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Archangel Gabriel at Artieda 2011

Archangel Gabriel


According to Artemidorus in its Onirocritica Bishop discusses dreams guided by medical semiology: anamnesis, catapnesia and epicrisis steps that today all the doctors we continue writing to medical history. Being divine revelations dreams need to be analyzed using certain criteria; While the numen appears in the dream with her appearance and regular attributes ensures your good faith but any changes or disguise should put us suspects: If, for example, dreamed that Santa Catalina de Alexandria appear me in dreams in beachwear and taking a Coke instead of dress tunic Greek and stuck to the wheel of martyrdomYou must induce me to distrust the encrypted message that I delivered. Obviously it is an indecent impostor and not the Alexandrian santa who entrometio in my rest deserved after the hard daily work. Goes beyond the inclito Sinesio: prevents us letting know us that all dream should be interpreted according to the future and that many times the God who animates it (or Virgin, the Holy or) Angel) occurs pars pro toto only through its attributes, i.e. can you sonare one of these nights with a lily that talks to him.

Be aware that by the strange metonymy of dreams has received a message from the Archangel Gabriel that whole iconography does not seem to have anything other than white lilies grown himself. Artemidorus claimed that the same dream can have different meanings in two different people. And exposes the example of dreaming about a donkey (something that only exceptionally could happen to us now that we have means of transport mechanical) If a wise man dreams is of good omen because the donkey does not easily accept orders or suggestions; But if a midwife dreams it is openly hostile and critical since it is suggesting that his intelligence is questionable. Contemporary authors in Artemidorus criticize his limited repertoire of meanings for every dream; I disagree: I have read that seven pregnant they dreamed they forsook a dragon gave them seven answers different, one for each pregnant attending his condition, hours in which dreamed, the temperament of the husband and even climate.

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