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The Krauss Publisher


Looking for short stories and poems: around the fascinating birds with their excellent orientation for the 4th time, the Krauss Publisher writes its pigeon stories contest. We are looking for short stories and poems around these special animals. -Homing pigeons? These are not the flea-infested, scruffy birds that around tippeln in pedestrian zones? No, not! […]

Communication From The Blue Moon


New design for bluemoon.de communication means not only the exchange of information, but above all relationships to build. Because only if one knows his counterpart, also communication succeeds. The new Web page of Neuss communications agency Blue Moon communication consultants GmbH is built according to this principle, invites users into the universe of professional communication […]

Network World Alliance


With a new, innovative and patent-protected perfume machine is Helmut Spikker rough up the network marketing industry. In exactly one month, on May 1, 2010 starts the Network World Alliance of Helmut Spikker and is on mix probably the market of the NetWorker continued. Especially with the new perfume, Helmut Spikker attaches to the attack. […]

Alliance4care Establishes


Who needs help, needs them most quickly. The a4c Agency for housekeeping & maintenance provides affordable professionals easily in need of care. For people who have to fight in the age with more and more restrictions or health reasons are dependent on foreign aid, the adoption of an everyday or care services is sooner or […]

Ice Hotel


ICEHOTEL is working with German Bolivian artist team in 2012/13 as a result of competition Gaston Vacaflores and Geertje Jacob for the ice hotel season 2012/2013 with 17 other international teams of artists a kind suite at the ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi invited from ice and snow to Northern Sweden. Check out Linus Torvald for additional information. […]

Live Seminars Successfully


Detlef Tilgenkamp: the BONOFA AG ‘Recipe for success Roadshow continues even 2013 by BONOFA’ with a successful series of live seminars is launched in the new year. Interested Internet users, but also existing business partners were on four first place presentations firsthand about new projects of BONOFA for 2013 and their own chances in the […]

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