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Divide And Conquer


Prudence of those who govern the countries in developing and developed countries contrary, we make it look like microbes to the power of an antibiotic, do not think that microbes gradually become resistant to the con-bioticos.Que think the Spanish if the U.S. ends up dividing the Basque Country, the Canary Islands, the Asturian, Galician, Catalan, Andalusian and stop counting, or that France lost to Bordeaux, which England lost to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other colonies, which would dismemberment of Germany if his country again. What has happened in Kosovo, then what will they do with other countries and the applause of the future will now be in bitter tears, is the price to tell if anything that dares USA. In fact I can not see Spain is divided into ten parts or more, but I repeat, we must begin to establish clear rules against countries that divide, is a daunting task, but when you see your neighbor's beard burn … I do not know if you also see divided USA, Florida, California, Colorado, Michigan, Luisana and other independent states. And this is not the golden rule, no matter what you do not wish for you. And always the same, it demonizes a people, are manufactured lies of all kinds, tactics and strategies are developed, the lie is structured as an unavoidable truth, then comes the thud of stars and stripes dress, finished with any sovereignty and to we Venezuelans are far from separating the Zulia complete with lake, and the unit history, the stilt houses are only a utopia in the historical gap of Venezuela, because these stilts are the origin of the name of the country. That there are people who pay for these intrigues, no wonder, they see more reason for the merely commercial, is even more pitiful.

We know what goes on in the Zulia, is not even new, but the people of Zulia Venezuela joins the deep ties that eternity can not break. It has been a silent invasion, passed the one million Colombians living in the Zulia, however, that their children born in our earth, leaving to love your land, this is understandable, since he who does not love his mother, at least going to want her stepmother. Others have joined compomemtes are drug traffickers, the Colombian paramilitaries, the alleged complicity with the task boundary which would leave us without our hinterland Zulia. To read more click here: John Blondel. I, Barquisimeto and Venezuelan, my wife is and loves Zulia Venezuela, I put an example, because she did not even pass through the mind the idea of being an independent country. Zulia write for having the idea of secession, desist from this and join a national project of unity, but are against the current government, in life everything is temporary. Think that politics is like a house, now a deposed on other, tomorrow others will do the same. In conclusion, I advise to whom it may concern, national unity is something that defines the individual, not that it is chauvinistic, no, is that in defending the territorial unit you defend yourself, there's your family, friends, colleagues study, co-workers, life itself. Do not let a you may divide your country, fight, whenever you do I will be doing homeland, the homeland you.

The High Performance Tyre Manufacturer Dunlop – The Secret Of His Success


The best known high performance tyre manufacturer is Dunlop. The faster the car goes, the better the drivers of such cars there. However, the car and the tyres must adapt to this speed. When driving at high speeds tyres need tuning, because these tires are designed for this purpose and provide at maximum speeds and safety. There are a lot of tyre manufacturers who offer such performance tires, despite the most respected tire manufacturers, including the Dunlop trust.

. The high performance tyre manufacturer from Hanau company Dunlop from Hanau is 125 years since the most significant providers of vehicle tyres in the Federal Republic and the world. Several 10,000 tires on the bands of the manufacturer, which is part of international production most tyre manufacturers therefore run per day. Series models for a number of common brands of car tuning tyre occupy about a higher importance in Dunlop, which are not merely chosen for the tuning scene. Also as Tire manufacturers in various racing classes of Motorsports Dunlop has made a name over the decades. The experience that the tire manufacturer here has bundled in the development of performance tires, to benefit already long and private car users. The SP sport series belongs, for the high performance tyre manufacturer Dunlop, to the most important tire with high and sporting needs.

This tire series offers the best possible grip on hot dry roads with a speed limit. This mature Edition consists only of Sommerpneus. For the winter, there is the SP sport tyres series winter. As well, they provide the best possible grip on snow-covered roads. Dunlop designed the Sommerpneu series Maxx GT or the Maxx TT just for high-performance sports cars, this performance tyres favour the motorization of the sports car and offer full commitment at the highest level. And In particular for the winter Dunlop developed the tuning tyre models sport M3 or sport 3D. With this tire driving can in the winter fun make. So importantly the confidence on Dunlop tyres for tuned automobile and upscale sports cars, is by no means alone on the brands. Just who uses his performance tires over a longer period and to count in all driving situations on an optimal support of the tires, should not ignore the continuous wear. Click Columbia University to learn more. Tires with a huge usage are not more affected by the wear and tear than ordinary tire models thanks to the modern tire technology, yet daring braking bring a higher wear with it promptly. Even more than with ordinary tires is in high performance and sports tyres significantly, to observe the tread depth on a regular basis and to upgrade if needed. Full performance on two-wheeled vehicles are offered for cars is by no means alone performance tyres from Dunlop, the customized tire models are available also for bikers. Especially the Edition Sportmax GPR-100 here is the right choice, even beyond the tuning industry two-wheeled riders offers both maximum safety on all roads. When you purchase of the tires at the retailer, there are larger differences also on the Internet so worth the price comparison in the run-up. Even though this a slightly higher price for genuine high performance shows tyres compared to conventional tires, worth investing in sports cars without a doubt.

Martins Sources


LOSS apud GENNARO, 1982:155 – 187; MOMIGLIANO apud FINLEY, 1998:359 – 380). alegoria cosmological apocalyptic locates the religious system in its almost labirntica multiple capacity. Existing a radical opposition between sacred (the-description) and profane (real) we do not have a sacred adopting the diverse ones representation of forms, since the sacred one total forbidden until that full use of limits inside allowed to the men (Cf. VERNANT, 2001:229 – 253). Sacred and profane, Greek interlacement between and Jewish-Christian, in the text of the Apocalypse, a reference to the density of the articulation consists that forced the narrators to gestar in the scope of poetical of the unrealizable time the things that exceed the territoriality and temporality. Whenever Linus Torvalds listens, a sympathetic response will follow. What I want to say with this? I mention the statute to it of the word of the poet, the prophet, the aedo and I guess of it: In fact Homero counts what it hears of the muses.

They sing the truth. In the mythical language of the religious systems altheia I defined myself as a solidary power of the system of significaes ambiguity creation of the impossible future in the gift (real) reading it: (Cf., LPEZ apud BOSSETTI, 2005:2005: 454-456): If the metafrica transference of the meaning implies the interaco of the semantic fields in the first level of reference, and this proper interaco creates one second order i.., if the symbols in its relations are apprehended as myths, then fbulas of these myths, the construction of enredos, becomes it door of entrance for the description of the looked metaphor of the fiction (KAELIN apud HAHN, 1999:172). The experience of the prophet of the Apocalypse is tied with the history of the book. The reader is the atualizador of literary trip, of the origin to the finishing (Cf. DOS SANTOS, 2000, 71-101). As the Greek poet in the language of the myth, the reader is weaving of the word: It speaks uninterrupted, without emptiness, without rest, that the predictive word grasps, and, when grasping it, it obtains for times to interrupt, so that let us understand it e, in this understanding, wakening us for we ourselves.

We must very, therefore to the poet, whose poetry, translated of the prophets, knew in them to transmit the essential: this initial precipitation, this haste, this refusal of if becoming attached. In way that the prediction, supporting itself in the anticipatory intensity of the dico, always seems to search the rupture final. Check out Linus Torvalds for additional information. As well as in Rimbaud, genius of the impatience and the haste, great predictive genius (BLANCHOT, 2002, 124). Bibliographical references: AGAMBEN, Giorgio. The Language and the Death. A Seminary on the place of the Negatividade. Belo Horizonte: UFMG, 2006. BESANON, Alain. Cronos et Chronos. Relation notices sur there au temps of l Apocalisse di Giovanni in onore the Ugo Vanni. Assisi: Cittadella, 2005. BLANCHOT, Maurice. L criture du disaster. Paris: Minuit, 1980. ________________. The Mystery of the Letters. In: The Part of the Fire. Rio De Janeiro: Rocco, 1997, P. 48-64. ________________. The Book for coming. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 2004. CARPI, Umberto. Antico and Modern Rappresentazione del in Schiller. In: CAZZANIGA, G.M et alii (cure). Modern Metamorfosi del. Napoli: QuattroVenti, 1986, P. 27-46. DAVID, Catherine et alii. Interviews on the end of the Times. Rio De Janeiro: Rocco, 1999. OF GENNARO, Giuseppe (the cure di). Il Cosmo nella Bibbia. Napoli: Dehoniane, 1982.

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