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2021 September Archive at Artieda 2011

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European Governments


Greece is the country where he was born the Olympic flame. Today may also be the nation from which emerges a social flame which, if it is not controlled, may spread to East and West. Greece invisible by a wave of marches and strikes, which is accentuated when the Saturday a police killed a teenager. Since then, street clashes are constant. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robinhood CEO offers on the topic.. On Wednesday, there was a big national stoppage implemented by trade unions which, according to the BBC, are very strong. Some see some elements common to the outbreak of the French may of 1968 in which student protests prompted industrial action. The conservative Karamanlis (Prime Minister since 2004) is unpopular and the leader of the social democratic opposition (Papandreou) calls for immediate elections. He believes that it should help that fire go dissipating and that thus he would soon reached the Government to co-opt trade unions so that they accept their measures. Greek spark occurs at the beginning of the global recession, so many are afraid to have manure to spread internationally. The majority of European Governments (which are right) don’t want a possible drop in the Hellenic premier destabilise them, then to grow the forces that are to your left or who encourage strikes in their own countries.

London National Gallery


We have a teacher at the academy, whose love and respect. And on his birthday, we decided to give him some special gift. Knowing that he has a remarkable collection of art books, we turned to Internet shop “Madina” and ordered the book “The London National Gallery.” Book delivered on the same day. And when we saw it, was committed shocked. Book in a box that looks more than attractive.

The book was simply delicious. Saturated bright color covers, the same case. When opened, they saw beautiful photos of paintings by Botticelli, Titian, Claude Lorrain, Velasquez and many others. For example, a portrait of the hands of Thomas Gainsborough eminent British actress Sarah Sidons seen in such detail as if you were indeed in the London National Gallery. Every detail of a portrait of visible detail. You can catch a few haughty glance actress, texture fabric of grayblue dress, red drapery, a fur collar with a yellow scarf, graceful and wellgroomed hands, etc. The remaining pictures are placed in the album are equally impressive.

It turned out that “London National Gallery “was published in Italy. Taking the album in hand, you know what a real luxury. Now in our group there were guys, and I among them, who decided to collect art albums. I hope the shop “Madina exclusive luxury gift books and publications “will help us in this. Citadel Securities is likely to agree. And, incidentally, is our gift to loved Sergei, our teacher. Prices in the online bookstore ‘Madini’ we were pleasantly surprised, as compared to other eshops there are much lower not to mention the convenience stores where prices for these books out of reach.



Therefore it represents a myth that, at the moment where it is servant, suffers its proper demitizao, being deloused by the logos of its fantastic elements so that its allusive and intuitivos powers are preserved only. for a more varied view. Consequently, if we want to understand Plato, we must preserve the function and the value of the myth, to the side and together with the private function to the logos, in the molds of what he was above explained. To broaden your perception, visit Nintendo. Therefore, who is deceived in such a way intends to cancel it in exclusive benefit of pure the logos with who search to grant to it to priority in relation to the logos the point to represent its overcoming (mythology). 4 _ WHICH IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE MATHEMATICS IN THE WORK OF THE DEMIURGE? For Plato, the order and the beauty that we see in the Cosmo result of a rational intervention, intentional and benign of the holy ghost craftsman, one ' ' Demiurgo' ' (gr. ), that it imposed a mathematical order to an preexisting chaos e, thus, produced a Universe divine organized, from a perpetual and invariant model. All the ideas possess a numerical structure, by means of a process of delimitation (or deigualizao) of the part of Uno on the indetermined multiplicity of the Dade.

' ' The mathematical numbers were deduced of nomads (particular units) and the plurality of? much and pouco' '. The plain and esteriomtricas figures were deduced of a particular species of point that Plato called ' ' line indivisvel' ' (mathematical point endowed with a position) that it served of formal principle, while it put, as material principle, ' ' short and longo' ' for the line, ' ' plaza and estreito' ' etc. It is treated, evidently, of specific differentiations of the supreme principle of the originary Dualidade of great small e, that contains adensamento in materiality successively (always in the intelligible level).

Design Meets Multimedia


Exhibition stands by LA CONCEPT for IMB select 2010 meets design in Cologne multimedia IMB select 2010 is the international trade fair of the textile-processing industry with emphasis on IT systems, services and strategies. There decision-makers as well as IT and logistics provider meet of the 09.11. 10.11.2010 at the fair to talk to about the latest innovations and developments. This latest solutions the global value chain will be presented specially tailored to the industry. While the selection of the right mass base select is an important success factor for the participation at the IMB 2010. The combination of design and multimedia is important to attract the right target group.

Through the integration of multimedia and digital elements in the booth, select the own range appealing can be presented at the IMB. The multimedia and digital items can promote interaction and individually to present content. Also, even the most complex content can be delivered without Visitors to overwhelm. Booths provide the design for the optimal integration of the digital elements and a consistent booth concept, which draws visitors to the booth. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a wide range of components of this booth. So individual level concepts with the trade fair systems can be flexibly realised. Due to the different sizes, small information booths can be built here by 3x3m as well as large booths with 8x4m. Systems or booths can be allowing even shop-in-shop with a separate lounge area.

The simple design of the prefabricated system components the booths can be constructed by two people. The stand can be safely transported and stored by the supplied carrying case. The integration of mobile components such as screens and info terminals can be done partially even seamlessly. So the screens can be integrated directly into the exhibition wall, cabinets or racks and optimum attention values between printed content and Create moving image. But also free-standing solutions can be integrated into the stand. Thus, information terminals can be fully branded and deployed. Through the different variants and forms can be found for each booth concept the right Terminal. Even barrier-free terminals can be used to allow people with handicap access. Get more information at digital kommunikation.html and messestaende.html

Sebaceous Gland


Do you suffer from acne? Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin caused by a bacterial infection of the skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and Sebaceous Gland associated. Credit: Nintendo Switch-2011. The most common form of acne is known as acne vulgaris or common acne and not only develops in the face but arms, chest and back. The worst thing you can do in those who have acne, is to confuse the skin with various chemicals that upset the delicate pH balance and often gives rise to the drying and mark with a scar. The best treatment is to keep simple and natural skin with natural remedies anti acne that control and prevent the recurrence of acne. It even better is to use natural remedies against acne that work together to attack the problem of a safe and effective way. Natural remedies which have been formulated to treat acne contain extracts from a variety of herbs chosen especially to treat acne on a number of levels.

Clinical trials conducted by professionals of health have demonstrated the effectiveness of its ingredients as well as its anti-bacterial properties. On one hand, some remedies are formulated to quickly heal existing pimples and eruptions when first emerge and prevent them from being separated to form new pimples. These remedies are used as mouthwash and facial cleaners to be used daily. Used regularly they will reduce and prevent the occurrence of new pimples due to its anti-bacterial properties. Other remedies are working to improve the appearance of your skin, formulated as creams that are applied on the condition to be treated. Unlike some other acne medications, they do not cause mesangium dry ugly and help reduce the effects of scarring. These creams have properties that promote cell regeneration to reduce the scars and stains. Used in combination these natural remedies achieved: * clean the skin thoroughly without drying or flaking.

View Protector DESIGNO – The Exclusive Screening For Young Living


Translucent IFOHA DESIGNO films are the new noble, Visual protection films for glass in Windows and doors with high resolution, colored prints in photo quality. Who knows not the problem to want to protect from prying eyes and then the glass with foil pasted looks like the glass in a doctor’s Office? IFOHA went new ways in the areas of privacy/decoration with DESIGNO films. DESIGNO films are self-adhesive, matt white, translucent adhesive films which, if they are affixed, which seem noble, etched surface glass surface can be. DESIGNO-films are absolutely translucent and have light-diffusing properties therefore, interiors are not obscured. This Visual protection films have a very good dimensional stability and are free of streaks have a reduced surface gloss to avoid unwanted reflections.

DESIGNO Visual protection films are printed with high resolution photo printing finish and are customized to the desired Resized by IFOHA. After removing the protective film from the adhesive side, the DESIGNO sight protector in the wet packaging adhesives on the glass is glued. This type of bonding technique is very easy and gives a bubble-free bonding. (See also shipping instructions on) This dismal glass surfaces to an individual eye-catcher is redecorated in a minute. Properties: self-adhesive soft PVC film opaque and translucent streaks reduced surface gloss no reflections and flare silk-matt surface solvent and preservative-free environmentally friendly adhesive fire self-extinguishing completely removable indoor durability: 5 years available maximum size: 120 x 300 cm as IFOHA special service offers also the printing of DESIGNO Visual protection films with customer-specific photos and images. DESIGNO vision protector: ..Sichtschutzfolie DESIGNO product information:… Related terms: sight protector, sight protector. designo, frosted glass, frosted glass foil, optics etch, etched glass, Matt glass, Matt look, sand beam optics, gesandstrahltes glass, frosted glass foil, privacy, sand blast effect film, glass decorative film, privacy In 1993 founded (glass master) Marcus Noll the company cutting crew in Recklinghausen.

There he made through a sand blast templates period several years computer-cut glass services and glass processing end establishments. Including sand blasting film manufactured after template, as well as roles and metre have been nationwide and sent to German-speaking countries. Marcus Noll has developed several hundred glass decors and sand blasting motifs over a period of many years, which also still an important branch of the production of the current FA. IFOHA belong. Parallel trade and the installation of self-adhesive window films was founded in 1999. The product range covers now tinting Visual protection films, UV-protective film, safety film, special foils, decorative window film, automotive films and much more. The in-depth knowledge of the Founder Marcus Noll in flat glass and mirror in combination with self-adhesive window films very decisively with contributed to the success of IFOHA. Meanwhile, more than 15,000 satisfied customers include to the IFOHA customer base. IFOHA received in the field of surface technology in the year 2007 the following awards: innovation award of German industry innovation Prize 2007 Initiative Mittelstand

Chunky Design


The latest model from BMW can be seen on the streets now. “The BMW X 6 establish an entirely new kind of model the sport activity Coupes”, it says on the BMW website. The Erlking is a combination of the 3 Series Coupe and the X 5. But if the world actually has waited for such a development, is discussed at the online Automobliclub no kid gloves. The members are unanimous: No. “Rather, what for the American market” and honestly? Ugly”are assessing BMW’s latest development the first reactions to the question by. “The members of the autoki judge scathingly: it looks pretty buckelig, clunky and odd undefined”, VW Golf driver thinks katz. And all join her.

A wannabe Goose “is Nancy still one of the nicer descriptions as a comment of Mazda drivers. Even the BMW faithful are disappointed. My taste is not it, although I’m a big BMW fan”, is a member of the autoki disappointed. autoki-user chrysler “summarizes the criticism: not very convenient, for it but also not very nice.” The judgments of the members of the autoki can be followed here: questions/the bmw-x 6-brilliant design or full in addition source: de/de/index_narrowband.html?content=insights/news/current/content.html media contact: Katharina top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-mail: press (at) about, Autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin: autoki was founded in the autumn 2006 of three car enthusiastic friends in Berlin.

Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding.

Latest Designer Fashion


Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier – the US trend brand of the stars! Smet is the new label rock by Christian Audigier – born on the street! -SMET – the new rock star collection by Christian Audigier! The Godfather of tattoo. The entire collections of designer can be seen on-shop of lots of fire. Some time ago a label has founded Christian Audigier which runs under its own name, can be ordered both in Germany at, this shop has the largest variety of collection of both label. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bank of America. The label Christian Audigier is the noble label by Christian Audiger, it is Ed Hardy Mode, as that is highly priced because the shirts are even more elaborate, much more rhinestones are used, the patterns are slightly less reminiscent of tattoos, the prints larger. In America at the celebs already as well, Ed Hardy popular collections like that.

Christian Audigier? This name can be heard currently on each fair… Christian Audigier rock star wanted to be born, because he could sing but not really well, he turned to other abilities. After he for various brands such as diesel or VonDutch jeans designete, became he with the Ed Hardy label independently. He gained world fame with Ed Hardy because no label is worn by more stars and starlets since then. You want the most coveted clothes in the world, you would buy certainly most popular fashion by Christian Audigier, Smet, or Ed Hardy. The Ed Hardy label emerged as a joint project by Don Ed Hardy, (Godfather of tattoo) and Christian Audigier (Godfather of jeans, Ed Hardy’s Chief Designer). You will find the products in Germany mainly at shop

Designer Lamps


The LED are always popular and designer lamps! Right now, you will find more and more pleased with the new LED and designer lamps. Most will know first car headlights or the current flashlight LED lamps. Light up often in a strong and bright white, other colors are suitable for home of course also possible, but rather. Follow others, such as World Bank President, and add to your knowledge base. The LED lamp (LED = light emitting diode) has some advantages over the previously manufactured light bulbs and even energy-saving bulbs. A LED light consumes even less power than an energy saving light bulb (12V lamp).

It is more durable than most light bulbs and energy-saving lamps too, with over 100,000 hours. However, she also has drawbacks. One would be that a single LED as a light bulb has not so much power and strength of for example. “Often, in designer lamps, many LEDs are at once necessary to achieve the power of a light bulb at least can in the shape of a light bulb” stick up to 90 individual small LEDs. LEDs but also into the latest television sets today.

The human eye TV can however not perceive the difference between an LCD and a LED. In a further disadvantage if not quite important. Another lamp type that is currently popular demand are the designer lamps. These designer lamps”convince with taste, style and often beautiful shapes. Designer lamps can be used mostly indoors, they are common in entrances of large corporate or public buildings to find. They can be but also in outdoor areas such as headlight, use light or Wall lamp. Designer lamps find their place also on private grounds, for example, as path light, at the pond or headlight on an object oriented, to put it in scene. Alexander Lanew

Business Networking


Due to new technologies, traditional commercial visits are changing and when we need some service: 1.-receive information of the companies by e-mail. 2.-Decide with what stay. 3.-Conciertas a visit with the chosen company, in the best of cases, because there are times that you do not know your client until after a time to be working with him. Suddenly in Spain arises from an overwhelmingly networking meetings, all companies make networking, thinking that networking is to attend an event, pick up and give cards to all attendees to then make a commercial work intense send your company information to all contacts of the cards you’ve received. I think that this networking is not effective, since the information stays in the e-mail or read once so delete. Without hesitation Nintendo explained all about the problem.

Make networking is much more give and take cards, there are a number of rules and concepts that must be followed to be able to weave a network of business contacts to your around that in the future generate you business. Business networking is cash if you follow a set of rules and go to structured networking events. -You have to be clear that you offer your business as well as personal level. -Identifies in advance what you want to achieve in the event and with whom you want to talk – think about how you want to present yourself and something fundamental to go equipped with a good number of business cards. -Prepare a short presentation message and that do not run long. -Don’t try to just sell your company, pay attention to what the other person says and ask him. -The back of business card usa to write down everything that interests you.

-Well organized your cards and get one database that you can enrich you’ll know the other person something very important in networking, that is if you can give business to do it without expecting anything in return, soon you will get your turn. So if you go to structured networking meetings and preferably not mass effectiveness is unproven. Visit different groups and stay in the best in which more at ease you feel. For my part I invite you to know our business, with a structured networking breakfasts and where you can talk quietly with all attendees. If you want to attend, you can visit our web page and request the invitation by filling out the form or send me an e-mail to.

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