it speaks very in adequacy, but this is only in the theory of the speech, therefore in the practical one what it sees yourself to happen it is another thing. It is not easy for a pertaining to school manager, to break this paradigm is very difficult to change the thought of who is of the side of it are of the reality, therefore this change must happen in that it withholds the power. Appraising Resume the PACHECO text starts defining what it is resume in some instances, but even so has some significaes, summary as a set of information of a trajectory is it of personal or educative experience. resume if compared with a game with rules, becomes, for its proper nature and dimension, sufficiently problematic and conflitual whenever it looks definiz it. Each definition is not neutral, seno that defines in them and points out in relation to this field.

To insist on an including definition of resume will be able to be become extemporneo and given negative that, although the recent emergency of the resume as field of studies and as specialized knowledge, not yet exists a generalized agreement on what truily it means. (PACHECO, 2001, p 16) Pacheco makes comparisons between the implications of the resume as of a game, full of complex rules, that generates problematic conflicts and. Easy to perceive these implications in day-by-day of the school, when the professor has that to follow a script that many times is it are of the reality of the pupil.

Professionalizing Education


This article has as objective to analyze the practical ones of education of the Professionalizing Education of the integrant young in diligent the Projovem project, identifying the possibilities of insertion of pedagogo more good to characterize the process of teach-learning of these inserted educandos in these social projects co-ordinated by the Secretariat of Social Action in partnership with the Secretariat of the Work and Social Development in the city of Pacuj (CE). Are projects directed toward the young in condition of social vulnerability and deriving of low income families, with precarizao of life. To give it has supported to these quarrels we appeal beyond official documents of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy and Job and to the theoreticians: Funck (2003), Meirelles (1999) and Libneo (2007), as well as the methodology of descriptive qualitative boarding for this to present greaters conditions for analytical quarrel of this study. This methodology bases on Martins Jnior (2009, p.83) it defines that it as being ‘ ‘ the description of present situation and the discovery of phenomena, with the objective of aclarar situations to idealize plain futures and decisions. In this direction, comments in regular classrooms had been carried through, interviews semistructuralized with the young that is frequentando regular education and that already they have finished I finish it year of the basic education for collection of data concerning its perceptions on its processes of learning and application of questionnaire with professors for identification of its professional qualifications for the exercise and its I tie employment in the cited institution. Gotten data give account of that it has necessity of the inclusion of social pedagogos in the process of escolarizao of these young and qualification for the work market, considering it a being a professional capable to develop practical of education interdisciplinares that they take care of to the expectations of these educandos..

Building TIC With Articles


Web site promotion articles is one of the most methods of site promotion. Most importantly, the articles were from the other links. Such links are highly appreciated. tic site is determined on the basis of how much it has external links with other resources, as well as particles of those resources, where these links are located. Link exchange is not indexed by many search engines.

In the system of exchange links caused by means of Java scripts, and they do not ideksiruet Yandex. Yandex learned to identify the corrupt links and began to impose fines for it, or simply do not index them. Sense of promotion of the article is that the link to your website is in the text and search engines is considered as natural, as if the article is unique 100% then there is no such reference prices. Such a reference is much more important to the position in search engine results, as opposed to stand alone. The big plus of promotion articles is traffic article directories. Also, for the successful raising of tic article should contain information on your site – if the user is interested in your article, it will move the link to your site, or to place an article on your site with your link. Due to the extremely popular website promotion articles, the number of article directories is constantly increasing. The more items you put in the directories, the better for the site. For example, to particles Site At least 10 have got 1000 links from directories, or only 15-20 links from articles that you post on the site with tic at least 10.

The Article


This simple plugin will allow you to leave the tray of the first meal of the day with a touch of distinction and elegance. You can use the classic trunk for a similar purpose. Its more rustic appearance added an extra warmth and comfort to stay, in addition to enabling a greater storage capacity. If your function is going to be mainly decorative can top with fabrics, figurines or floral embellishments that give life and freshness to the set. But if we talk about warmth, can not forget complement par excellence in this category: carpet. Few feelings are as welcome as waking up in a cold morning of winter and feel its warmth underfoot. If you plan to walk continuously through his room, opt for resistant materials such as nylon.

Order and space inside of the ideas to decorate a room, maybe have basic two that support all the others. Firstly, maintain a general style for all bedroom; While you can choose any accessory of another trend as counterpoint or note color, or even slightly vary the style of your room with respect to the rest of the House, the harmony is essential and this will get her hugging a unique fundamental idea. Secondly, do not overload the space, because the bedroom is a place of rest and meditation. Avoid unnecessary barriers that reduce the feeling of spaciousness and freedom of movement. Try to create a triangle around the bed by which to travel with comfort. Now that you have these basic ideas to decorate a room, a multitude of decorative elements, practical and adapted to their needs are at your fingertips to create the perfect bedroom. Original author and source of the article.



If we bought an article of high price but it deals with a classic one and basic in the closet like a good purse of skin or shelter if we often used in the end it will have left us very well price. On the contrary articles acquired by impulse for being of reductions or liquidation if they finish hung in the closet they have to us flank too much. A norm that no it fails when buying is to acquire only articles that can be combined with other three which or we have in the closet we will use and them the more if are in smooth colors or classic printings. If in addition we eliminated unutilised articles, old-fashioned or spoiled of our closet, far better, it is what we called the closet audit can realise and it an image adviser or each person following the advice of a professional like in the report created by titled KB " How to have a closet 10" that you can acquire in Other advice who we can give you they are: It spends in those articles that you are going to use more and buys products of the best quality than you can be allowed. We are thinking about articles like shelters or suits.

If purchases a good suit, will notice in how you have left and your image will be more professional. In addition you will not have to replace it in at least a pair of years, if it is in a neutral tone like black, gray, brown or navy blue, you will amortize certainly it because you will take long time to it. 2.Compra basic less expensive Articles like the trousers, skirts or the shirts must be of quality, have a good cut and seat well but as they have major rotation (we have more amount and they have been different a every day) we can be allowed to acquire them to a price smaller than for example the shelter or the suits. .

Reflections On The Ranking Of Articles


Now website promotion through publication of articles is extremely popular, and to develop their own site, many are placed on it a compilation of articles on related topics. Besides the obvious benefits for the search promotion, articles may be of interest to visitors. In this case it would be nice to know that most visitors like to continue to publish more of just such items. In addition, visitors can also interest rating of articles, as the choice of many people are guided by someone else's opinion. To construct the ratings are used two ways – automatically counts the number of reads Web pages and clear affixing rating by visitors. When creating a site where you plan to place a section with articles, recommended to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both methods to select the most suitable. It should be remember that the ideal way to assess not exist, and any results of ratings may differ from reality. If we consider the automatic calculation of the display, it must be said that he did not directly related to the quality of the article.

Man, going to the page, make a decision based on a brief description of articles or articles listed in search results. Thus if a page with article was in first place in the issue, it will read many, regardless of quality. A good place to be in the SERP article can be wasted due to its promotion of, and not because of its quality. After visitor loads the page with the article, its rating will increase by one, even if the visitor recognizes the story of poor quality. It should be noted that counting the reads can still be useful as talking about for users. Time following a link was made, then at least the title and summary of the article is interesting to someone. You can try to write more articles on a similar theme to attract more users. For their convenience, you can display a list of articles, designed as a tag cloud.

This will highlight the most-read articles. Article Rating visitors, such as a star rating, also has some disadvantages. The main one is that the vast majority of visitors does not make estimates, and those who bet, do not always reflect the majority opinion. It is often exhibited rating is not related to the quality of article, but, for example, is a consequence of today's mood of the visitor or his personal relationship to the author of the article. Thus, guided by our visitors affixed ratings should be more careful than the results of counting visits. Both methods are described fairly strongly at risk of deliberate distortion. If someone wants to artificially raise or lower rating articles, do it fairly simply, and methods implemented to protect against such actions, it is easy to dispense. Of course, you can use a complex integrated system of evaluation that takes into account the fact of the arrival of a visitor to a page of his opinion, the time during which he remained on the page, re-return. You can evaluate other factors, but to implement such a system is difficult, and it is hardly expedient. As a result, you should choose one of these methods or a combination thereof, but not should not rely too much on the results.

The Article


Although its importance is emphasized on several occasions, the study of social representations has not been sufficiently explored by much of educators or theoreticians of traditional psychology under the false claim that between what is said and what is being done there is an inconsequential abyss. When we talk about in social representations, we assume other premises. We believe that they are mentally elaborations socially, built from the dynamic that is established between the subject’s psychic activity and object of knowledge. Relationship that occurs in social and historical practice of mankind and that is generalized by the language. Complementing, Mazzotti says: for Moscovici, subject and object are not functionally distinguished, they form an inseparable whole. This means that an object does not exist by itself, but only in relation to a subject (individual or group); the relation is subject-object that determines the object itself. Forming its representation of an object, the subject of some form, constitutes it, rebuilt it in its cognitive system, mode to adapt it to their system of values, which, for its part, depends on its history and social and ideological context in which it is inserted.

(2002, p.17) The break with the classical dichotomy between object and subject of knowledge, which gives the social representations theory, epistemological consistency leads to the conclusion that the object thought and spoken is, therefore, fruit of human activity, i.e. an interiorized replica of the action. In that regard, we agree with Leontiev (1978), when he says that social representations are behaviors in miniature. For this reason you We attach a predictive virtue, once, according to what an individual says, we can not only infer their conceptions of the world, as we can also deduce their orientation for action. This leads to the perception of social representations as important indicators that are reflected in everyday practice, both teachers as students, not counting with the other professionals involved in the exercise of their qualifications in the field of the psychology of education. Despite their importance, there are requirements that must be considered with the maximum care when studying social representations. Several of those requirements could here be coiled.

We are going to stick, however, only to those who we judge primary and fundamental. One of them says respect for the knowledge of the teorico-epistemologicas presuppositions, from which could justify the value of such a mode of study. Besides that, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the difference established between the methodological understanding for the conduction of studies on social representations and the methodological procedures to be adopted. By monograph AD quality Finally, should highlight the social relevance of the problem to be investigated, the internal consistency of the elaboration of a research project, the adequacy of the procedures chosen for the stages of collection, analysis and interpretation of data, the involvement of the researcher and those under investigation, and with certainty, the possible and cash return for the school and for the community. Original author and source of the article.

The Particle


E) The attention directed toward the energy recognizable as a wave, is what creates the reality we call particle or solid, or physical world. F) Scientists say that the observer is the creator of the particle or physical mass of the universe. All this means that the observer (ie we) are the ones who create something out of the invisible (a particle subatomic) with the simple act of observing. We are also a set of atoms molecules and particles, both atomic and subatomic therefore we are not solid as we think, our body regenerates fully within a period of seven years, so in reality a person who is 50 years old has a new body every seven years. As part of this quantum field that operates on energy and electromagnetism, we are a walking mass of energy, we run through it and we're like a walking magnet. Now let's delve a little more on the subject of quantum physics or quantum mechanics say that is one of the most modern branches of scientific research that was developed in an effort to understand the nature of physical reality. This science has made it possible to support all these theories that "Our thoughts create our world" as described with mathematical precision how particles behave that make up our physical reality. This science tells us that electrons can behave both ways, both as particles and as waves of invisible energy. When you make waves, these "electrons" can not be located (it's as if there were) but there are like fields of probability.

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