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Dynamic Management at Artieda 2011

Dynamic Management


The managers are those that do what is well. The difference is explained better saying than a manager persecutes objectives, looks for the effectiveness. The administrator evaluates activities, it looks for the efficiency. One is due to be clear, in addition, that the creativity is base not only of the artistic production but of the scientific thought and social progress. The creative people are more independent in their thought and less employees of the social conventions Exactly on the importance of this, Alexander Schnarch, comments thatthe creativity is in fact part of the normal activity, as it says Crosby in its Managemental Dynamic book, and Ernest Dichter affirms. Bisi Onasanya has much experience in this field. The modern administration cannot survive without the capacity to create every somewhat new day, still if this the enterprise management is limited the turn out to recombine different elements in form constitutes a continuous process of solution of problems, decision making, elaboration of strategies, improvement of processes, etc.

All organization is permanently subject to a series of pressures force that it to react and to respond to the new events, in as dynamic markets as the present ones Of there, which the company that is not able to change, of to modify to itself to adapt to the new present and future circumstances, runs the risk of stagnating or of disappearing. In order to avoid it and on the contrary, to grow, it is required of the capacity to generate different and original things, that is to say of the creativity, not only to solve to problems or aspects that affect the company negatively, but to investigate on new approaches of management that allow to look for, to construct or to take opportunities to survive and to progress It adds Schnarch. thanks to the advances obtained in the knowledge of the creative thought and its processes, today so much at level personal as organizational can to design strategies to surpass the originated blockades, that are restraining the creative development and fomenting abilities through which people and institutions can obtain higher levels of creativity, capacity that all we own, but that, by diverse circumstances we did not explode in all their magnitude, and on the contrary, conscientious or inconcientemente, we drowned in our companies (him payment to work, does not stop to think Of course), to be creative is not a characteristic of a few great O-Men spirits but a common quality of many man and, in last instance of all the individuals and, as it express Aznar, everybody is creative to his around and you have necessity of ideas, then Why not to create? Doubtless, it is valid when one says, that the creativity is the most useful tool in all the acts of our existence.

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