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Readers and visitors win with optimised texts that most websites have a very specific topic. Regardless of whether it involves a company presentation, a blog, or a community. So it can provide product descriptions, competencies and services are discussed or offered for its readers of tutorials. Lars Leckie may find it difficult to be quoted properly. No matter you should commit themselves thematically to what theme it goes if it wants a good findability. And this topic should be textually also exact match on the site – and be rewritten. Here come the so-called keywords appear in the game. See GameStop for more details and insights. While you like to a meta tag in the header of the site with keywords stuffed to early days of the Internet, it is now advisable to place these tags in the continuous and headings.

Google, ignore most search engines, notably the meta keywords tag”. If I write about photography, I try to put me in the situation of my readership and think about what is looking for. “, says Tobias Herrmann, photographer from Berlin. If you a wide audience addresses, should you hold back something with technical terms, and use simple keywords.” Stay on the topic and not talking is a good way to make a list in advance and to find synonyms. When it comes to camera accessories, for example, quickly matching similar words such as accessories for cameras, photo accessories, can be found photography accessories as well as noun-verb combinations: camera accessories to buy, rent, use, find the right accessories for your camera, etc. Expands the text something (Yes, you write much!) on their own website and can meaningfully accommodate the keywords so that the reader it is not disturbed, has it done right the first steps in the direction of keyword optimization. Who has not too much room for long texts, should think about a blog, can be filled with interesting articles on a topic. Spam must stay out you always make sure please that you your texts in fact for people and not just for the Write search engine.

Have read your website texts from friends or acquaintances, and observe the effect on the reader. It’s no easy to rank keywords together. Lose the reader faster than you think and are probably excluded from Google or ignored. A little personality every reader will thank you, if he a) ends up with the right search term for you and b) also finds what he is looking for. If you a sprinkling of c) add personality and humor, the visitor comes back maybe even more often. Keep so up-to-date, find your style and optimizing your articles for search engine and human. Then it works well with the ranking. Tobias Herrmann

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