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King TMD Luxury Drink – New Luxury Drink From Germany at Artieda 2011

King TMD Luxury Drink – New Luxury Drink From Germany


Luxury drink with genuine 22 carat gold conquers the luxury beverage in just a few months, there are the various spirits, designer drinks or in this case a real luxury drink from Germany. King TMD luxury drink called the 20 percent luxury liqueur only is for several months on the beverage market. Referred to in various hotels and luxury Club is the drink as a 22 carat on ice”or 22 carat on the rocks”. The special feature of the beverage is the finishing with genuine 22 carat potable gold flakes. The new purple – Golden luxury drink booming already in the beverage market and scored himself on the myspace page about 45,000 fans in just a few months. The luxury drink is a perfect treat and an imaginative daring mix of the finest fruits of nature. Including also the exotic Marulafrucht, peach, Apricot and sweet strawberry.

Each drink is made to order and shipped only with a numbered and signed certificate. Love is red, but King TMD luxury proves that love can be also violet! The production the luxury ISO is drinks in Germany according to strict quality and environmental standards in compliance with the DIN. The name King TMD luxury drink comes from the designer himself, Matthias Steinmetz also known in the media world as the King of TMD. A young artist who already manages some successful company and is represented in the media even with several CDs and music videos. Even if the new luxury drink has a relatively high purchase price by slapping 300 euro, he seems to develop into a trend. For 2011, TMD luxury drink of King was, first, to a 10 minute promotional short film for the product advertised.

There is more information on the manufacturer’s site: of the beverage company announces that the bottle design will be beefed up next year and announces a Special Edition at the same time. The Special Edition should however be around 5000 euros per bottle and contains more gold and should consist of a Diamantveredelten bottle. In various hotels and luxury clubs in Dubai, Monaco, Saint Tropes, the luxury drink is already on the Drink menus. Very few people knew that however the luxury drink originates from Germany… Responsible: Jana Sanova & Michael Baunat MSB media agency press

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