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Online Coaching


The coaching tool LPScocoon allows a systemic breakdown in the virtual space which makes online version of LPScocoon all over the world for the first time a strategy consulting with Visual support of a systemic breakdown of the Internet possible. For the high utility value, innovation, and the particular attitude to medium-sized businesses the initiative has awarded the software SME innovation. With its newly designed symbol stones, LPScocoon has made presentable systemic constellations in business coaching. In 2007, this concept was awarded as innovation coaching and consulting. Now is available the installation tool also in the virtual space and resources received in 2008 human an innovation award in the category.

A graphics program client and coach carry out a joint statement on the computer and control the symbol stones with keyboard and mouse. In the same way, you can change your own perspective or the site. Connected via the Internet, all movements are transmitted simultaneously on the screen of the other. The movements are soft, and the photo-realistic 3D works naturally in the virtual space. The coach parallel moderated the installation of the client by phone. On the Internet, advance payment. Currently 100 EUR per hour, this virtual coaching is significantly cheaper than face-to-face business coaching. The developer promises similar efficiency with greater local and temporal flexibility. Coaches can use with experience in systemic line-up for own work the software license. The demo version to the free download available is available on the website. Christiane Grabow

Ontological Coaching


At this moment it is when the Coaching invests the traditional logic: del is the attitude that learns the one that gives sense to which it teaches and therefore they ask " Who would have to receive? " (9). Coach in this way, neither advises, nor thinks, nor acts, nor it promotes What apparently yes it can realise coaching, is the make to unblock the potentialities of the person to increase its performance. Of here until the policy of " teacher ignorante" , of Jacques Ranciere, there is only a step. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Lars Leckie has to say. (Rancire J., the Ignorant, Publishing Teacher You alert, Barcelona, 2002). 4. – The ONTOLOGICAL COACHING These affirmations exceeds what is the Coaching that are defined in their majority, by " what he is not " they lead to us until the Ontological Coaching whose principle of action seems to be the one of " to teach without adoctrinar". Of this pedagogical principle, almost antimetaphysician would say I, we can deduce the following motto of coaching ontological: " To learn to aprender". This statement tries in particular to show how to the people and the professionals, we must be permanently in situation to learn, to know new processes or methods work, than in other atmospheres it has come in being called the formation-continuous one. Unlike happening social classic, in that the individuals happened by the life, entering of an institution and leaving her towards another one but as if they were phases of evolution: of the parvulario to the school, of the school to the institute, the institute to the university, from the university to the company, Underneath this systemic exposition surroundings to coaching and more generally, around the Education and the Formation, appear to have to resign or to leave inherited mental models of behavior of the classic tradition. I talk about traditional values, of how making/think the things.

Phrases Of Leadership


For a leader who has studied leadership books, a bad performance is less harmful than a mediocre performance disguised as a good performance. Most of the leaders are struggling to get the wrong results, or correct in wrong ways. The worst forms of leadership involves rewards and punishments. Getting along does not necessarily imply obtaining results. If you do not feel, it may not make it, and they either will do, as we read in a book of leadership. Leadership is the fin of all races. The leadership is to see hope in any adversity. To make a difference, the difference is.

In leadership, one does not have to expect the worst, simply get the best out of the situation when it occurs. The best leaders make use des simpler ideas. If you are always right, it is usually wrong. For a leader, the best way to communicate an idea is packaged in a human being. Art most influential leadership is hiding it. The lack of action is sometimes the best action. Is not so important what you say as a leader; but the action that people take after listening to his opinion.

In leadership, the value of every need is in use. Leadership is not about living an easy life for us and a difficult life for others. We ourselves are our own obstacles to become better leaders. The leadership is to show people not that they must take some action, but to take action. Half of the art of listening is waiting. To get the best out of people, hold to the best of them. People tend to be unaware of the best they have. To show them, you are half way to motivate them to make it their cause leaders. An achievement needs three things, the leader, the leader of the cause, and the moment. In the long term, the results most important leadership are not what achieved but what we become to achieve this.

Central African Disasters


Nobody talks about malaria, AIDS or Central African drought while the news is the tsunami. And this, in turn, passes to the trunk of memories at the time that the figures and images become repetitive. Governments and the population in general respond in similar terms to the shocks of natural disasters that frequently occur. Many social organizations in donor countries trying with continued effort educating its population with a pedagogy of cooperation that do understand the complexity of this to put it into practice. This process includes giving priority to sustained cooperation and development that attacks the very roots of poverty. It’s that people fall into the account of the importance of programmes long term including the production of goods of first necessity, the encouragement of employment, the improvement of educational and sanitary conditions, the creation of infrastructures, etc.

Projects made by the native population, with strong social participation, transparent and with a high degree of efficiency for the environment where they are applied. It is as much as give prominence to the normality of the day of a society. Said in another way, also a way to proactively combat natural disasters, since a structured society and strong can tackle them with greater assurance. However, audiences remain more sensitive to a timely disaster of dramatic consequences, with stark images. Flocked and sudden pain makes countless props and an excessive body heat to get. They are the moments, moreover, that some organizations with few scruples have leveraged to attract resources and partners. We are a global challenge ahead, get the structure of aid in disasters will strengthen to the extent that is shortly to improvise when intervention becomes necessary. But without sustained cooperation at the develop suffer no loss. It is as important to act in emergency, how to maintain a responsible, constant and rigorous attitude about the myriad of causes which produce calamities on the planet.

Summary Of The Text: The Implications Of The Professional Ethics In The Performance Of The Psicopedagogia


Here it approaches that the code of ethics of the psicopedagogia must be the instrument capable to guide, to direct and to locate the prxis of psicopedagogo. Lars Leckie shines more light on the discussion. This author still affirms, not to have doubts of that the profession of a person consequentemente marks its existence and its continuation, mainly, when it integrates intelligence and affectivity, therefore she does not have here as to separate the personal life of the professional, no matter how hard if she tries, therefore the good functionality of a profession depends on its accomplishment not only professional but, mainly, a personal satisfaction, what she will lead consequentemente to the growth of the individual. Therefore, the professional performance of the citizen he is resulted of its integral personality, that is, the profession is influenced by personal values, attitudes front to the life, at last, front to the conditions of human being. The code of ethics not only of the Psicopedagogia, but of many other professions, holds a special learning in the area of its systematic and organic knowledge.

It also designates one Real and authentic necessity of the professional to submit itself autoavaliao, to the knowledge of its prxis and importance of its good performance, to a good supervision and advises an operating work of personal and professional formation. To submit it supervision is essential in the performance of qulaquer professional, therefore it who contributes for the efficiency and good resulted of the work, as well as the personal formation, understood as well as a constant in the professional update. Questions that involve the professional ethics, sufficiently are argued, but, in special the ethics of psicopedagogo, perpassam trajectory in the text in relation to its function in the society, therefore this has the power of joint between individual and the social one (after all, the man does not know and nor he can live outside of the society, therefore, it is essential to live well and to know well its rules and to coexist in action ethics). For being cliente of some questions that imply the ethics in the daily one of the psicopedagogia, such as use of resources for diagnosis and psicopedaggica intervention; delimitation of field of performance and relation with other professionals, in this text was opted here to investigating the ethics code while norteador instrument of the prxis, therefore this makes possible to the development of the responsible professional individual while for the psicosocial. Therefore, it is intended here to reflect regarding the psicopedagogia while area of performance and profession, therefore it systemize and thus it aims at to contribute for the integral reflection of isolated, inautntico, of small account, or same the ethics, not as something distant of the reality, but something that must be cliente and to be part of this daily one. Therefore a good professional has left of its fidgets, therefore, is not different for good psicopedagogo, mainly in the society, where it is its area of performance.

Keep Information


There are tools that help us collect, organize and interpret key information in carrying out a business idea. Some are market research, SWOT analysis (SWOT English), business plan, among others. A basic formula for a business is Binomio Product – Market. Often companies manage different ways of doing business, ways that result in product and market. What I sell and to whom you sell? And the answer basically gives the client, identifying the basis of Key Factors of Success a.

Those that are necessary to take the lead in their market. Essential. Identification of features that meet customer needs. Beyond the product-market pairing, pairing might be called half-need satisfaction. Examples: Setting a typical restaurant meal is not sold, sold tradition If you wish to sell juices, sells health and freshness. It is not just selling financial services is security. It is not only a Web page is updated, valuable and free. a concept aims at focused growth, ie stress concentration which is stronger.

The importance of this approach is that it will lead you to increase value to their offer and to innovate with true customer focus is how the correct definition of the binomial product-market, allowing a complete product description and categorization of groups of customers which drives our business, give us a profile with a unique competitive concept. If this strategy punctuality break down as follows: Locate an existing market identifying their needs (see:) Identify means to meet those needs (product or service) mechanisms to manage these resources offer Dissemination of the existence of a product proposal with some attributes related to preferences and consumer needs. I wish you every success in introducing this strategy into their business. Quijano Haydee Haydee Quijano is an expert in business and international markets, she hopes that these skills are applied to and thence to entrepreneurs just starting out, giving advice and counseling.

The Other


Unless the word nature is not understood by universe. This thinker did not possess the description we have of the chemical element called water. He appealed directly to the observation and even when it was in the days in which men gave an interpretation of the nature of mythological form, this man was very objective. The testimony of Aristotle confirms what’s coming saying. He wrote the following: is is essential that you find a first nature. Which means: nothing out of nothing. a unique nature.

IE: one that change or mute constantly being she always and not another. be manifold. which means: that is always processed. Conclusion of this three propositions essential which is first nature. That is unique, manifold, which always subsisting emit all the other things, such founder of this philosophy, considers water as a first principle, this goes up to pretend the Earth rests upon water.

And he was probably led to this idea, by that noted that moisture nourishes all things, that same warm thing comes from her and all animal lives, moisture and that where comes all is clear that it is the principle of all things. Another observation led him to this opinion, the seeds of all things by nature are wet, and water is the principle of all things wet. (METAPHYSICS BOOK 1 CAP III ARISTOTLE). In physics there is an axiom that we It seems wonderful, but physicists do not know where it comes and who think so. He demonstrates them coming from philosophy and such of Mileto think so. energy cannot be created nor destroyed is transformed.Thanks to his knowledge of astronomy could boast from the winter oil next gathering would be abundant. And attempt to respond to some posts that is le hacian by poverty, which had not failed to rid his useless philosophy, employment that possessed little money, to give warranty for the lease of all presses in Chios and Miletus, and it got them cheap, because there were no other bidders, but when I get the timely, presses were suddenly sought by a grown number of growers, and the is the subarrendo at the price as he wanted, the utility was great, and such proved by this successful speculation that philosophers when they want to know how to easily enrich themselves. Even though this is not its purpose.

Charisma And Charisma:


Executive Days organized with Tom Schmitt consulting Dr. Kraus & partners, on the subject “Status intelligence” in Munich and Hamburg State intelligence with personality in leadership”. This is the title of an Executive day the consulting Dr. Kraus & partners held on 28 September in Munich and on the 10th of October in Hamburg. The workshop is designed for decision makers, who regularly face the challenge, to win other people for themselves and their messages regardless of whether they executives, Keyaccounter, or project manager. In the one-day intensive workshop, they learn how to achieve more effective when individuals and groups of people force of their personality. The workshop is managed by the theatre teacher and drama coach Tom Schmitt, who won among other things the training award in gold for innovative training methods.

The status expert”, the lecturer at the Hamburg University for Economics and politics, is among the participants “explain how they so stage in important discussions”, that they on their partners at the same time authentic and believable, assertive and sympathetic “effect. Here he presents numerous techniques them, using for example actor to achieve this goal. Determined is in the workshop also among other things by means of video analyses what effects the participants due to their occurrence in talks; they tap this addition in which status traps”. This building, the participants practice then, their appearances to make, that they win the sympathy of the people and achieve the desired effect. The participation of the Executive days in Munich and Hamburg costs 99 euros each (+ VAT). The number of participants is always limited to twelve, to allow an intensive work. For more information, those interested in the business consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal (; Tel.: 07251 / 989034). Contact person is Katja von Bergen (E-Mail:)),

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