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According to CEO, "Relight Real Estate Nicholas Andreev, to realize the intentions of the capital's mayor and tax services, primarily requires state registration of contracts of employment and the introduction of accounting employers. "If the landlord is obliged to register the contract of employment, then at the stage of initial inspection of documents by the public authorities will be clear whether the legal position of the future tenants, "- says the expert. At the present time transaction hiring of residential real estate is not registered, so determine whether delivery of the apartment tenants can only neighbors, because government agencies do not conduct surveillance of the actual tenants, adds Andreev. According to Deputy Director of the Office rental company "MIEL-Real Estate" Maria Zhukova, the existence of registration or nationality of the clients in the agencies do not track. "Realtor knows about the customer exactly what he says of itself.

By law, a realtor agency has no authority to demand any document from its customers. The only thing – at the conclusion of the lease contract with the landlord need a passport employer. Owner Apartments may also require the registration certificate of the future occupant. " Lawyer MCA "Yakovlev and Partners" Roman Kuzmin said that the initiative of Moscow's mayor may be implemented solely at the federal level, which, of course, will take time. If such a bill is passed, it will likely be levied fines will be in standard order: a protocol of the penalty and the voluntary payment. With reluctance "to share with state "- in court.

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