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Canal RCN Channels at Artieda 2011

Canal RCN Channels


BY: JAVIER HERNANDO SANTAMARiA after a strong campaign of expectation premiered at last the miniseries Rosario Tijeras produced by Teleset for Canal RCN and as expected is already beginning to manifest itself all sectors of viewers that go against all this type of violent, plethoric contents possitive, reflecting a reality that we still live and we want to cover with false moralisms and arguments of stigmatization, terrible image of the country and others that fade as echoes of voices in a cavern. The day of the premiere ran a dead heat of Rosario Tijeras compared the telenovela Oye Bonita, which supposedly found in his run-up, yesterday in its second chapter the new miniseries that tells the story of a Hitman in the slums of Medellin occupy first place of hearing, as a clear indicator that despite all the itching that leads to its subject matter and the connotations of moral and patriotic nature, the vast majority of viewers like to watch this little pleasant reality reflected in the small screen. For sample and precedent are the indexes of audience reached other miniseries as Sin tetas no hay Paraiso, poster, the dolls of the mafia and bonnet, all this hubbub of stigmatization of the paisa culture surely not transcend beyond the protests of some groups on FaceBook, letters to the Ombudsman of the viewer and one other article critical in a magazine or blogI wonder. Llueve sobre mojado? The most sensible thing that can be done against television content which we consider harmful, little exemplary or of poor quality is turn off the TV, look for options on other channels or read a good book, at the end and after the television is still free, and despite all the voices of protest and complaints that we local never will be heard, nor the managers of the channels and much less by the well weighted National Television CommissionIf much, there will be impartial pronouncements of the defender of the viewer and not more, stop counting. So simple as that depends same on us television to continue to deliver this type of themes, the rating says it all and the rating we do us that we take the trouble to turn on the TV and we stayed an hour or more as undaunted masochists consuming what we know makes us mamera and itching, we love that mess us the finger at yaga itthen go to complain and assemble inert riots. Another sensible option is to see this kind of content without false moralisms and prejudices, we want to or not, they reflect our reality, those dirty rags that we don’t want to wash out and they have served to make the TV today turn them into fiction and offer us impeccable quality series that enjoy international recognition. Filed under: Super Nintendo World. Where there are series like the Sopranos, the sagas in film of the Godfather, winners of many important awards and also played violent themes alluding to the mafia? The fundamental commitment for all the whiners parents, is not allowing children to see this type of series without an orientation, the channels they are quite clear in their warning that are not suitable for younger age and are issued at times exclusively for adults. So my dear friends readers, let us of so many bullshit..

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