Coaxial Speakers


'' is an audio system with separate bands of sound, where the extra speakers installed on the same axis as the main speaker, medium and low frequency. In the coaxial acoustic filter pack is design that is different from that applied in the component that is acoustics with separate speakers. There is usually a capacitor, and a component – a separate external crossover. But the steep coaxial audio also have an external power filters. Coaxial Speakers can be 3-way in that case if there is midrange. Very often, coaxial system is used in the rear of the car if Separate installation of low-frequency and high frequency loudspeakers is impossible or unnecessary. Column there are usually placed at the door or a shelf.

Some people think that the sound quality of the coaxial speaker system is much worse than that of the component. However, the reason is not the components of systems, as a rule, they are the same, only differently designed. Other sound quality determine the location of sound sources and the transition characteristic of the filter unit – which is called crossover. If the sound of the machine is configured so that in the area of the best sound systems were passengers sitting in front, rear coaxial speakers perform function add-frontal component and reduces sound plan. In this panorama of sound will be the task only component of acoustics.

'Apgreyt' Coaxial Speakers only makes sense after you install frontal (anterior) of the system. Component Speakers at the expense of the separate arrangement of speakers for maximum fullness of sound. After that, you can optionally attach additional speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. High quality and quality systems are equipped with removable tweeter, for the separation of frequencies can be used even outside the filter as a component. Tweeters may even amplify the sound separately to each. Install only one of the systems impractical because they have different objectives, and location of these tasks is due to: component systems is put forward, coaxial, respectively, back.

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