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Wikipedia In English


Wikipedia in English Countries from which come most of the ors of the English Wikipedia The English Wikipedia is the English version of Wikipedia. Created on 15 January 2001, having surpassed the three million items on 17 August 2009, was the first ion of Wikipedia, and since then has been the largest. In 2003, approximately one third of all Wikipedia articles belonged to the English ion. This percentage has been gradually declining since mid-2005. His many articles is the sum of the quantities of goods from the German Wikipedia, Wikipedia in French, the Polish Wikipedia and Wikipedia in Japanese. In the English Wikipedia there is a debate over which national variety of English should be used, as the major candidates American English and British English or International English.The ors have made many suggestions, extending the option of using a variety of standard English to develop the project from the English Wikipedia. However, the de facto standard is to prefer an appropriate variety of English for items of regional (eg for Canadian English Canadian issues) but otherwise allow any variety of English, while the variety of English is constant throughout the text of an article. Currently has 3,156,959 articles.

Folded Before A MIME


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