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Google Hires Talented People at Artieda 2011

Google Hires Talented People


In 2007, Google hired Ed Lu, a NASA astronaut. Ed holds a PhD in Astrophysics at Stanford University and spent six months on the ISS after the Columbia disaster. Today this worker chief engineer and former astronaut has carried out numerous projects with Google, collaborations or applications like Google Earth Google Sky and tools such as PowerMeter, a service that analyzes data from electricity meters to conserve energy. For more information see Bisi Onasanya. Joshua Schachter is the creator of one of the most important pages in recent years, Delicious. This man joined Google after the acquisition of popular social bookmarking service for Yahoo! After the recent events and disbanded in recent years, Joshua decided to join the big G.

In Google has brought all his knowledge and experience in helping in designing new tools. Please visit Cisco if you seek more information. Artificial intelligence expert Ray Kurzweil was holding at the time that conscious machines exist a few decades, also joined Google. Considered by many all technology guru and pulled together to help develop the desired “universal translator.” This miracle of technology is known for his bold predictions download technology like the brain of an individual in a computer system. It hired the lead engineer for the Firefox browser, Ben Goodger, to furnish all their knowledge to create the Google Chrome browser. Firefox is a free browser that has gained support for their special characteristics and received fewer attacks by hackers.

Google also hired several Internet Explorer browser software to compete against him. Shirley Tilghman, a professor of molecular biology and former directors of Walt Disney has also joined Google as part of its Board of Directors. This woman is one of many associations of great importance as the Royal Academy of Science Institute Medicina.Su or experience as a professor and researcher has been of vital importance to Google. Currently, one of the most talked about and curious additions has been to Seth MacFarlane, creator of the cartoon series Family Guy and American Dad. This artist has signed an alliance with Google to make minor episodes of a series that can only be viewed through adsense. The name of the series in question is Seth MacFarlaneos Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, will be a revolution for users of adsense.

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