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Exchange at Artieda 2011



Through the massage feel cared for and loved, we help them to eliminate the daily stress and relax, as well as help them overcome the pathological processes that you go through during childhood.Reflexology balances the body’s energy, reduce stress (one of the main causes for the lowering of the body’s defenses), eliminates toxins, improves blood circulation, and in addition to privileged way massage feeds the link between who gives and who receives it by establishing a rewarding Exchange. Friends of the Ninosson mucus, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, while they are a little annoying processes, have the function of helping our body to get rid of what is doing damage: viruses, microbes, toxins or allergies.With reflexology we stimulate these processes collaborating in the removal and recovery of health. In short, this technique allows you to rebalance the energy of the body, by launching the healing power that we all have inside. Cost to parents who do not know this type of therapies might believe that touching the feet to their children they be recovered of certain pathologies. Michael Corbat shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Reflexology is not miraculous, nor cure the diseases, but effectively helps the body to defend itself in a natural, pleasant, easy and safe way with demonstrable results. Of course what do our part the perseverance, patience and confidence, but we can also enjoy, making a pleasant activity, relationship and Exchange affectionate massage.

Then why not try it?Reflexology is part of roads little invasive to resolve inconvenience, next to homeopathy, Bach flower, or other disciplines. If they are not sufficient to strengthen the body and overcome their processes, we are always on time resort to other more conventional methods. But, because we not tested with peace meetings before using the pumps? A change in the concept of health when we practice reflexology our small they are sending a message: that within its interior have all the resources needed to stay healthy. And as they grow, they themselves who will ask the massage when sick are or simply wish to share some moments of undivided attention.Children are great observers and imitators, and over time it will be them who offer massage to us when they see that we need it, and that is the greatest gift a child can make you.I’m now starting to enjoy learning that, of how at two years old my daughter already begins to know the reflex points of your feet and how you try to mimic me when grab me the feet to make me a massage. Esther Vega, trainer in child reflexology.FOR more information: Www. reflexologiainens. comwww. reflexologiayninos. blogspot.

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