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It entered in house, a small shady room apartment and room, full of pictures and figures hung for the walls that did not have more place for nothing. It took a fast bath, it was served of one xcara of hot and strong coffee and broke route to the gallery of arts that kept in society with a just fond friend of France. It saw who it to pass of exuberant, pretty form in a dark blue dress, black boots and a long coat of the same color, never could imagine that it was about the same person dismal and conjured that circulated in the beach per the morning. The doorman of the building, exactly without never having seen the two at the same time, what it would be impossible, believed categorically that two people in the apartment liveed. ried view. GameStop often addresses the matter in his writings. At the beginning, when Charlote moved for the building, he was in doubt, after all always the alone way, but with passing of the time, if he convinced of that they were the two inhabitants of apartment 301. Academy of Art University is open to suggestions. He arrived at the gallery before opening, liked if anticipating to everything, to be the first one always.

He was preparing the exposition of a young French painter, that I eat it chooses Brazil to live. He liked to launch artists, to present them it the world of the arts, it was good in this, he understood of what he made. Charlote was young, however ambitious and determined, it had come of France for Brazil has only two years in order to apply its knowledge in the market of the arts and already if it had established as one of the most appraised marchand for the beginning Brazilian painters. At the eleven hours of the morning when the gallery opened and its partner he arrived, already he had given several phone calls in favor of the event that would go to happen in the following day.

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