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Buy Dryer Parlux at Artieda 2011

Buy Dryer Parlux


If this thinking of buying a parlux dryers, we assure you that is making the right choice. Parlux has become a benchmark in the world of professional dryers. Their quality, durability, and design have made this signing a cult brand for the professional hairdresser. Parlux has a multitude of models, no doubt top sellers today are: Parlux 3800 ECO-FRIENDLY. Available in 6 colors. As fundamental characteristics: this designed to preserve the environment, has an output of 2100 Watts, a flow of 75 cubic meters time and weighing less than 600 grams. PARLUX 3200 DIAMOND SWAROSKY.

Swarovski crystals give an air of distinction to this new model of Parlux. where elegance and design come together with the already recognised quality of its 3200 model. It has a power of 1900 Watts and an airflow of 69 cubic metres time. PARLUX 3500 IONIC FLOWERS. Ionic Dryer with a spectacular design of flowers, 2000 watts power and a flow rate of 73 cubic meters time.

This new family of dryers works with this type of energy, which means that to generate negative ions (atoms that have gained an electron and that, therefore, contain a high level of energy) are able to immediately convert the damp hair water molecules in micro-particles so tiny that they manage to pass through the outer layer of the one reaching the cuticle, restoring its moisture and making you gain weight; minus ions i.e., moisturize the hair fiber at the time that dried it. Thus, the hair is soft, shiny and naturally hydrated to restore lost negative ions. In addition, the negative ionization eliminates the electrostatic effect (ions with a positive charge) and the stress suffered by the hair, reducing drying times. You can acquire all these models and many more in the link I put below. The delivery time of the dryer I guarantee within 72 hours, in addition to the best price in the market. You can pay cash on delivery, credit card, paypal and bank transfer. buy parlux dryer other items of interest: original author and source of the article

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