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Professional Edition


Mobile communications devices have become an essential element and that its usefulness grows without stopping, is an unquestionable fact. Increasingly, the professionals who exercise most of its work through mobile devices, anytime and from anywhere in the world. Be able to design and manage your online shop 24 hours is a reality thanks to the internet and increasingly comprehensive and versatile programs for creation and design of online stores. Now, to be able to manage your online store and do it 24 hours, from anywhere and only relying solely on a mobile device is more than a reality, it is an achievement that extends to customers and users of your online store or website web involving them in its functionality. Already can view the status of orders, purchases, sales reports, box, and all this only installing Magento Mobile application on your iPhone, iPad or Android device (Criacao websites) (Desenvolvimento websites). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hummer Winblad on most websites. The interface and design of your online shop you can modify for display in mobile devices easily adapting to the colors and themes that identify your brand. Changes that you make to the design are also updated on the devices of your customers that you have downloaded the application.

The application is not free for the Enterprise Edition and its price will depend of many devices installed. Magento Mobile also offers you the possibility to manage your store online from multiple devices at the same time from a single device. To install the application and design your online store to your devices, you will need to download the free add-on from Magento Connect. Once the request is made it takes two or three weeks to have operational online store on mobile devices (web hosting). Source: Eliot Horowitz . If you prefer, you can download a preview to see how your store online before you buy the activation code and make sure would that the result conforms to your desires. To activate the final version you will have to pay the corresponding fee and you can already activate your online store on all devices.

The application is compatible only with Community Edition 1.3 or higher, Enterprise Edition1.6 and higher and Professional Edition 1.8 and above. Designing your online store to mobile devices, Magento Mobile available for tutorials quite complete to help you along with the Control Panel menus. Once everything is running, customers and users of your website and your online store can enjoy a new experience at anytime and from anywhere, and their purchases either from your Pc, Smartphone, iPhone or tablet, with only have Internet connection. Design online stores

Professional Educational Training


Online training is one of the most interesting education choices that can be found on the Internet. Learn more at: Hummer Winblad. Educational background is a page that thinks about all those desire of knowledge that many people have. Because provides a very interesting and open view in what has to do with the electronic educational options of more weight. Because its presentation is very interesting and also comfortable. Because it has the most striking links in terms of what has to do with aid with respect to virtual training can be developed by Paypal accounts, Rapidhare or Megaupload. So you can find the courses of vocational training in a virtual way that most interest you within a wide range of options in electronic training, we give you the option which opens to large deck that gives educational training. It is a deck that gives him the possibility to be able to deliver the courses available in a fairly organized fashion, with the option to link that exists between more directed bars as per example of available courses and also the questions and answers for the service that you deserve.If you want to give a complete idea of what virtual support delivering this electronic option that is starting to be very coveted in terms of views and possibilities of electronic training, see the reputation on Ebay that has the educational training page. He is currently a general assessment of points represented in 72 among the options of formation of large caliber in terms of what has to do with provisions of courses there in the virtual world.

Attention to the client can be either on the inside or the outside of the Mexican Republic, offering a point of support and important balance.98% Positive transaction framed the great responsibility and dynamism that has regarding Paypal alternative educational training courses. Why, you know that choosing an online course you must be with the professionals in the field. And go you have Yes important support that shows you the best base layout so can choose your professional course on the Internet more appropriate and more suitable for the types of need or interest that you handle in general. So you already know the different choices you have concerning vocational training on the Internet that have very dynamic truth alternatives that offers educational training. So you can share even with other people that there is an interesting range of articles and educational proposals that are very closely related to the interest that many men and many women regardless of their age or social status want to adapt their ways of learning. So he has to go to a web page of really interesting and very aware of what virtual education can achieve and has achieved in the course of these days.

Useful Professional Practice


The recommended prior to finish college (at least is desirable) are two things: having acquired certain job skills, and have a list of organizations where would ask an employment for students. Nothing better to gain that experience in a place akin to the studied career!, but that is not possible, there are some sectors that offer the opportunity to learn certain tools previous or newly completed studies. There are jobs that are perhaps not the final to stay, but if you serve to develop skills that can be implemented in a future job, yes you wish to make a career, if the company provides that opportunity. A case of student work are tourism-related activities, help the young man to work in his own personality, to be open, because it is in contact every day with a client. Sellers, shop managers, waiters and entertainers, are other recurring areas between professionals without much experience. They are areas with high demand of recruitment where even though the salary is not high, have advantages such as flexible schedules.

Wages assigned to a job for newly graduates students as profesionaleso practices are little attractive, and many times that extends to professionals with experience. 1. Ready to serve the customer.For careers of administration and social sciences students an option are jobs for students where concerned directly with clients, public relations, tourism, and services companies. These crafts require a mindset of service and good communication skills. These undergraduate students have some affinity to the treatment with people, although in reality in this category other racing can be inserted.

Search in: travel agencies, hotels (areas of entertainment in them) and in the departments of customer service, help desk or front office services firms. 2. In a matter of numbers.The trade sector employs 7.7 million people. Hence the sale is one of the items additional staff required (all year round).

Well Regulated Profession


Madrid, 13/10/09. When the city lies down many workers begin their labor day. A habit del that knows, and much, the sector of the pharmacy. And it is that many of these professionals have had to adapt, after the boom of the pharmacies 24 hours, to initiate his task when the night makes its appearance. Before this recent reality, Asefarma ( one of the Consultant’s offices of Pharmacies leaders of our country – it counts on 350 pharmacies like clients, advises to take care of certain habits so that the health of the druggists and their workers is suffered less possible. the phamacist does not save of the dangers of the work nocturne. In it generates who have turns at night undergo misalignments of their circadian rythm. In addition the insomnia, irritability, the anguish, the depression, the digestive upheavals, the panic attacks, the cardiovascular diseases, is other alterations that can suffer.

, as Eva explains Maria Illera Rodriguez, person in charge of the Labor Department. Since Asefarma has like customer to near 300 pharmacies in Madrid and to that it does not lose of view the medical studies that reveal that every 15 years of work nocturne a premature aging of 5 years takes place or that they advise against to work at night to minors of 20 and majors of 45 years, as well as for people with gastrointestinal ailments, it makes the following recommendations: the work nocturne in pharmacy is different from the one from the day since as much affluence of clients does not exist, and consists essentially of the prescription dispensation and works of management. Therefore he is advisable to distribute as far as possible the volume of work and to avoid in the heat of to do the heaviest work night or very early in the morning .

Professional Association


Provide additional documentation on the claims electronically. Know the status of your claim at any time. Receive electronic notifications on lodged complaints. Access to the data of the associations or organisations of consumers and users that can obtain assistance. Knowing directly the content of codes of ethics. Make declarations alegaciones and provide additional documentation prior to the hearing process.

Obligations of the colleges professional Finally, these duties expressed in the law 25/2009 are translated into obligations which must comply with the professional associations and the basic functions that should be included in a technological solution. Promote multiple channels of access to information. Ensure that the collegiate, consumers and users access to electronic services for free. Ensure organisational, semantic and technical interoperability between corporations in other professions. You may find that Eliot Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge. Maintain up-to-date databases of the collegiate record.

Ensure transparency, developing and publishing an annual report of its activities. Offer consultation of the electronic file tools. Support the DNI-e and other electronic signature systems. Unified repository of documents and documentary strategy. Fulfilment of the LOPD. Measure the quality of the services provided. Quality of public services provided by electronic means. Compatibility with different browsers and formats. By implementing a one-stop solution professional organizations can interact with colleges using telematic media. Through the one-stop professionals can access easily and free of charge to the catalogue of procedures in the Professional Association (membership application, modification of data, etc.) and the information, have the possibility of creating records from the catalog as well as submit requests and documentation, check the status of your transaction and receive notifications and resolutions by College. They can also receive invitations to College and know their activity public / private, easily over the Internet. In this way, professional associations can make this right effective as well as interact with the administrations, professionals and consumers and cooperate with each other. A technological solution of single window of not only helps meet the requirements of the law 25/2009 but is the basis for a decisive step in the modernization of processes and in control of the information of the professional associations.



The possibility of becoming a lawyer in Spain to register as avvocato in Italy is commonly known by the future Italian lawyers as the spagnola. The process is based on the homologation in Spain of a title of Attorney at foreign law for later colegiar and have access to the exercise of the race in Italy. The reason behind this practice is to avoid durisimos requirements required in Italy for access to the profession of lawyer. This possibility is a consequence of the Spanish, Italian and European regulatory interaction that we explain below: in Spain access to the profession of lawyer is regulated by the General Statute of lawyers (Royal Decree n. 658 of 22 June 2001), where it is only required to become a lawyer be in possession of the diploma of Bachelor of law or the recognition of foreign qualifications which are comparable for this and colegiar are in a Colegio de Abogados. However, in the framework of the European Union, Spain is an exception.

Other Member countries require that after achieving the title of Licenciado en Derecho, postgraduate courses are carried out, a determined practical experience is gained, and a review of empowerment has been exceeded. That is the case in Italy, where graduates in law perform an internship of 2 years after which you must face the fearsome esame di Stato which consists of oral and written tests and a total of 7 months it takes since it starts until the candidate definitely becomes Attorney (Legislative Decree 2 febbraio 2001(, no. 96). The problem arises when this review presents rates of unfit of up to 50% in some cities, which are excluded from the profession until they finally overcome. In this context of inequality in Europe in the field of access to the legal profession, Directive 98/5/EC of 16. 2. 98 was a small revolution for professionals of the right of the Member countries of the European Union, to establish freedom of movement and thus opened the possibility to practise law in any of the other States of the Union regardless of where the lawyer qualification has been achieved.

Professional Practice


Perform a professional practice is considered as an opportunity in the career of any student or young professional who graduated from a University and that still not has been able to work in a job for estudiantesrelacionado to the industry which has been studied. With it, obtained valuable experience for the later performance and that may appear on the resume or resume. There are even companies that, through professional practice, can discover people with talents that could hire permanently. Therefore, it is important to adequately perform during the internship, and then provides a series of recommendations in this regard. Recommendations to Excel in professional practice be punctual. This is the first point that demonstrates how responsible it is to the practitioner.

The tardiness is inexcusable, since it shows a lack of interest in learning and respect for the work for students. Do not say no. The practitioner should try to learn as much as you can by simple be the task and make a phone call to confirm attendance to a event. Therefore, you must be willing to do what is requested, provided that is not contrary to the principles or of the law. Have initiative. On occasions that the supervisor is so busy that you forget to give tasks or may that the practitioner completed assignments by time.

It is important, in that case, immediately ask what more you can do and you may even to propose actions that can help to others and the company… It is not correct that the practitioner is idly find a mentor. By busy people that are to the around, always the practitioner can discover someone with talent to teach or simply friendly that it may be willing to become the mentor (a) and guide in the process. Strive to do the job every time better. As the professional practices are a learning period, it is expected that mistakes and that you take some time so that the tasks are performed correctly. To overcome this situation, it is necessary to observe others and an interest in learning on the fly. It is necessary to ensure do ever better and not let that errors are an obstacle or causing a stagnation in the work. Maintain open communication. If you don’t know something, ask for it. If you did not you fulfill a task, tell time. If you are having difficulties, it warns. Your supervisor is more upset if he learns too late from the foregoing. Also tries to get together with your supervisor often and ask for evaluations of your work for students. Share the qualities. Because the practitioner is usually a young person who is starting his career, it should exploit its energy, desire to learn and do and enthusiasm that perhaps people with many years in a company, have already lost. These qualities can be useful in the enterprise. If despite all the above, the person practicing is not contracted by the company, it is important to observe that he has won not only experience but also a network of colleagues with whom you should seek not to lose contact. Is equally convenient to that specific goals are met which will demonstrate that In addition to demonstrating that the practitioner has learned and that he served in an efficient way, which will make it memorable for superiors.

Life Professions


Too many are assigned to work as a hateful and monotonous routine, as a means, which is necessary only to feed themselves. But have we come to this world only to work there? Meanwhile, the astrological chart for each person contains the reference to his calling in life. Everyone is given what it can do with pleasure, that is suitable for most people, and gives the most fully realized in life. People will do the job with gusto and reach the success that it was intended. Because there is no unsuccessful people are – lazy, or do not know where they work. Linux is a great source of information. Success is for everyone. But the tragedy lies in the fact that most of these unproductive people who are unhappy with themselves and life, and they find themselves.

To select the affairs of life requires reliable benchmarks. Correctly made and properly interpret horoscope really helps to understand the direction of development of individual human destiny. For example, in the natal chart can say with certainty what area of activity is most likely to promise good luck and success. Natal chart indicates the way in which it is best to go to man to attain success. A task is an astrologer to help people deal with this card.

Particularly important astrological methods determining how a child's development. The tragedy of our educational system is that it prepares young people either to difficulties in life, or do not need no cooking. But at the same time in any school is not states that there are reliable methods for determining the professions, as an astrological consultation. Some eventually find their vocation, not knowing that astrology could be from the beginning to send them to right path. Others and live life in the writings of that nature to them never intended. A small part of persuasion is not seeking to "that" the profession by sheer force of will, and never learns that everything could be differently. But how much more could be done by these people, and how well it might have been their life if they knew which way they should exactly follow.

Professional Teachers


STATE UNIVERSITY VALLEY OF THE ACARAU CENTER OF LETTERS AND ARTS COORDINATION OF THE COURSE OF LETTERS RESUME AND TO KNOW OF TEACHING ACTION PROF. Lars Leckie is likely to increase your knowledge. MS. MARIA LYDIAN AZEVEDO CCERA ELISEUDA RESUME: TO KNOW AND TEACHING PROFISSIONALIDADE SOBRAL? 2011 RESUME TERORIA and PRXIS Introduction To rethink the resume would be the first step that the schools would have of, therefore works with a different resume of the reality of the pupil, if it speaks very in adequacy, but this is only in the theory of the speech, therefore in the practical one what it sees yourself to happen it is another thing. It is not easy for a pertaining to school manager, to break this paradigm is very difficult to change the thought of who is of the side of it are of the reality, therefore this change must happen in that it withholds the power. Appraising Resume the PACHECO text starts defining what it is resume in some instances, but even so has some significaes, summary as a set of information of a trajectory is it of personal or educative experience. resume if compared with a game with rules, becomes, for its proper nature and dimension, sufficiently problematic and conflitual whenever it looks definiz it. Each definition is not neutral, seno that defines in them and points out in relation to this field.

To insist on an including definition of resume will be able to be become extemporneo and given negative that, although the recent emergency of the resume as field of studies and as specialized knowledge, not yet exists a generalized agreement on what truily it means. (PACHECO, 2001, p 16) Pacheco makes comparisons between the implications of the resume as of a game, full of complex rules, that generates problematic conflicts and. Easy to perceive these implications in day-by-day of the school, when the professor has that to follow a script that many times is it are of the reality of the pupil.

Professional Cleaning Territory


Quite often, passing by some shining with fresh paint the facade of the office rather big company, when you look at the surrounding area can not help thinking of his immortal classic – "On the field, a field strewn with who you …." Empty bottles. Often, nestled in a given area garbage can by the method of the immortal Holmes restore age, profession and interests of people who visited here. But detectives are not like staff strengthen. You can, of course, refer to the famous maxim – "Clean, where do not litter." But, unfortunately, no garbage life and human activity is impossible. So if you want to live in a clean – you have to get out.

Cleaning territory – an indispensable attribute of cleanliness and order. Lars Leckie will not settle for partial explanations. In winter – ice shear and remove snow in the spring – to remove the remaining dirt after the snow melts in the autumn – palye leaves in the summer – the accumulating debris. To clean the sidewalks and were access roads to them to sweep and clean, preferably with the use of detergents – in the city to settle all the soot. And yet it would be good to trace the lawn – time to water and to pour them podseivat and cut, weed weeds. Maintenance-free, even trees and shrubs that are in your territory. Trimmed bushes look is not as wildly sticking out in all directions branch. In this work there is seasonal, but there are some that you can spend time offices and much more.

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