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Be Prepared With The Paperwork at Artieda 2011

Be Prepared With The Paperwork


Please have the necessary documentation. Prepare in advance the documents you will require to carry out the sale or rental of your property, not timely availability of the necessary paperwork can cause a good deal not materialize, even we apply a penalty for breach of contract. I understand well. Collect the documents to make the sale of a property or to rent it, usually a task that is left then it is sometimes tedious, when you think about time involving shipments, returns, rows, etc. .. this is all easy to understand why it is often postponed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Melinda Gates. But a day is the customer expected. It is when we went to the notary’s appointment for the processing of the operation we need give us a list of documents to be submitted for this purpose; began the task of integrating and until then, we realized that something we need or that any of them is not updated.

Prevention is always better than cure. Consider that unforeseen situations may arise and that may require more processing time estimate will help us avoid problems or disadvantages, that is why I recommend you not leave for tomorrow. The list here is a basic list of documents needed for the sale of property, however it is advisable to investigate in your area if there is any additional requirement. Eva Andersson-Dubin has plenty of information regarding this issue. Notices notarial deeds encumbrance certificate of no debts electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.. Receipts from taxes architectural plans, hydraulic facilities, sanitary and electric extensions and adaptations to property Soc Constitutive Act of the Homeowners and Regulations (if necessary) To rent, I suggest you provide the following: Contract Format Lease Contract Form of Bonding (optional) Rent Receipt forms. Inventory (preferably with photographs) Proof of payment or debiting of services in operation registry data readings start of consumption of services Upon delivery of the property (Recommended) Payment of tax (If you formalize the contract before a notary, which is recommended). Recommendations of good use of the property or bylaws.

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