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San Francisco


Books, roads and days gives man wisdom. While it gives us the opportunity to stay, to have life in order to understand it leverage in our short transit of perishable forms, must know it leverage in such a way that we enjoy it intensely, that let us know her leverage with due attention, knowing interrelate us, properly handle our energy manifested in feelings, emotions, which we must know how to manage in such a way that we feel well and not afectemos anyone. Fortunately those who have preceded us have bequeathed us knowledge based on their experiences of how important, relevant autoconocerse, is using the basic tools that guarantee us harmony, happiness, peace and allow us to grow as people, as in the spiritual. Unfortunately there are many people who have not worried this, surprised in his actions, in how they behave, what their behavior generates and affects your personality, giving way to frustration anguish, sadness, all that deteriorates that potential that all We bring you to use it properly in pro of knowing the opportunity of living. Every human being has a series of needs as it unfolds and is necessary to meet them in order to grow, in addition each person has to have an autonomous and independent life project which many times are not achieved since the person does not have enough mental strength so that everything you want to be awarded, there are many aspects or feelings generated us restrictions against our growth as for example: ego, empathy, lack of self-esteem, fear, frustrations all this results us in serious conflicts that the long delayed our evolution deteriorate our authentic personality making our conduct this oriented to the satisfaction of the physical world (pleasures, self-centeredness, etc) most of the people are concerned about look good, be fashionable, hold untold riches; a psychotherapist in San Francisco, I would point out that for some who have enriched at a young age, money is the root of the stress and confusion, purchased two or more houses, spend money hand over fist and when that did not make them happy; they become depressed, feel empty and remain hesitant without knowing what to do with his life. .

Portuguese Language


in the educational plan can propitiate a gamma of benefits to the professor, in the direction to widen its contingent of pedagogical tools. However, when the subject is the education of the language it has controversies, therefore, some of its tools where the use of the language is something primordial, rooms of beat papo, blogs, e-mails, come appearing in a fierce speed a new language, that would be a virtual variation of the Portuguese language and that he has been introduced in the texts produced in classroom, bringing a quandary for the professor, that has the double incumbency to teach to the pupil the national language of standardized form, but, without leaving to alert it on the other faces of the same one, that is the variations. On the importance of the education of the national language Abgar Renault it makes the following affirmation: It is the national language it disciplines par excellence of the education and of the culture it excessively preexists to all and the all sobreleva, because it is its only instrument of expression and communication. Only it, becoming possible to create, to transmit and to fix the thought, becomes possible the existence of excessively in the quality of knowledge you incorporated our spirit. This affirmation finds endorsement in the curricular parameters national that it stipulates: Throughout the years of basic education, one expects that the pupils gradually acquire ability with regard to language that it makes possible to decide problems to them of the daily life, to have access to the cultural goods and to reach the full participation in the world scholar. Front to this objective, the education of the language gains a character essential, and increases the responsibility of the professor of Portuguese Language that cannot to summarize the education of the language to an only model where professors and pupils if confuse in the popular variety (or coloquial), and makes with that education is run over by the new modalities literal in expansion (over all the internets and the informatiqus), thus losing its main goal (to teach to the use standard) and it makes with that the pupil, the times, does not see sensible in the lessons of Portuguese language: or because it is remained orthodox in the prejudiced gramatiquice or because it repeats in classroom what it learns with or without the school.



These children worked in subumanas conditions and received about fifty cents for kilo incinerado coal, each one produced in 12 working hours about 7 kilos, to the end of the day received three Reals on average and fifty cents, this when they did not make ' ' hour extra' ' arriving to work up to 20 hours without stopping to eat or to go to the bathroom, not that it had one for &#039 there; ' funcionrios' '. Our as observing, or better, observing one she was a person who could move and very the life of the children who worked in that place. Nobody perceives its presence, the disguise was giving there certain, leaves that it searched the answers that she needed As soon as the group of children had arrived if it separates, therefore each one occupied a function in the coal bunker, some broke the coal, others carried to the giant ovens, others was next to the ovens stops to replenish them with coal and ones still they carried the incinerado pure black dust. Anasa fed the oven number three of the coal bunker, the oven was inside of one of mini adobe large cabins, inside was very hot there, it was not imported with the heat, therefore it very liked to see the dance of the flames to if launching coal, the form as it grew, the domain of the red on the orange per few seconds, precious seconds. Anasa thought very, on this day mainly therefore was anniversary of its mother, it remembered the mother very of as it sang, of its I smell of flower and its skill to read Its mother is one of the few people whom they knew to read in that region, all worked or in the harvest of orange or the coal bunker, and the children started to work very early, arriving never to frequent a school. Anasa dreamed in learning to read, its mother it leaves only one thing: the book, was not a book any, was ' ' Livro' ' , the book that its mother read all the nights until it to close the eyes and to dream. Its dream was to learn to read, to embark in the fancy of books, where the dreams if they carried through, where the money not valley nothing, where if it can be happy, where if can be child Julio broke the black dust rocks to be incineradas more easily, work tired the manual it very but the least it did not have that to feed the ovens what it was good, therefore the heat close to the ovens was insuportvel. It liked music very, mainly of classic music. Landmarks the owner of the coal bunker all heard classic music the day and in the highest volume. Julio obtained to hear the touchs of the piano, light in the first compasses of music, as the touchs if intensify in elapsing of the cigana waltz the beatings of the heart of the boy if they fortify, if they speed up, if they get passionate Julio dreams in being pianista Ours second observing already finds answers the sufficient, and these answers would forever change the life of all in that coal bunker. Chapter 3 Hope In few instants the afternoon would arrive at the end, the sky was dyed in different tones to see

African Ancestry


This work presents the results of a research carried through in the city of Macap, whose object of study was of mapear the presence of religions of African matrix, more specifically, candombl. One gave to emphasis to the rediscusso of the existing versions on the origin and the presence of candombl in Macap. The study it allowed to approach the references between science and religion, in the measure where it had as theoretical support for the analysis the areas of social sciences and history. Throughout the research it was verified cultural contribution of the African people, the same one can be mensurada when it studies the formation and the cultural identity of the region. In elapsing of the research, we find in the examined documentation, and the carried through interviews, material support that allowed to signal the existence of two versions on the origin of candombl in Macap. The first one, as Pear tree (2008) points out the trajectory of candombl, as a particular initiative of a man, natural of the state of Par, in the year of 1982. This man is in the hierarchic structure of religion one babalorix, which starts to spread out the religion of African matrix in this state. Second he detaches SAINTS (2009) candombl has its origin in Macap, for the initiative of one lady, natural of the state of the Amap, in 1985 whose function is Yalorix.

METHODS: The methodology adopted for accomplishment of this research was the technique of verbal history collecting depositions, and becoming interviews and as it affirms Becker (2005, P. 31) ‘ ‘ Verbal history is extremely useful to fill the gaps of history, to compensate the lack of documentao’ ‘. 5 people had been interviewed, three of the masculine sex, whose hierarchic function and in candombl is babalorix and two women whose hierarchic function, inside of candombl are yalorix.



Yesterday (26/12/07) I attended in the National Periodical substance on the collection process and production of biodiesel of oil of used kitchen in San Francisco /USA.A presented structure is interesting and serves for some reflections, mainly given the effort in articulating a process that joins the State of So Paulo and the great installed Plants already, authorized and in operation. With regard to the first sector already legislation exists turning on the collection of this raw material. We are in search of the joint of the social programs of the State with the process of recycling in wide-scales. James Dimon often addresses the matter in his writings. Mainly given the impact of descate of this raw material in the collecting net of sewer that does not arrive to be that one that comumente is divulged, but is significant an operational expenditure for the Sabesp, beyond, is clearly of the consequncias for our environment. With regard to as the sector we have, the least, three great apt industrial plants to operate with this raw material. All already estam cliente of the advantages of its use: ) either for the increase of the same edge of contribution or, b) for the attainment possibility, in the short-stated period, of carbon credits. Also, already daily quotation for the ton of used oil of kitchen exists. Lack to only verficar the question of the ICMS that, for the ox tallow, is differed and in this in case that not.

With regard to the third sector, valley to detach the chance in adding value to the process of transformation of the society a time that what it was garbage turns raw material. In our State this gains great relevance given fast process of mechanization of the sugar cane harvest. At last, to articulate the three sectors of the economy so that in this year of the PLANET let us can make our lesson of house. A good year for all.



Back to the princess, maid understand! Tsing yi orz s bow down to, not because of be convinced, but because she knows that her life and death really will be in this kind of woman hands, she at this moment is really afraid to to resist, she even think just don Rou show that one can buy her to eye death! Syren, could it be true to make this fine Tang Rou exhibition corners of the pick, and light way micro: you don t have to fear, I am also not a tigress, as long as you don t break out my bottom line darling obedient, high position and great wealth, you will also enjoy the enough. Temper justice with mercy! She is now in addition to the Rou tang exhibition left a heap of mess and vicious memory, without any outside.Christian Louboutin 2012 based on capital. She has a g wife and hated her husband, there is a special and she run counter to the XiaoGuZi, there is a deep an obstinate mother-in-law, there are three nominally in her name, but she abusedto fear hate her stepson, there are a large group of her eye covetously concubine room, illegitimate female also have seemingly ordinary. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hummer Winblad Venture and gain more knowledge.. She has so much, why so many people there is aversion she hates her afraid of her. Tang exhibition Rou headache, thought of this body with the host before leaving so many let people burned interpersonal relationship, tang exhibition Rou will wish in death eleven! But good dog is better than a dead lion alive, she prelife family inside parents would have died, and in addition to grandma is really love her, the uncle s uncle brothers and sisters which is not her as a thorn in So she just rebellious take off military uniform to go into the international stage, but unexpectedly, in the end unexpectedly is reborn after death. The previous generation ideal ambition all become empty, so this lifetime, she absolutely can t waste! Don Rou exhibition, where all want to live wonderful!.

Height Meters


Longer visitable Metropol Parasol in the Plaza of the Encarnacion in Seville, in the heart of the city.A walk to almost 30 meters of height from 4 may, at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 10 o’clock at night, visits to the mushrooms may perform and enjoy a view of the city at 28.5 meters high, a panoramic balcony of free access through a 250 metres catwalk that winds up to the frame with a view to all Seville. The plaza de la Encarnacion is set in the historic and commercial centre of the city, a place accessible from our hotels in Seville well through public transport or a pleasant walk. Professor of Economics may find this interesting as well. The ascent to the Metropol Parasol is Sevillians and residents free, just showing the national identity document. For those who visit us your price is 2 euros. Also, in this place, the Antiquarium, which has been described by many experts as the greater Roman archaeological site of the city can be visited. The found remains dating from the 1st century until the 12th century: siding, and complete functional sets that have a maximum visibility, in a continuous horizontal surface with few stairs where overlap different historical moments. Especially noteworthy are the mosaics of the Roman House, the home of the nymph, or the House of Bacchus. It also highlights a mural painting of three meters in the courtyard of the ocean.

Hotel Monte Malaga


From 22 to 24 June it will take place in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos of Torremolinos, the I Edition of the fair health and sport.Lifesport, a new way of presenting the sport more than 5,000 m2 will be occupied by the exhibition area, different thematic areas and a sports area. Lifesport was born to bring the practice of sport and its benefits to an ever wider group of society, as a concept of education and development of personal values: effort, self-improvement, competition and fellowship. It will also be a forum for Exchange on the latest developments in sports matters, modalities and disciplines. Oby Ezekwesili can aid you in your search for knowledge. Paddle tennis courts outdoors where visitors may take part in the extensive programme of sports activities; Clinic with professionals; exhibition games; adapted paddle and a mini tournament between Federated minor parties are some of the activities of the Play area. In parallel I tournament Lifesport’s paddle, which concentrate to players of first level and whose final will be held is be carried out in the central track of the fair. Your accommodation to attend this event can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 stars superior, our Hotel Monte Malaga, which for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 100 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the event.

Marriott Doral Golf Resort


After the 2010 World Golf Championships-CA Championship, the property that was the host, Doral Golf Resort & Spa, a Marriott Resort, is inviting golfers of all levels to give a swing in the famous field. From the TPC Blue Monster at Doral, where Ernie Els faced a hard-fought victory, the new signing of golf Jim McLean (presented in November), or other three courses of Championships in Doral, travelers have options in abundance to quench your appetite by the greens. The Unlimited Golf Championship package includes accommodation, 18 holes in the Red, Gold or Jim McLean Firma of course, the rounds of courtesy on the same day, buffet breakfast daily at the Terrazza Restaurant, an introduction of the clinic of golf, unlimited use of driving range and golf bag storage. Available may 13 – Oct. 8, rates start at $109 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. rates from $159 per night single occupancy. * (only rooms starting at $price 139 per night). Use the promotional code G4X.

The Blue Monster at Doral TPC getaway includes a stay of two or three nights, 18 holes at the TPC in Doral Blue Monster and the great white of the repetitions of courtesy in the Red, Gold, or Jim McLean Firma of course, daily breakfast at the terrace cafe, an introduction of clinic of golf, unlimited driving range and golf bag storage. Those passengers who book a visit of three nights will receive a new round in the Red, Gold or Jim McLean Firma of course. Available from December 23, 2010, the rates of the season from $169 per person, per night G4Y. * use promotion code. After a day of bogeys, birdies, and bunkers, guests can relax with the sounds of live music in Bossa Nova Lounge and Mesazul, both of which opened its doors in February. Portuguese new trend, Bossa Nova offers small plates of tapas with a unique selection of boutique rums.

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