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I dedicate this article to KALIL a wonderful Animal friend who showed us how much that costs caught and be the reins of our life and thanks to him have managed. The sabe as doing so to show us that it is simply, pick them, trust, smile and let yourself go!. Thank you. My ANIMAL friend a communication beyond words by Olga Porqueras * it is possible to communicate with the animals, including those who live with us, a level much more deep, which will have positive impact on our health and theirs. It will also contribute to greater harmony between the various species that make up the wonderful range of life on our planet. (Source: Hummer Winblad Venture Partners). Olga Porqueras, Animal Communicator, gives us some clues in this article to move in this direction. Open the door since I was born my passion for therapeutic medicine always had in mind the possible application in animals of everything that I would teach my patients.

Help them through the floral essences was the first step. The application of the The following Sintergetica. I kept investigating with all techniques that he was knowing and the result was impressive. The response was much faster that in humans, since in them the rationalistic filter is not them an impediment. Even so, I had the feeling that was missing a piece so that the treatments were more effective. I had communicated with all the animals in my life, and I had never been aware of this. Animals taught me to recognize that communication ability we all have; We need only recall how to do it. It’s the telepathic connection, which has power healing. My first non-human patient was Tama, a wonderful German Shepherd to which I dedicate all this work, since he reminded me of what I already knew and showed me the way to help the animal Kingdom through the healing power of the connection between species.

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