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Reserving Hotels Cuzco


It is very easy to be attracted by everything that Cuzco offers to its thousands of visitors. This city in the Peruvian Andes was the stronghold of the former Inca Empire and has a special magnetism. Tourism in the city never stops, here you will see people from all over the world in search of […]



The use of the mediunidade for the human being is very old, being its constant register in the most diverse religions and cultures. The practical medinica always was related with something extra-human being, conferring its certain practitioners fear and power. Its linking with the death and the mysteries is inherent to its concept to serve […]

The Fruits


It is not blinded by its zone of comfort or this could be its only sky. The faith that we take the veil is much more eloquente and efficient when ece of fish in the practical one. It does not advance to have a religion or to be an active participant in its church, will […]

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