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Political Parties


These political parties must apprehend the lesson, facing with courage and determination the challenge to restore the confidence between the citizen and the actor politician. having in sight that the next step that requires compatible practical solid and new bases with the disposals of new the proposal of the Constitution. It is not enough to speak to the citizens to vote ‘ ‘ Sim’ ‘ , continuing to propagate an obsolete speech formulated in terms mistakes. Learn more at: Linus Torvald. It has that to convince the voter the utility of its choice and its decisive character for the future Morocco, that is knowing changes deep. The political parties must accelerar with the same speed the process partner-economic politician and unchained by the historical speech of 9 of March. Its Majesty the King Mohammed VI had underlined in its speech of 09 of March, the central paper of the political parties in phase still of constitutional revision. ‘ ‘ Giving the particular interest to the efforts carried through in favor of the country and of its democaracia, for this the political parties must engage themselves in the true development and the implementation of a good Constitutional governao.

Having considered that the paper to play for the parties it does not have to be limited the projects of this honored Commission, but they must give to importance the structural reforms in course, of the beginning until the end, struck the sovereign. ‘ ‘ The fact that the citizens had lost the confidence in its politics, this explains certain practical not-democratic that threatens this process. It is not of today, but it has 3 or 4 years that Morocco call for a change. Decorrentdo also of the intervention politics and transumncia in the internal subjects of the political parties, with the entrance in the way of a well determindado party, needed Nabil Benabdellah, secretary-generality of the PPS. ‘ ‘ If we want to restore the confidence, we must concentrating in them on three components. The first one is that the apparatus of the State must be neutral to assure the application of the disposals of the new Constitution. Second, the parties must question themselves on as to renew its elites and its pictures.

E third place, the elites and the young must understand that they must place the hands in the mass, instead of if contenting to be in the expectation, seno same the rotten ones continue traumitando with the new democratic institutions ‘ ‘ , Benabdellah explained. Finally the problem can happen again with another formation politics if it did not have urgent exit, therefore the political parties are obliged as never to go to the meeting of the citizens to forge a new relation based on the confidence in favor of the process and of the success of the constitutional reform.

Universal Declaration


The History of the human right Humanos.Os Rights is the basic rights and freedoms of all the human beings. Normally the concept of human rights has the idea also of expression and thought freedom, and the equal protection of law. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man of the Organization of United Nations affirms: All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Endowed with reason and conscience, ones must act stops with the others in fraternity spirit. Gamestops opinions are not widely known. The idea of human rights has origin in the philosophical concept of natural laws that would be attributed by 2 Gods ; some support that it would not have no difference between the human rights and the natural laws and see in the distinct nomenclature labels for one same idea.

Others argue to be necessary to keep separate terms to eliminate the association with characteristics normally related with the natural laws. 3, being John Locke perhaps the most important philosopher to develop this theory 4. One exists important debate on the cultural origin of the human rights. Generally if it considers that they have its root in the culture modern occidental person, but exist the least more two main positions. Some affirm that all the cultures possess vises of dignity that if are a form of human rights, and make reference the announcements as the Letter of Mandn, of 1222, fundacional declaration of the Empire of Mal. Not obstante, nor in Japanese nor in classic snscrito, for example, the right term existed until contacts with the culture had been produced occidental person, since these cultures had traditionally placed one weight in the duties. They also exist who conside that the Ocidente did not create the idea nor the concept of the human rights, despite if a concrete way systemize them, a gradual quarrel and the project of a human legal philosophy.

Neurology Work


I liked to see the work of my colleagues, I find that in it provided a field to them of different vision on such profession! It was a work I validate, therefore we had the chance to give to a vision a little differentiated on Neurology, what to make, where if it makes and to cause the interest for the area. I liked and if possible it would make another one with another profession to use to advantage the maximum this experience that were very good and proveitosa.’ ‘ Lucas Natiely 5. Course of Right ‘ ‘ With the preparation and presentation of this work of professions, we can know professions new as the gerontologia, as well as know better some courses common, and deepening in them professional courses, helping to decide it us where branch to follow in our future, our professional career. We find this project very interesting, we search to usufruct well of the subjects, that in the case are the professions, that we debate room of lesson, perceiving where place we will adaptaremos in them with more easiness better to exert a profession successfully. ‘ ‘ Arianne Mayanna Antunes Carina Rufino Dos Santos Sabrina Palonis de a Cruz Samanta Palonis de a Cruz Bruna Taynara 6. Course of Biomedicina ‘ ‘ In this work we very learn on which profession to choose or to decide which to attend a course.

Many already were known by many and others never seen before, but they had been explained and you doubt had been taken off on them. We saw which the cities where it has the facultieses and we learn on some courses that involve diverse areas, we learn mainly on the substances that to study and time of course and its specializations. This work not only helped to choose a course, but yes to search for other courses in which in them we will incase melhor.’ ‘ Diego Tiago Rodrigo Matheus Guillermo We thank the devotion of the pupils who had participated of the project ‘ ‘ Guide of Profisses’ ‘ to that they had contributed with its registers of experience in the accomplishment of the work.

Managing Director


Important because this interdisciplinary team specializing in the market of nursing and senior business and has worked for many years in various management positions and functions in this. So one of the consultants is a Managing Director worked for many years working with operators and investor experience, another a former head of the establishment and Assignment Manager. Both have several nursing and retirement homes in a variety of sizes designed, successfully placed on the market and launched. And others still, the team consists of an architect who designs the various seniors real estate for over 20 years, projects and builds, a marketing expert who serves companies of senior management in the areas of advertising and public relations for years, as well as a lawyer, which is focused on trade, tax and construction law as a trained banker. The way of working is on security and consultant Atelier aligned efficiency in cooperation with the banks created a basic, expert opinion on the basis of the information contained in the funding request for transfer of the funding request. We often notice that the Bank documents submitted by far is not sufficient to give an only moderately reliable forecast for the success of an institution.

If the information provided are too flimsy, we contact the potential borrower, to more Information query. Our care emerging principle statement always ends with a recommendation for action to the other approach.”says Martin Servos, consultant and former Director of several senior institutions. Architect and engineering expert Dr. Thomas team added: should at this point arise that a deeper testing makes sense, we are requesting plans after consultation to verify the necessary voting certificate gem. the regulations on the General principles for the promotion of nursing facilities and construction law. If these are not yet to the level of development of the project, we check whether the minimum conditions are fulfilled.” Minimize risk with: think global-act local consultants Atelier and its respective subject matter experts analyze and objectively assess the planning on complying with all landscape management and building requirements, as well as building law, the site of a (projected) building and its potential, the regional market and competition needs, as well as the strategic concept and its vote on the building and the target group, the choice of the target group in relation to market competition and operating experience, the advertising and sales activities, the plan Bill on reasonableness, as well as the quality of the future operator using another range of part of due diligence or to request of a full-range due diligence.

Can I Find The Right Partner Online?


The dating agency PARSHIP stressed at work. Business trips. Shopping, the budget still time to meet the partner of choice in conventional way where? A situation that know many professionals. Time is becoming more and more scarce, valuable resource. However, many not on her happiness want. Thanks to the Internet is now easier than ever: online dating is booming like never before. More and more singles to find their partners on the Internet use this possibility. Quickly.

Easy, fast and reliable. EHARMONY, the leading online dating agency in Germany and in Europe, has adjusted to these changing needs and today offers users sometimes largest selection of singles, also in the long term are looking for a suitable partner on judicious ways: search over 10 million are registered on. The success rate is high: many have found already after a short time their dream partner. Who do not get an alternative. Easy contact and appropriate partners proposals Online dating has many advantages: such contacts can be uncomplicated way quickly and at any time make. Thanks to detailed collection of relevant information can be made by PARSHIP partner recommendations, which are in harmony with the profile of the seeker. Unexpected surprises will be spared thanks to the regional search.

A survey of EHARMONY to 1,000 successfully mediated members revealed that 86% of respondents have met their partner during the first three months of their EHARMONY membership. Around 40% met their soulmate in just the first six weeks. And rising. Respectability and seriousness of those seriously seeking a partner wants serious offers. “Quotes from people, the real” are. No Jokers, or fakes. Thanks to the professional partner mediation management of EHARMONY, the latter have no chance. PARSHIP is reliable and secure. And: PARSHIP checks. Fun profiles to avoid and to offer a competent service for discerning singles, PARSHIP is chargeable. Anonymity and security PARSHIP enables all users full anonymity and security. Each user can decide who the photos, can see your name or E-Mail address. Tips make it easier first step pending first contact? No fear! PARSHIP gives helpful tips for the proper address all singles. Possible risks even if the benefits outweigh in online dating, was noted at this point yet on isolated risks. So beautifully the search for love is also dark side can emerge: stalkers, the Internet offers many ways to harass their victims. Everyone wants to look good. Say what is not suitable if necessary fit is made: it is cheated, whether it be retouched or out-of-date photos, with the size, the weight, the job, etc. No later than at the first meeting should be debunked but this cheating and now, for all the singles, is’s dream partner is already waiting. Lisa white

Print24 With Renewed Record First Quarter


Europe’s market leader closes Q3 2011 print24 online printing with more consistently strong growth in 2011 with another record sales. Once again, the flagship company of the SE recorded a robust double-digit sales growth. Continuous innovations and improvements of the success are a number of new features and improvements that the company has successfully completed in the third quarter. These include including Europe-wide reducing delivery times for up to three days. A further reduction in delivery time provides Europe’s market leader clients wtp (web to print) in the current fourth quarter of this year. Thus, print24 is Europe’s fastest Internet printing.

In addition, print24 continued its aggressive pricing strategy in the third quarter. So, weekly three price reductions were passed on to the customers. Individual special formats very successfully also launch of the desired by many customers, to choose individual specials, was adopted. Since the beginning of September produced print24 individual format wishes of its customers and thus is the only online printing company that provides this service. The latest quarterly figures confirm the strategy of the company, to do without expensive advertising campaigns and instead to rely on their own performance highest customer satisfaction of ever. With best performance in all divisions recorded print24 record levels of customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, 97% of our customers would recommend the online printing company.

“Where others spend much money on expensive advertising and wasting considerable energy for personal public presence, we invest in excellence for our customers: lowest prices, best quality, fastest delivery, innovative improvements and excellent service with highest customer satisfaction.” The company is investment in people and technology for million investments realized in the current year until late 2011 to make further substantial investment in the latest technology. This poses also the continuous increase in the workforce. More than 100 new employees were hired within the last 12 months. The target of 100 million euros is given the future turnover expectations always before sales and 1,000 employees. For more information about print24 as well as the products and services are available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/print24 company description on SE: SE is among the leading companies in the field of Onlineprinting. The Internet printing offers its customers including brand print24 flyers, posters, postcards, brochures, business cards, stationery u.v.m. with the highest quality, fastest delivery time and lowest prices. More than 500 employees work for you 24 hours around the clock with the latest technology on over 10,000 m m of production area. Our Locations are worldwide in 26 countries – Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and United States. More information about print24 and the products and services are available in the Internet at. Company contact: print24 GmbH David Gornickel Friedrich-show str. 3 01445 Radebeul Tel: + 49 (0) 351 27 22 53 86 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: PR agency PR4YOU Holger Ballwanz Schonensche Strasse 43 13189 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 E-Mail: Web:

Alternatives To The Private Car


A private car is expensive – there are many alternatives which is owned a car but a costly affair. Fixed costs for insurance companies and the VRT come at cost as well as invoices for repairs and maintenance. More and more people decide therefore deliberately against a car, even though they have a driving licence. To deepen your understanding Nigeria is the source. Especially in big cities, they see enough attractive alternatives of mobility. So, public transport is generally well developed there. With buses, trams, underground and S-Bahn trains residents to their destination, given the often existing traffic chaos come often even faster than by car. Travel in public transport can also make more sense as used in the car, such as reading a newspaper or business documents.

Also, this form of mobility saves the often stressful search for a parking space. When comparing the costs, most people will find that the transport with other modes of transport is cheaper than with your own car. Not only are such a Bill the monthly or annual ticket included, but also the cost of some taxi ride or nationwide travel by train. However many would not completely abandon the use of a car: individual trips with a car can be handy now and again, when for example a holiday with a lot of luggage or a bulk purchase. But it requires no own vehicle. Instead a car offered especially for longer distances. On-demand customers in a rental to choose a vehicle. Just the major providers in this sector have many different vehicles in its range.

Advent is also the so called CarSharing. To do this, those interested in a corresponding local businesses must register. As a result, they can use parked cars in several places in the city and must restore off after use in marked places these. Billed by chip card, the kilometres are crucial. This model currently rapidly gaining distribution, what to will always improve the infrastructure. Car rental as well as CarSharing have something in common: customers avoid high investment as well as foreseeable and unforeseen bills. In both versions, they pay demand and can plan exactly the costs.

Job Sharing


Job splitting usually comes in jobs with identical tasks, which are not particularly complex to use. When the job pairing the workers it behooves to consult in the course of the fulfilment of the tasks among themselves. You share the responsibility and make important decisions together. Additional information at Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili supports this article. In the case of the job a work contract with the affected workers together pairings, which can be terminated only together in logical consequence. The use of job offers pairing even for more complex work tasks. The use of appropriate human resources management provides support for a target-oriented Job Sharing already in many companies software solutions.

The personnel manager the Web-based human resource management software by BITE provides comprehensive support for the implementation, acquisition, and management of Job Sharing in the enterprise. According to Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, who has experience with these questions. Working hours a week, as well as activity levels of workers are granular recorded, managed and evaluated by means of the integrated digital personnel file of the BITE human resources manager. The the each paid pro rata remuneration resulting work time as well as the individual entitlement can be also stored in the personnel manager in detail and managed. In addition, the skill matrix and the distribution of skills provide reliable information regarding potential candidates for Job Sharing models in the particular case for the job pairing due to the existing skills, abilities and knowledge. It is elemental to employ staff with the same qualifications for the same workplace at the job pairing. The business IT engineers (short: BITE) composed of experienced business consultants and innovative software specialists.

As a consultant, the business IT engineers supporting companies of any size and industry for years. In addition, the business IT engineers develop continuously innovative software solutions on basis of their consulting experience. This pragmatic tools for implementing sustainable created with the software products of BITE improved procedures and processes in the company. With the BITE personnel manager the business IT engineers have developed a fully Web-based human resource management software, which convince through functionality, as well as stability. We have made our our work our passion: business IT engineers – speed up your business! BITE GmbH Vera Sayle line marketing Resi-path-Gasse 9 89077 Ulm phone: + 49 (0) 731 / 14 11 50 0



In this direction, the interior form of the romance is not seno the passage of this being that, from the submission to the naked reality of significao, arrives exactly at the clear conscience of itself. (BRAIT, 2004, p.39). The personage of century XX is anti- hero, of multiple faces that assume different positions, giving vivacity and mood to these romances that represent the new. The hero of the rapsdia of Mrio de Andrade if fits in these characteristics and allows to also classify it in round personage or round, as the Forster critic who calls this as that one that showed a full complexity of functions that surprises the all moment the reader. The classified personages, in turn, are those defined for its complexity, presenting some quality or trends surprising convicentemente the reader. They are dynamic, they are multifaceted, constituting total images e, at the same time, very particular of the human being. (BRAIT, 2004, p.41). IT HISSES (1974) calls the shaped round personage, which corresponds the multiplicity of traces. If you are not convinced, visit Gamestop.

Thus, we analyze the possible faces of the personage, especially of the hero in elapsing of the centuries and perceives that to each on literary school to its historical moment, it propitiated the presence of new characteristics in this romanesco element, reflecting the position of the man in the society and its vision of world. II. The METAMORPHOSES OF the HERO WITHOUT NO CHARACTER Macunama, the hero without no character (1928), present a fantastic narrative, where the wonderful one, the supernatural one inhabits all in the plot of the modernista workmanship, as a signal of the new and as old model in addition, Mrio de dumb Andrade this routine being based on the vanguards and creates this personage only of great repercussion in Brazilian literature. The Macunama protagonist is considered a bonanza hero for the variability of its being, that does not assume an only face.

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