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Don Juan at Artieda 2011

Don Juan


There are a huge number of targets to achieve that for One year is almost impossible. However, no such objectives that can not possibly be achieved by moving to it gradually, step by step. Many people try for years to become millionaires, to pump the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger or from shy nerds turn into Don Juan. They are doomed to disappointment: you can achieve the desired, but not so fast. If you're not a masochist and did not catch a buzz from failures – do not put yourself to the bar too high. Number 2: Limiting your beliefs and negative "programs" in the consciousness and subconsciousness. This is – a very powerful obstacle. Your beliefs determine what you will do, even unconsciously.

It is your beliefs give rise to most insurmountable .V including because of beliefs, many can not begin to do regular exercise, eat right, or to change your daily routine. How can change beliefs? For example, ask yourself questions: In What, in my opinion, the cause of the problem? Do I believe in what it really so? Is it really? What would happen if I did not believe it? In general, the need to work with your beliefs, if you feel that they are stopping you. 3: Lack of willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of achieving the goal. It is also frequently encountered obstacle. For example, I know many people who want to quit smoking or taking alcohol, but do not want to change its terms communication.

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