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Beyond these previous data, the Health department (2004) still praises a minimum number of professionals for each service of this complexity (CAPS III), being: 2 (two) doctors psychiatrists, 1 (one) nurse with formation in mental health, 5 (five) professional ones of superior level of other professional categories: psychologist, social, therapeutic assistant occupational, pedagogo, professor of physical education or another necessary professional of superior level and 8 (eight) professional ones of average level: technician and/or nurse aid, administrative technician, educational technician and craftsman (DEM, 2004). Considering practical the daily one of this service studied here, we perceive that this picture of professionals is sufficiently distant of the ideal, therefore this was thought for that situation where the users were being desospitalizados and would need to carry through some type of treatment, as well as vacating stream beds of internments of closed psychiatric hospitals. But as passing of the years this scene was being modified, as well as the population that was arriving at the services. Today, the people whom they look and they need the services of mental health, are presenting another profile of demand and psychic suffering also. This factor is one of the main ones in what if they relate to the necessary alterations that will have to occur in the public politics of mental health of Brazil.

Evaluation of the services of mental health: CAPS For theoretical and practical basement in the field of the mental health and with the boarding on this subject evaluation, we find few materials that work this subject with more precision and that they are norteadores for ours practical professional and of the assistance to the user of the health, in specific the mental health. Being about the evaluation concept these they are several and if they constitute from the theoretical referencial of each appraiser.

Reducing Cleaning Service Costs


Due to increased competition in the cleaning industry, such factors as the quality of cleaning services relying become one of determining when winning and retaining customers. The quality of services to a greater extent depends on the applied technologies, work organization, personnel, use of harvesting machinery, equipment and chemicals. Accordingly, on the one hand saving the budget for each of these components can lead to poor quality work, on the other hand cost reduction leads to increased profitability of the company. Unfortunately, some companies see the solution to this problem is to reduce the start-up costs. However, no attention assumed that the introduction of more advanced technologies and quality products ultimately helps to reduce the cost of cleaning up and improving quality. This article focuses on the benefits of using professional quality equipment and consumables. Yes, professional inventory includes some start-up costs, but these costs represent only a small portion of the total population, and have strong influence on the rest. Let us consider in more detail.

Staff. Advances in technology reduces cleaning time for its implementation, thereby reducing the number of staff involved. Ergonomics – notably less fatigue of staff by reducing physical activity. This leads to greater motivation, reduce sick leave and in the overall picture less turnover. Reducing costs detergents. The use of modern materials and professional application of new methods actually saves detergent. And in many cases, expensive safety coating intended for cleaning. Reduce the cost of equipment due to its durability.

A simple example is well thought of fasteners in inventory and materials, thus reducing breakdowns and costs acquisition of new products or parts for replacement. Among other things, most of today's consumables, such as microfiber cloths guarantee duration of use (from 2 to 6 months depending on the improves. One of the most advanced technology cleaning system is the preparation, based on this method by Vileda Professional has developed a system SVEP High-Speed. The method consists in using pre-prepared cleaning tips and cleaning rags. You do not need to use a bucket and wring out. Cleaning process begins with the preparation of the required number of cleaning nozzles (mop), and the degree of hydration can be adjusted, which is indispensable when cleaning a parquet floors and on which are smudges. Next, the prepared materials are placed on a trolley or bag, and during harvest can be easily replaced by the degree of Handles make it easier to work. A more intelligent tools (nozzles for cleaning the dust in hard to reach places, sleeves) make it easy to clean stairs, walls, batteries, lamps, etc.

Federal Tax Service


The tax notice must indicate the amount of tax payable, the calculation tax base, and the period of tax payment. Form of the tax notice set FTS Russia from 31.10.2005, SAE-3-21/551 @ "On approval of forms of tax notices. The tax notice may be given to an individual (His / her legal or authorized representative) personally against receipt or otherwise, the fact and date of its receipt. If the above methods can not deliver the tax notice, this notification sent by registered mail. The tax notice is received within six days after sending a registered letter. In accordance with paragraph 4 of Art. 1957 Tax Code, in cases where the tax base is tax authority, the obligation to pay tax does not arise before the date of receipt of tax notice. Paragraph 6 of art.

1958 Tax Code established that the taxpayer must pay the tax within one month from the date of receipt tax notice, unless a longer period of time for payment of the tax is not specified in the tax notice. And here arises the first violation of the Federal Tax Service of Russia: in the form of tax notification, approved the above Order number SAE-3-21/551 @ no "root" in which the taxpayer must sign. In the original order of the RF Ministry on 14.10.1999, AP-3-08/326 "On approval of forms of tax notices, and from 15.03.2004, BG-3-04/198 @ "On the forms of tax notices" such a possibility was the taxpayer. Now about "another method of awarding tax notice.

Federal Registration Service


For registration of property rights to the newly created holiday (garden), house or building cabins should: 1. A completed Declaration of immovable property (to be completed by the applicant in person in the prescribed form, approved by the Order 232 of Ministry of Economic Development 15.08.2006). 2. Title documents for the land on which the facility is located. The exception is if the applicant's right to that land formerly registered under the Act of 21.07.1997g. 122-FZ "On state registration of immovable property and transactions with it" with all the changes and additions.

3. Cadastral plan of land. Issued territorial authorities responsible for conducting activities on state land cadastre, the location of the property. The exception is if: – the ownership of land land registered under the Law of 21.07.1997, 122-FZ "On state registration of immovable property and transactions with it" with all the changes and additions – represented the conclusion of the Board appropriate non-profit association, confirming that the cottage or garden house is located within the boundaries of land granted – provided the conclusion of the local government, in the case If yard, garden-profit association is not registered as a legal entity, or plot of land granted to maintain a garden or farm cottage on an individual basis. For state registration of property rights should be submitted to the territorial authorities in the Federal Registration Service of the location of real estate: 1. Application for state registration of property rights. 2. Document the payment of the fee (original and copy).

3. A document certifying the identity of the applicant. When you contact the representative of a document proving his credentials – a notarized power of attorney (original and copy). 4. The declaration of the established form of immovable property (in duplicate). 5. Title documents for the land on which the facility is located (with the exception of the above specified). 6. Cadastral plan of the land or the conclusion of an appropriate non-profit association of government or the conclusion of the local government (two copies). Based on materials from the Federal Agency for Cadastre of Immovable Objects Of course, you just could do without all the hassle, if you decide to rent apartments in Moscow, but if you are interested in their personal economy, then you need a little torment with the law.

Modality Service Daily


Today, nobody supports more the Varied incabveis Stated periods Taxes, the bel pleasure of the Operators, but as it was said, assented for the Law. Such practical is unjustifiable, mainly, seen to the optics of the high weight of cost of the Brazilian telephony of Daily pay-paid. Such Stated periods, without a doubt, facilitate the Exploration of the Consumers, mainly of those of the favored Classrooms less, the main Users of this Modality of Telephony. The Competent Governmental Authority of the Area, in the attempt to justify, does not know the reason, defending the companies, in clearly detriment of the population, alleges the necessity of if assuring the profits of the Operators (- ' ' as &#039 was little is alone to search; '), therefore in the opinion Of them, becoming Indefinite the Stated period of the Paid Credits for the Consumer (- ' ' therefore, of legitimate direito' '), certainly the bankruptcy would take the Operators (- ' ' as if placing R$10 de Crditos, the same anos&#039 lasted 10; ') or on the other hand worse, certainly, the Operators could decide To finish with the Modality Service Daily pay-pay, that she takes care of it the majority of the population, Poor of the country (- ' ' there yes, they would risk falir' '). However, let us admit the OBLIGATOR STATED PERIODS OF VALIDITY OF CREDITS OF 90 DAYS and 180 DAYS (very even so what it occurs in the practical one it is a Salada de Prazos Taxes, that depend on the Value of the 24-hour Recharge exist Stated period until), only few Users of Daily pay-paid, of the privileged Classrooms, costumam to use them, seen the high cost corresponding. The existence of the Stated period of Credits of 180 days obligatorily offered by the Operators opens another question, perhaps without direct relation, but, very convenient, it sees: Passed 30 days Without Insertion Credits, the User for right Receives linking, makes linking Cobrar and of Emergency (((, end of which,))); continuing Next the 30 days Without inserting the such Credits again, Daily pay-I pay Will be blocked (he makes linking of Emergency and the User will be able to reestablish the Services of telephony with the Insertion of Credits). in his writings.

Health Services


1. INTRODUCTION the quality tools more were argued and used in the industrial scope, being that according to DInnocenzo, Adami and Cunha (2006) the apogee of the quality concept if gave in the Japanese industry of the postwar period. However with passing of the years, this concept comes being each stronger time in the sector of the health ' ' being slowly absorbed for the area since the beginning of the 70 years of 1960 and ' ' (DINNOCENZO; ADAMI; WEDGE, 2006). Therefore, currently, with the increase of the competitiveness, cousin for the excellency, to conquer the market thus the companies of the branch not only get profits, but also they survive. roperly. However, we know that the implantation of these tools is a very great challenge in this area.

First because in the health the given service is marked by a differential? the service does not produce a consumer good concrete, is translated a service that is consumed at the moment where is produced, beyond being permeado by the relations human beings? that they are greatly complex, therefore work with subjectivity. Beyond that the customer of a health service is looking for the same for a reason, a potential problem? an illness? what it leads to a bigger embrittlement of this individual, a sense of revolt for the proper illness, concern, fear (mainly of the death) and several other feelings that are express and for many times repassed to the team that takes account of the same. As mentioned in: Considering the dimension human being, the subjectivity is in the base of all intervention in health, of simplest to most complex, having influence in the effectiveness of the services given for the hospitals. In this direction, some studies relate that the quality of the human contact is one of the critical points of the hospital system public Brazilian. (BECK et al., 2007) and to reorganize means that changes will occur, and knows that to move it is to take off the people of the comfort zone, therefore they has that to reformulate the way to mainly think and to act and acting, because what it became current, and many times, erroneamente, to facilitate the work of some can be seen at this new moment as not so beneficial the patient.

Public Service


Generally it is leaked in the body of a process and serves of base for forwardings and decises' '. (RASP, 2010) When seeming is not approved by competent authority, has mere opinativo character. IT WOULD CARRY ' ' They are acts for which the competent authorities determine steps of administrative character, give to instructions on the execution laws and of services, they define functional situations and they apply measured of order disciplinar' '. (KASPARY, 2007 you would only carry) Them produce effect of the distribution inside. You would carry used generalities to assign commissions, to define attributions, homologation of competition, registrations and results and Would carry special to assign removal, license, capacity will be for an employee. Forwarded for the competent authorities, in the case of the UFRB, for the Director.

REGIMENT ' ' It is normative act of internal situation of an agency, assigning the category and purpose of integrant institution of basic system, detailing its structure in organizacionais units, specifying the respective abilities, defining the attributions of its controllers and indicating its internal relationship and externo' '. (RASP, 2010) In accordance with Rasp the regiments are approved by decree of the President of the Republic or would carry of Minister of Titular State or of integrant agency of the Presidency. Forwarded for the Director, Directors of Centers and Coordinators of Collegiate of Courses, after approval of the Advice. (In accordance with Portaria n 498/2009) REGULATION ' ' It is a set of rules of general character, the ability of the Executive, with the purpose to clarify or to complement a legal text, guaranteeing, thus, execution of determined law or decreto' '. (RASP, 2010) Forwarded for the Director and Directors of Centers after approval of the competent Advice. REPORT ' ' (…) an official document in which an authority displays the activity of a distribution or it gives account of its acts to another authority, level superior.' ' (Magazine of the Public Service, April of 1994) the Report is a narration of activities or facts, with the discrimination of all the elements.

Social Security


The use of the credit card doesn’t have to be difficult. Only a small bit of information is needed to apply. Discover acceptance is also faster than before. Many types and ways to apply are available. But generally speaking, the information that must be provided is the same. No matter how or where use is completed, the normal personal information will be needed. Phone numbers, legal addresses, and emails are necessary. For most people, that is not difficult to complete and most of the people don’t have a problem sharing that information if the new loan is the goal.

Work and income also will be asked. A person’s Social Security number is required more sensitive information. People are always concerned about theft of identity, which is legitimate. However, this information is required. It is not optional.

The number of Social security verifies identity better than any other form of identification. ES necessary truth. As expected, accounts are verified every time that you receive a usage. The type of the used use does not affect this. Accounts and income are the main determination for acceptance, limit, and rate. The accounts will be extended from eight hundred fifty to three hundred. An account of seisciento or a bit is less high risk credit. Under five hundred media is difficult to even be accepted. Seteciento is healthy. The high seven hundreds or anything who practice an opening eight hundred is excellent credit. Companies are waiting in the line for an account of eight hundred or more. The account of a person determines two things. The first is whether he will be accepted to start. The second is what will be the interest rate they receive. An account around the range more seteciento not usually has a problem that is accepted, but does not always receive the most favourable rates. An account under seven hundred means there will be some rechazamientos and will be more difficult to find a company that is accepting.

Marilena Chau Modern


With the asceno of the bourgeoisie, a bigger social mobility is proven. From the new (and more individualistic values), the prestige of the individual passed not to fall again only into its ancestry, being able now to be reached as resulted of the effort and the proper talent. (P. 23) the man, from if sees there exempts to exactly come back its lens on itself and to the increasing technological advances. this issue. The art if becomes an appraised profession well and turns it the picture of individuals. Concomitant to these trends, the rationality unclasps, therefore the questioning and the reflection are, from now on, characteristics possible and capable to propitiate changes. In the scene of crisis of indefinies and new proper paradigms of the Renaissance the rationalism appears of Ren Discardings and its idea on the method, thus serving of a species of model of transistion between thinking renascentista and the philosophy of the Modern age.

According to Marilena Chau, an excellent differentiation fits there on the two forms of thought: (.) in the Renaissance, the knowledge operated with the notion of Similarity, was descriptive and interpretativo. The difference between the renascentistas and the modern consists of the fact of that these last ones criticize the Similarity, considering it cause of the errors and incapable to reach the essence of the things. (Chau, 2010, p.5) the cartesian Method, main reference of the modern age institutes a model that if considers to search the truth involving the questions of the metaphysics and the problem of the proper knowledge. The GREAT Ren THINKER Discardings (1596-1650), considered ' ' father of modernidade' ' , since very young he demonstrated interest for mathematics, geometry and algebra. Although he was praised by its professors, he criticized the jesutica education that has, for considering that the education of the scholastic did not lead to no unquestionable truth.



CreditServices, first network of financial tax exemptions, proposes the figure of the Financial Adviser to restrain the increasing rate of dilatoriness, that could reach 6% before finishing the year. The dilatoriness of the credits granted by banks, boxes, cooperatives and financial establishments of credit (EFC) to individuals and companies closed July in the level of 5.47%, being highest from March of 1996, according to data of the Bank of Spain. These data would also be authenticated by UBS Spain that it would have anticipated that the rate of dilatoriness of the Spanish banking system would grow until arriving at 6% in the next months existing an hidden dilatoriness in the buildings acquired by banks and boxes. In fact, according to the calculations of the Bank of Spain and the International Monetary Fund, the banks and boxes would be accumulated lands and buildings by 84,500 million Euros at the end of 2010 and would own more than 250,000 finished houses and other 160,000 without finishing, almost a third of the leftover stock. For this reason, now it is when it is more necessary figure of the Financial Adviser who created in Spain the CreditServices company. Consultants, with much experience, who look for the best financing and legal solutions among all the Spanish and foreign financial organizations, specializing in difficult financings even with non-payments and/or embargoes. This company, formed by than 1,500 professionals with experience more demonstrated, dedicated to the insuring, banking and enterprise advising has known to re-invent itself and to resurge like the Bird Fnix after years of economic convulsion and a world-wide crisis in the financial system.

CreditServices, with a hundred of establishments of financial intermediation of street and member on foot adhered of A.S.N.E.F with a-323 number and founding partner of ANCOF (National Association of Financial Consultants), continues betting by the creation of new financial products that adapt to the present needs of the users. Damos answers as much to the clients who want the best conditions so many in the financings as in the insurances, companies and individuals, like a those that time does not have to go of bank in bank or to buy the supplies of the insuring companies and mainly cannot move to the power stations or they do not have the volume necessary to be able to accede to the preferential agreements that we yes have, explains Javier Lopez, president of CreditServices. CreditServices is a private company formed by economists, lawyers and experts financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and enterprise advising to different corporations, small and medians companies and individuals. Member it is adhered to the National Association of Financial Establishments of Credit, and its objective is to look for the solution any financing or refinancing for companies and individuals. In order to establish a tax exemption the premises in a starting phase are not needed. The necessary investment includes a canon from 6,000 Euros (analyzing the zones of exclusive feature), and royalties of 5% of the invoicing (minimum 300 Euros the first months). In one second phase the premises must have 50 on foot m2 of street, and the total investment, that recovers in 14 months, is placed around 12,000 Euros.

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