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Ecology at Artieda 2011



Life on Earth is composed of a myriad of factors and components that together form around many types of living systems or environments, attended by climatic, geological and different types of organisms and the interactions that drive these with each other. So before the existence of a large number of elements in the world should make a study of these to enable a better understanding of the components and the various factors that may affect the normal development of life on earth and thus appears ecology as the science that studies living organisms and the environments in which to develop their lives.

Given the above, to talk about ecology is being done to the study of living beings and the various relationships that they develop with each other in environments which are beyond this ecology also look at the distribution of living beings in different parts of the earth and the number of them there. Ecology similarly seen as the characteristics of living things can affect the development of their lives and their interactions, in addition, the ecology is also studying how the environment and possible changes may affect the behavior of living things. As you can understand so far in the ecology are two study groups that mixed the two up the subject matter of ecology and are living beings and the environment, ecology so you can start from a minimum area of study such as what would one be unicellular, up to a giant composition, as it would be a community or biosphere with all that involves the study looked so big. The first appearances of ecology, referring to the term as such, the year of 1886, at which time the first connotation that is related to development of the term “household survey, which was not really understanding that we have today the term ecology was later expanded the scope of the term, to say that ecology deals with the relationships of living beings with their environment, and From this we began to make different developments in terms of ecology as understood and content of the concept of ecology itself, extending its connotation to the study of the characteristics of the setting, and supplement the concept of ecology had today.

Currently understood ecology as a branch of biology that studies living beings, the environment in which they develop and the relationships they have with each other in their environment, suggests that the field of study of ecology is very rough but must be developed by levels of study and molecules starts, goes to the cells and subsequently to the tissues to form the study of individuals and finally the large-scale level would be the communities and ecosystems, so ecology should be developed as a multidisciplinary science in their field of study and in the various fields is developed.

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