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Effective Form Advertising at Artieda 2011

Effective Form Advertising


One of the cheapest and effective advertising media – are plastic bags. Packages with the logo have enough advertising potential to stand alongside such "monsters" of outdoor advertising, as billboards, newspapers, stop, board and transportation boxes. Try to understand what is the effect of advertising on the bags. Packages themselves are unobtrusive. People take their own as needed with any purchase and carry the package home. Unwittingly knowing the people themselves become carriers of advertising, and free.

Indeed, until the person reaches home with the package in his hands, on his way he met more than a dozen people, many unfamiliar and all the friends, including grandparents at the entrance, pay attention to what is familiar in their hands. And in his hands or bags with the logo of the store where it is food, or with the logo of the advertised company or brand. This information is stored with the package and spreads by itself. This type of advertising is comparable to the most effective form of advertising – "word of mouth." Therefore, advertisers are willing to inflict their details on plastic bags. Moscow through supermarkets and brand Stores vengeance enjoys this kind of advertising.

Recently, to draw attention to the information on the packages began to render the original design and high-grade photographs or drawings, using a full-color printing. Before production packages because of its underdevelopment is not allowed to do that, you could do a maximum of colorful packages. Packages past rather dull looking in comparison to their modern counterparts. In an advertising campaign on the packages there is a nuance. For each advertising event to use a variety of plastic bags. For example, presentations, exhibitions, generally use the glossy expensive packages. Rich (stylish, strict, and so on, depending on the product and promotion goals) form a package will provide more value while it is in its product and its appearance shows the ratio of the client. Rustling cheap packages, by contrast, can destroy the entire presentation. If the plastic bag is used for promotional purposes, you should not skimp on its production. There are times that advertisers bought fragile packages and distribute them to grocery stores. The buyer puts into it bought goods, departed from the counter, the contents of the package is torn and is on the floor, all negative in this case goes to the store and the advertised brand (company name). Remember that to restore the good name and again earn the trust of the customer will get you much more than the savings on the amount of plastic bags. Using materials reference to article on this site.

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