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Heidenreich at Artieda 2011



We believe that this applies to the majority of insurance companies, because surveys by LV doctor show that many life insurance companies not even after ten years and more the contributions refund. Rather, it is the rule that the must hang insurance basically up to the proposed expiry date, then to get his contributions and interest, that just balances the loss of inflation”the LV doctor explains boss. Life insurance companies cancel, but with LV doctor”, is therefore the motto, explains Jens Heidenreich. LV doctor advocates as a project of the Swiss proConcept AG injured insured. Get more background information with materials from World Bank President. Because proConcept AG is an international process financing company, which specializes in the Elimination of scattered damage and the enforcement of collective legal protection of consumer interests. We acquire the claims, a variety of former policyholders from announced life – and pension insurance contracts within the scope of LV doctor and bundle these claims to these then for all affected community to assert. Thus we are in a position as a major creditor to occur and to enforce the claims in a process”, explains Heidenreich.

For individuals, this means a cost for him and risk perception of his interests at the termination of a life or pension insurance. The only what he really needs to do is to join the project and wait until the procedures are completed, “says Heidenreich. While he makes no secret that this approach in individual cases can take several years, as partly complicated legal proceedings are. Important to mention that a higher refund claim can be reached also for already announced insurance companies. The advantage is this: what is carried out by these large damage procedures proConcept able to disclose the significant “shopping benefits thus gained” to the parties, of course also the low initial costs. Summary: Who terminate his life insurance want to or must, should first check the requirements. Usually such a termination for Hartz IV “unnecessary likely. Nevertheless, pays off in most cases counseling non life insurance and LV doctor to terminate his life insurance and pension insurance by the in-house professionals. Because in many cases LV doctor could get already significantly more capital from the insurance out thanks to the professional handling of the termination, when they voluntarily pay; in many cases, even all contributions in addition to reasonable interest to former insurance customers were reimbursed.

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