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Ecology And Reconstruction at Artieda 2011

Ecology And Reconstruction


Ecology and reconstruction of treatment facilities. Technical aspects of the increasingly high requirements show today to wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial organizations. It is caused by blockages and pollution natural reservoirs, which has a negative effect on people's lives. That is why the demand for the service restoration and design of treatment facilities has increased. The vast majority of businesses now violate standards of treatment, using obsolete equipment, thus endangering lives. Devices to wastewater of industrial enterprises and utilities operated at a high level, their complete replacement or reconstruction should be entrusted to the real professionals. In the meantime, let's talk about the main parts that are better pay much attention. Biological treatment – is the most important option for wastewater treatment.

Caring for the biological treatment, pay close attention, especially phosphorus and nitrogen removal. In the future these elements lead to the accumulation of soil nitrates and nitrites, which are a major threat health. Therefore, the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen in most sewage treatment plants, designed to offer a biological treatment takes place, involving the approaches of nitrification and denitrification. Once in the treatment plant, nitrogen initially converted into nitrites and nitrates, and later reverse the process becomes a gas, which is released into the atmosphere without causing any harm. Technology nitrification and denitrification, which is the basis biological treatment, is precisely the point. When incorrectly calculated wastewater of industrial enterprises and utilities, and lies in wait for us another threat – the spread of infectious diseases. In systems must be present a clear link, as the disinfection of wastewater. Otherwise, once in an open environment, infection or a virus starts to multiply, leading to an epidemic.

Chlorination – the familiar version of decontamination. Of course, the alternative to this method in our time still unknown. Wastewater disinfection can be carried out using ultraviolet radiation. Further actions to achieve a given level Water quality directly after the complete biological treatment called tertiary treatment of wastewater. Programme of Action for advanced treatment of wastewater depends on the goals that you set yourself – whether the water is then used for household purposes, or drinking and so forth. When sewage sludge is created. With regard to the type of sediment – mineral, organic sludge or mud, and it is dehydrated. Difficult to dehydrate the latter two categories, creating sewage treatment plants is to keep in mind. Stages of dewatering are: seal, dewatering, incineration. Source: ecopolymer Designing and reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities.

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