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This one good can be the question of the million for a translator who as soon as he begins to explore the professional field and the answer is not necessarily simple to obtain. If you are going to translate of the Spanish to English the collection she will have to be inferior to that will […]

Valencian Community


To have tried and to have obtained at this point that the Corts approves, with emergency character, a proposal ” on the symbols and the identity of the Valenciana” Community; it seems a return the past to when not an obvious attempt of distraction on other more fixed subjects. The certain thing is that this […]

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– The use of labels, headed the H1, we must use key words between the labels so that these words help ours blog to position it better in those certain key words. – The use of key words in the content, also well is known that it helps to improve our positioning and to emphasize […]

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