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Man, and without asking permission, so you know it! In fact in the Amazon region is indicated between their school books as your property, such as a region which is currently hands of some Indians like us who don’t we take care of it (prepare their hosts from childhood). If a commonplace is common remencionarlo, but our Andean region provided the United States 25% of the oil consumed (this nothing more Venezuela provides 15) and is not difficult to barruntar, after that Venezuela (nothing more she) is close to certify reserves in the order of the 314 billion barrels, more than the same Saudi Arabia, which has 170 m not is difficult to barruntar that, if in addition to the oil they posesionan of the Amazon (a huge resource), here are enough fuel to extend life as crazed Empire. Do you copied my concern for this overwhelming so common place that we seek to hunt us? I say something more, to complete: Euroasia-caucaso – Middle East (oil triangle) is certainly the most strategic energy network on the planet, given that owns 70% of the reserves of the world’s oil, and where the American Empire plays it day and night with their conspiracies (the latest was his adventure in Georgia); and Middle East may be, I also say, itself only, as it declared it the former President Eisenhower, the area of the world most important strategically, for its reserves of oil but nothing as easy and cheap as our America, where, as a contingency, it is possible to invade their countries and then extract its resources without great difficulty, while they are resolved him to the Empire their setbacks in this area more strategically in the world. As we know, there is no here, over there, countries atomically armed to defend their sovereignty, which offered great resistance (Brazil has little took the first step and bought nuclear submarines to guard its recent oil finds). As if were, therefore, oil Tangerine, which is peeled with ease; or by calling us in other words, the vital fuel for those who, inevitably, they will seek to consume us. Bread, fuel, food. Not come then, man, reprimand me the plate and: similarly come by us in robbery plan, is not possible that hide you the consequent common place: they cannot be friends, neither human nor animalmente talking (instinct, remember?). As clear as the sky, elemental as water and Earth.

It should perhaps be the imprint of this long, trite and worrying story. Notes: USA surrounds militarily to Venezuela because of its oil reserves Online. In Bolivarian news agency.19 oct 2009. First screen. . Query: 23 oct 2009.

M denounce in Russia bases in Colombia destabilizes the region Online. In daily Gramma.24 Aug 2009. . Query: 23 oct 2009. Original author and source of the article.

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