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Most people overlook the fact that we think in pictures. Our subconscious mind thinks only images, but does it so quickly and so naturally, that goes unnoticed. This fact go unnoticed (we think in images), is also due to that as we have always done, we never notice it. Hummer Winblad may also support this cause. To steal that the foregoing is true let’s conduct a little experiment. The experiment is this: think of the word Apple. Apple, Apple, Apple.

Very well. Let’s look at the results. Does that thought you when you read the word Apple? He thought perhaps the letters comprising the word or thought or saw, rather, the image of an Apple are perhaps a red amanzana? Some perhaps gave a bite. You will have noted that our brains, or more properly speaking, our mind, transforms our thoughts into words to thoughts in images. And not only that, our mind associates the words we use, to specific images. These images are images that some Once we associate words, usually in our childhood. And as images that we have in our mind, most of the time, are that determine our life, then we see the importance of achieving positive mental associations that lead us to get what we want instead of what you don’t want. Most of the people never make a mental cleaning, never cleanse your mind of the unwanted could reach them during their childhood or at any later stage. Is for this reason that most people create things that do not wish to, but place find the answer inside and do the work of creating new positive mental associations, only wonder why I do this? Not I get what I want why? Why others create wealth so quickly and easily? Why is it important to carry out a mental cleansing of our palabra-imagenes associations? Suppose a person want to go on vacation to a new and beautiful place.

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