Booming Demand For All Net Flatrates


Mobile rates with cost always popular Berlin, 16th 2010. The classic mobile phone contract usually closed about two years gets more and more competitive. The Simcards with so-called all-net-flats are now on the rise such as the Germany SIM provider. This allows it to make calls at low rates in all mobile phone networks and mobile surfing without falling into the trap of the cost. Because at a certain amount Germany SIM offers over currently a flat 35 attacks a cost barrier.

Thus the cost but not limited are the phone calls or surfing so. The AllNetFlat as previously offered and now Germany SIM with expense stop at 35 euros on prepaid is a mix of long-time contract and classical prepaid SIM card. The latter is charged or bought with a specific budget and the amount abtelefoniert. The new AllNetFlat fares now offer a mixture of both: the example of Germany SIM card for 9.90 is purchased. Now on the phone and SMS sent.

No monthly fee. Up to a set cost lock cost very cheap 9 cents the minute or per SMS to all mobile networks. Be can also for 24 cents per MB. Seen so no real Flatrate, if not the cost barrier. Because this guarantees no additional costs beyond the agreed maximum amount, provides yet another calling and surfing. The advantage: one remains below this amount (currently for 35 Euro when Germany SIM) only the actual consumption is paid. You crossed him, you can be sure, never pay. The provider to order at least the market 200 MB of transfer should be guaranteed before usually speed is throttled on GPRS. This type of call can be stopped after each month. Germany SIM at the cost of the minute and SMS monthly limit is well below the offerings of big mobile service provider. They also increasingly come up with rates of this way, close beside higher prices but often also mobile surfing in these rates from. Sonja Dopierala Managing Director of SIM cards Portal, marveled at the offer by Germany SIM also not bad: daily do I new tariffs of numerous providers users online at the disposal, give you tips on what to look in the tariff. The development in the direction of flexible mobile flat can be however called a real trend and quite considered challenge to the long-term contracts of the incumbent mobile service provider.” Prepaid was launched in 2007 in life. The independent mobile portal gives an overview of the favourable Prepaidtarife on the topic of mobile phone and Internet rates on the German market to consumers and helps to avoid the confusion of offer. Contact: Sonja Dopierala, Friedrich-Karl-str. 20 b, 12103 Berlin,,

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